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  1. Both of mine arrived today (via Team Covenant) - earlier than I expected (based on email I received was expecting them next week)
  2. My justification for playing over: it's the multiverse! [Announcer voice] In tonights run through of <Fill in scenario name> we have <Incarnation N+1> of <Investigator's names>. Tonight they will be trying a variation of what <Incarnation N> tried, hoping to get a better outcome. Let's see how that works out for them ....
  3. If you're going for creepy, then what about including Blood Sacrifice as an upgrade. 🙂
  4. You need to be at the location in order to use the ability (free or otherwise)
  5. Live in Southern California. Staying at home not as much a problem since I just retired at the start of the March. Had a retirement cruise all lined up for end of the month - needless to say that's been cancelled. Didn't lose any money, although some was credit to a future cruise to which I say - sure, but not till late 2021 at the earliest! Fortunately I've got loads of Arkham content to play and replay. I could even break out the old 2nd Edition Board game if I needed to really use up time. Also taking the time to replay Baldur's Gate (from the start) one more time. Go for the eyes, Boo! 😀 Oh, and is this worse the Ancient Evils? Not sure. I'd compare it more to Resurgent Evils as it so often forces people to have to make a difficult decision.
  6. Tossing my idea out regarding contents: Investigator Signature cards List of cards to include from core box Suggested list of additional cards to include if you have own more. For simplicity, could limit to just "if you expansion xyz, then swap out" Personalized scenario for them, using just core box + cards in this pack. Result: Prebuilt deck (with potential changes based on which expansions are owned) New scenario to play (albeit keyed to just this investigator) For people who own everything, no duplicated cards.
  7. One possibility is that the overlord has to work with a "hand" as well - e.g. have a starting hand of ( 2 x # investigators) cards. Then each round, play one per investigator and then at end of round draw up to max hand. Of course things like surge would impact this, so still some work to do. So things are harder since Overlord can deal out treacheries to whom they would impact most, but it's not as bad as if they could cherry pick from the entire encounter set.
  8. Recently there was an announcement for a new Novella with cards for the as yet unreleased Dexter Drake. My question: are there plans for any new novellas with alternate cards for investigators that have already been released (e.g like was done for Roland and Jenny)?
  9. Update: Over the past few months data has been updated on the sheet. You can now see stats for the new investigators and scenarios from Dead of Night (including some tabs with detailed information on outcomes, as with prior ones these are labelled with "spoiler").
  10. The form has just been updated for the Dead of Night expansion. I took the plunge to collect data for the scenarios even though I've yet to play them The summary stats spreadsheet based on submissions has not yet been updated to reflect any data for the new games and/or investigators. It's just recording submissions for now so a few tables not dependent on scenario or investigators will update, but if you are curious as to how a given new investigator is doing you will have to wait until there is sufficient data to be meaningful. There were indeed multiple outcomes for one, however they could be loosely classified into victory/defeat. I'm sure at some point we'll get something else (e. "the world is reset ... you neither win or lose").
  11. Good news: I will be updating the submission form to include the Dead of Night is expansion after I get it (it's should arrive in a day or two I'm told).Bad news: I am going to want to play the game at least a few times before spoiling the resolutions for myself. This means it will likely be a few weeks (what with other responsibilities) before the form is updated. So for those of you playing it in the meantime who may want to enter their data later, you should know what will be needed, e.gnames of investigator(s), scenario played, outcome (victory or defeat) and how (in case of victory, likely just need to track the codex number).
  12. I've played every investigator released (including Norman and Silas). When a new cycle comes out I try out all the new investigators by running multiple parties through the campaign with staggered starts every two mythos packs (e.g. my last party didn't start the campaign until The Black Throne was released and then they ran though the entire campaign while the prior parties then caught up on just Clutches of Chaos and The Black Throne). So my problem is more the opposite: who are some the older investigators that I haven't played in a while. I recently noted that I hadn't played Rex in the past few years, so I just started a Return to Carcosa campaign with him and Agnes (also unplayed in way too long). Preston was a LOT of fun to play. Taking both Intel Report and the upgraded Gravedigger's Shovel meant he was able to snag lots of clues for free in Before the Black Throne (or at least, what amounts to free for him). He and Diane were the only ones who managed to win that cycle out of the four teams I've run though the campaign so far. In a nice epic finish though:
  13. On a separate note: There are now over 350 entries (not bad for a game with no expansions yet). For those who looking to accomplish a first: we've yet to have a win recorded for a six person game!
  14. Yup, happened to my in my second play through with Azathoth. 😡
  15. That you have such a high win rate doesn't surprise me. I suspect that you are an outlier regarding "grokking" the game and seeing what needs to be done to win. I know that for my part it took a while to completely grasp what to focus on in AH 3rd edition and my personal stats reflect this: 13 games with 6 victories, distributed across all scenarios (plus rotating through all investigators). Now that I've played each scenario multiple times I have a better sense on what to do to win. Coupled with selecting best investigators I'm sure my win rate will rise to above 75% (and for the Unmordoth it will likely hit 95% or more). However, right now stats are dominated by people discovering them and perhaps recording their first game. And Approach to Azathoth is not easy - if you lose control of doom and let things escalate it will be hard to win (even more so if you had just spent clues to take a certain action).
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