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  1. ruppt

    2nd edition review

    I hope what I played is not the final version! I don't mind some changes to system either. Units having no value, and using terrain as the victory points may be too much a change though. There is some good elements but some bad in what I played. Bad had more effect than the good though. Hope things turn out for good though. Set up is not going to be much less tedious. That part of the game is changing as per what I played. It is different, kinda liked that part though. But it is not going to make set up easier.
  2. Each unit has a point value. You select a point value to play to. Examples were 50 points per side. Any points not used were given as lore tokens. So tons of expansion will be available if they want. And based off what they have in the base box about 40 to 50 models per army. So you can mix and match. Models have nice detail. And can be painted.
  3. Agree. I like both companies and hope that something can be worked out. A shame this had to happen.
  4. These look good and fun, and keep the flavor of the game going.
  5. I agree that guard is mostly useless. The game is good but not completely thought out. I can see some faq on the way or a second edition coming to fix some of these little issue to make athe game better. A good game that maybe needed some more play testing done to see some of these issues.
  6. Stefan said: Which Dune-game are you talking about? This is in reference to the old Avalon Hill game Dune. FF is supposed to be doing a new game of it just rethemed somehow in the TI realm instead.
  7. The Warhammer world has more than the 4 Gods of Chaos. These are just the 4 most known in the game setting. There are many more though. Most are lesser gods. Not sure how the could be used in a possible future expansion though.
  8. This would fit into the theme of the Warhammer universe.
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