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  1. Hello! Coming from the Deathwatch RPG, I see quite a few interesting, and good, changes in the ruleset of Only War. My question today is; can I fire semi-auto or even Full-Auto in close combat, as long as I have a pistol weapon equipped? Edit: Whops, should probably been in the rules forum. Sorry!
  2. It's been mention before briefly, but Mutant: Chronicles got a really nice 40k vibe to it. and
  3. Thank you everyone for the answers! I'll make a less lethal version of the Tau Commander as the Crisis Suit. I'll take some inspiration from your Tau stats as well, Calgor. Thanks!
  4. Hello! A quick question. Say a Magnitude 40 horde of Tau Firewarriors is engaged in combat with a Space Marine, can this Horde still make ranged attacks against other targets, or is it "locked in combat"? Thanks!
  5. Hello everyone! Is there a book anywhere which has the stats for a normal, non-commander, type of Crisis suit? Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone! My own custom chapter, the Artifactors, have been a brain child of mine for a very long time and I've finally been able to put down all the essential background and lore into a pdf document. Also included in this document is of course everything you need to create a battle-brother from the Artifactors chapter in the Deathwatch RPG. Feel free to give feedback, or even use it in a game of your own, if you so desire! Artifactors pdf
  7. Hello everyone! I'd like to have a discussion about using other publication's rules (mostly Black Crusade and Only War) in your Deathwatch games. Deathwatch has a few years to its name now, and I find that a few things in Black Crusade and Only War makes sense in using in Deathwatch, and some, I'm not too sure they would fit. Here's a few changes I'm considering using in my new Deathwatch campaign: 1. Demolitions rolled into Tech-Use. The implications of this is that all Space Marines will be able to use Demolitions from level 1 (at 800 XP cost). 2. Single shot is +10% to hit, semi-auto is +0 and Full-auto is -10. Killing hordes got a little bit more difficult, but it kinda makes sense? Still, full-auto is still the most effective way to kill hordes though! 3. Swift attack is +0 to hit, Lightning attack is -10% to hit. 4. Charge action now ends in a Standard, Swift or All Out Attack (but is one action) 5. Parry and Dodge is now the Evasion action 6. Unnatural Strength and Toughnness gives a flat increase (+4) to Strength and Toughness. Any other suggestions? Comments? What other rules from other publications do you guys use in a Deathwatch game?
  8. Hello! I'm currently in the making of creating my home-made chapter for Deathwatch, but I have a question. If I pick Pure Geneseed as my Geneseed, I don't really do anything else when creating the chapter (orther than non-stats and non-gameplay things) - just pick all the rules that the parent chapter have? I want a chapter that has the Ultramarines as their parent chapter, and is a codex chapter, but with different bonuses (+5 Int, +5 Per). Is that possible? Or do I have to have all the similar Skill progressions, Squad and Solo modes, etc, as the Ultramarines? /Reclusiarch
  9. I am very much ready for a 2nd edition, of nothing else just to get the errata in there. I've been reading up a bit on the other systems as well, and I like how they have streamlined some of the skills and talents (Making Tech-use be demolition as well and using +X to unnatural characteristics, for example) as well as making them have more uses. All around, I think Deathwatch would greatly benefit from an updated rulebook. Rework/add a few things to the skills, talents and traits. Get the updated errata in there. Update the vehicle system and perhaps give some more options to some of the specializations to add some more variety. Get on it, FFG.
  10. Hello everyone! I've been a huge fan of the Deathwatch RPG and I'm about to start a new campaign after a bit of a hiatus. During my time away from Deathwatch both Only War and Black Crusade have been released with what seems to be updated rules on the 40k formula. So, have there been any words on Deathwatch getting a new edition or perhaps getting an errata to keep it up to date to books like Black Crusade? As far as I understand it, things have been become more streamlined, more logical and just more balanced in Black Crusade than in Deathwatch. That said, if a new version is not on the way, is it possible to use the Black Crusade rules (or at least part of them) in a game of Deathwatch to keep it more up to date? Anyone had any experience with this? Thanks! /David
  11. Hello everyone! I'm currently GMing a campaign in the Warhammer Fantasy universe, however, we're using the 2nd edition rules (we bought the 3rd edition, but unfortunately we didn't really enjoy it as much). Do anyone know where on the web I might find a forum, similar to this one, where I can ask questions and such, concerning 2nd edition Warhammer Fantasy? I have so far have no luck, since it's a "dead" game. Thanks!
  12. I'm a huge Warhammer fan, both RPG and table top, but the 3rd edition never really clicked with me or my RPG group. We had a hard time getting into character (we didn't really like the prepainted carreer cards) and getting that RPG feeling. We gave it a few sessions, but later decided to go for 2nd edition Warhammer instead. Here's hoping 4th edition goes back to its roots a bit. =) My personal opinion, of course! There seem to be plenty of people here who love the game.
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