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  1. Your Gm is wrong. There is no distinction between the various types of power armour in regards to how many subsystems they start with. He is probably confusing light power armour with poor quality power armour.
  2. These are my houserules for creating minions. I've found them to be fairly balanced, and makes minions that are much more "three dimensional" than the standard rules. Jackal_Strains Minion houserules. Talents and Traits may be exchanged for Characteristics points, at the rate of 10 Characteristic points for each Talent or Trait. Characteristics may not exceed the maximum for each level of Minion Talent (30 for lesser, 35 for normal and 40 for greater). Talents may be exchanged for Skills at rate of one Skills for one Talent. Talents may be exchanged for Traits at the cost of one Trait for two Talents. Traits may be exchanged for Skills and Talents at the rate of two skills for one Trait and one Talent for one Trait. Traits that come in levels (eg. Unnatural characteristics, brutal charge, machine etc) are bought at the rate of one for one. So unnatural agility (+2) and sonar sense would reduce the pool of available traits by 3. Lesser Minions get 6 Traits, Normal Minions gets 10 Traits and Greater Minions get 14 Traits. here are some examples of minions that my players and I have made during play with these rules: Chaos Space Marine Bodyguard (Greater Minion) Ws: 40 (4) Bs: 40 (4) S: 40 (10) T: 40 (8) A: 30 (3) Int: 30 (3) Per: 30 (3) Will: 30 (3) Fel: 10 (1) Wounds: 16 Skills: Dodge+10, Parry+10, Athletics+10, Awareness, Intimidate +10, Linguistics (Low Gothic), Common Lore War Talents: Ambidextrous, Bulging Biceps, Legion Weapon Training, Heightened Senses (Sight, Hearing), Nerves of Steel, Quick Draw, Resistance (Heat, Cold, Poisons), Unarmed Warrior Traits: Unnatural Strength (+4), Unnatural Toughness (+4), Amphibious Note: I didn't give him size, since he is wearing Power Armour Equipment: Legion Power Armour (Sustainable Power Supply), Chain Greatsword, Legion Bolter, Legion Bolt pistol, Legion Combat Knife 4 traits exchanged for 40 Characteristic points, 1 Trait exchanged for two skills Cultist (Lesser Minion) Ws: 30 Bs: 10 S: 25 T: 25 A: 20 Int: 20 Per: 30 Will: 20 Fel: 30 Wounds: 4 Skills: Linguistics (Low gothic), Charm, Deceive, Awareness Talents: none Traits: none Equipment: Chainmail coat, Axe All 6 traits exchanged for 60 character points, all 5 talents exchanged for 50 characteristic points. Demagogue (Normal minion) Ws: 10 Bs: 20 S: 25 T: 30 A: 30 Int: 35 Per: 35 Will: 25 Fel: 35 Wounds: 6 Skills: Awareness +10, Charm +10, Deceive +10, Linguistics (Low Gothic), Scrutiny, Common Lore (Imperium, The Screaming Vortex), Dodge, Inquiry Talents: Air of Authority, Heightened Senses (Hearing), Foresight, Inspire Wrath, Weapon Training (Sp, Primary), Jaded Traits: None Equipment: Stub Automatic, Staff, Xenos Hides 7 Traits exchanged for 70 characterisic points, 3 Traits exchanged for 6 skills,
  3. I guess you're probably under strict NDA's and such, but how much can you tell us about what's planned for Black Crusade after hand of corruption? Will we see a document like Litany of War for DW, detailing what's planned to be released for BC in the future? Do you know what's next, and can you tell us about it?
  4. When can we expect an update to this? Me and my players are salivating at the thoughts of more BC goodness!
  5. I'm pretty sure it means that you can make an attack with it on your turn, but you give up your reaction if you do so.
  6. The rules doesn't say whether you round up or down afaik, but I would round up. That makes bonuses like unnatural strength +1 useful beyond a simple damage bonus and how much you can carry.
  7. Maybe we should file a collective complaint to FFG? it would be very good pr for them if they handled this swiftly and with good service. Steve Jackson games had an issue with the first run of one the 4th edition gurps rulebooks, and they handle the amtter admirably. Allt hey required you to do was to send an email with your adress and contact information and what pages was coming loose.
  8. A fair point, which is why I went for a hybrid between the random generation and point allocation when it came to characteristics for my campaign. That meant that the players were free to distribute points as they saw fit amongst their characteristics, and then add 1d5 to each characteristic after. I like a little bit of randomness, as it tends to let you see your character in a different light from what you might have intended, but not so much that it ruins the concept entirely. I'm also pretty fair when it comes to allowing re-rolls if something completely goes against a players idea of what might be fun to play.
  9. what I've done is to let the players roll randomly for the bonuses and let them choose the "fluff" freely. Keeps the mechanical aspect a little interesting and allows the players to choose what roleplaying aspect they want to focus on without thinkingof mechanical bonuses and penalties.
  10. Yes, my copy is looking as it's about to fall apart and I'm always extremely careful with my books. I've thought about contacting FFG about this, but haven't done so yet.
  11. I'm afraid that a warband can be anything from a handfull of individuals up to millions, and that it's up to the Gm to decide how large any given warband ought to be.
  12. Reverend mort said: I find it plenty elegant enough. It's quick, it's simple, and it puts the focus on the characters compact and goals, rather than shopping trips. And if they want shopping trips, you can still do it, and it allows them to use a wider array of skills and talents to achieve what they want. I mean, sure, if you want to add a hard currency "players count the coins" system, by all means, your game. But I have to say adding it alongside a system designed specifically to take such a thing OUT of the equation could get quite... odd. First of all, few things are more "minimum fuzz" than rolling infamy. Especially when the alternative is for the GM to set a specific price (while having to maintain some form of consistency with previous pricing) and for them to then pay said price from their own stash, presuming they can afford it. Secondly, how would you handle the various currencies? I doubt the three cities of Q'sal have the same coinage, and I suspect none of them are worth a **** off world. Players would either have to keep track of every currency individually, or keep some sort of "Generic coinage" count, in which case you start moving towards the abstraction you seem to dislike. And how would players acquire more? Would they loot it off corpses? Steal it? Would the only way to achieve it either be through trade or conflict? Would they able to roll infamy to get more, which also seems really odd? In short, while I obviously dislike the idea personally, if you're gonna do it, plain do it. Divorce Infamy from physical acquisitions entirely and have a separate economy. Having two systems at once will confuse players, be rife for all manner of strange abuses and just be plain odd. Especially when they're working towards diametrically opposed goals. It's simple. It's too simple, and thus fails to explain a lot of strange situations it forces into play without a lot of handwavium from the Gm. Various currencies will not be a problem as my players are all adults that understand how such a system would have to bes solved. I think it will proved a great way to highlight how various worlds infused with chaos will solve the situations (some worlds might use imperial thrones as currency while others might use human eyeballs f.ex). I understand that you're not a fan of the idea, but I have a feeling that it wil work out great. I'm still hammering out the details, but I can say right now that it wont look anything like the massive work that K0balt's done. HIs system looks great, but simply too complex and massive for what I'm trying to do.
  13. I agree that there shouldn't be an universal currency for the vortex, but svereal worlds might have their own form. That just adds to the flavour imo. Smart players will spend their "money" on one world on somethign valuable they can sell on the next if it uses another form of currency.
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