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  1. In response to Question 1 , my group houseruled that we keep track of crits for each hit location because we felt it was silly to take 6 to the chest and have major issues, then take 2 more to the arm or leg and die.
  2. Memetix said: Horus The Talents page was saved slightly scrolled down, you'll just need to scroll up to the top of the sheet to see the talents. As for the armour, you are right, I forgot to add it. The cells in the equipment section are free data entry so you can just type in Squig armour and then set the AP level's as appropriate. I borrowed a copy of Into the Storm for the data entry so I don't know the correct values, if you could post them here I'll update the sheet. Squighide - 3AP to Arms, Body, Legs Weighs 4Kg Thanks
  3. Memetix, Not sure if I am doing something wrong, trying to create an ork freebooter rank 1, there are no talents or down menus for me to click on, on the talents tab. Also, the squig hide armor is not a choice on the equipment page. Thanks for the great sheet and hard work.
  4. I can't seem to find anything about whether Machine Trait stacks with armor or doesn't. As I am playing a tech-priest and our game is about to go into Ascension, I want to find out before the game progresses much further. I plan on getting the DS powerarmor eventually, but if they machine trait does not stack I might just save some money on armor as my character already has good quality carapace.
  5. After reading through Ascension once I feel I will enjoy it, but it definitely does not live up to the hype from the past year. My biggest gripe is with the Magos class though. Can anyone honestly expect tech-priests to have a 30 Fellowship, let along 50 in order to qualify for all those peers/etc? My current tech-priest (around 10k xp) has a 9 fellowship (not by choice, crits hurt). He can never upgrade this, and thus not take a good portion of the talents offered in Ascension. I can't be the only tech-priest in this boat. I can't say upgrading fellowship would ever be my characters priority, but I think having talents that don't fit the design of tech-priests is really indicative of a poorly thought out class. My other question is,although not specifically Ascension related, why does being a peer or friend of an organization depend on fellowship? Tech-priests have obviously never had a lot of fellowship but are somehow the organization that the Imperium is arguably the most dependent on.
  6. Pre-ordered from the warstore yesterday. Got both the radicals handbook and rogue trader within days of release from them, so I'm giving them a chance to make it three in a row.
  7. Jam Communications (p218) states that you can target a ship at long range of the vessel. How is this range determined?
  8. As a flamer is an AoE attack and does not require a roll to hit, I would assume the dodge would come first. Why would you roll an agility test to catch fire before you tested to get out of the way? If that was the case you could theoretically catch fire and then successfully dodge? I don't have my books in front of me, but common sense tells me that you would dodge first. Its been a long time since I've been hit with a flame attack though, so I cold be wrong about the order of things.
  9. I've read through a few times, I was wondering if anyone has seen a conversion method to give RT items a price for DH characters? If not, does anyone have any suggestions on how to begin? My group has seen a few items that would suit their DH characters when we return to that game, and we want to make sure we don't charge to little or too much for an item.
  10. LuciusT said: Santiago said: - Vat Grown Muscles Are there rules for vat grown muscles anywhere? In DH no, but you could take them out of RT if you have the book
  11. I've noticed a few grammatical and spelling errors here and there, but the biggest problem I've had were the issues that were erratad in DH that were reverted back to pre-errata in RT. I don't have an exact example currently as my book is upstairs, but I remember seeing 1 or 2 issues that were fixed with an errata and are now unfixed in RT. The solution is simple enough, but its upsetting that FFG wouldn't be able to communicate the errata between the RT and DH staff to ensure they are both on the same page.
  12. All I have to say is the warstore rocks, I ordered it tuesday and received it in the mail today. Anyone ordering with amazon should change as fast as possible.
  13. Just canceled with Amazon and ordered through the warstore. Amazon still hadn't given me an estimated ship date, never ordering through them again, even with their pre-order discounts.
  14. I agree with No-1_H3r3, especially after reading Titanicus by Dan Abnett. Very indepth look at how titans, princeps, and moderati function. They are far from guardsman and definitely more akin to adepts. Skiitarii on the otherhand, would be a class befitting to guardsman However, there are exceptions to every rule and there very well could be someone from any of the base classes as a princeps. Which is why I would design an elite advance rank that has certain requirements, but the characters career path would not be one of them.
  15. Baldrick said: In real life very rarely will you have any armed person with more than 1 weapon (maybe a pistol as well). My son is in the armed forces and he generally carries around only his rifle or a LMG. He will not carry more than that because it's too much to carry. Especially with water, rations, spare ammo, body armour, communication gear etc that he has to carry. It all depends on the unit really, when I was deployed in Iraq I regularly carried my M16 with a shotgun slung over my shoulder along with the squad radio, spare ammo for both weapons, water, etc. It isn't unheard of, nor difficult to carry multiple weapons IRL so I can't see why it should be difficult in 40K. The acolytes do not have to carry water, rations, comm gear regularly either (microbeads aren't very heavy either). Its really all about conditioning the body to being able to carry that much (represented in DH by your combined Str+T giving your carrying capacity) If someone can lift six rifles and not be encumbered they are probably large enough to do so in the first place. Not to mention the other factor of looking suspicious. Always remind them that what they look like can effect the world around them just as much if not more so than anything they say.
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