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  1. mazio

    goblin marauders

    thanks for that ill get that sorted
  2. this may seem like a stupid question but im confused. for christmas one of the expansions i got was goblin marauders everything is there but the banners confuse me . i got 2 green band banners and 4 green mounted archer banners but also 4 blue banner archers it say nothing about blue hobgoblin ostrich riders. im new to this so can somebody help me out hear please.
  3. mazio


    im new to this so hi all, ive been lookin at battlelore since the summer and thought kl i want that so i asked my girlfriend if she could get it for me for christmas, so she did. she ordered it off ebay from canada and it finally came yesterday and all together she paid a total of £69. i must say that lookin though it all yesterday i cant wait to play ive read all the book yesterday and got to sort out some of the minatures mostly the horses that look like there drunk all on the floor. guna have my first game tonite. i know this is long and boring but i just wanted to say hi and share my frustration. hopefully ill make friends and speak soon.
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