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  1. Seems to me there are a lot of space fleet games coming out as of late. Star Wars: Armada, Halo, and now Dropfleet Commander. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hawkwargames/dropfleet-commander Kickstarter's doing crazy well, and the ships look pretty sweet. The game has an interesting twist in that it's in orbit over a planet rather than out in the middle of space.
  2. Thanks. I'm not much for multiplayer, but can understand how async would be more or less a must-have. Either way, without mid-game saves, I'm out for now. If/When they add that feature, I'm sure I'll jump on board and buy this game.
  3. So I just got an iPhone, and looking at buying a game for it. I've been interested in Battlelore ever since it came out, but remember when it first came out reviewers complained that there were no mid-game saves, so if you didn't have 20-30 minutes (or more) in one sitting to play the game, you were likely to lose your place in the game when you switched to playing something else. I know there have been some updates to the game, and was wondering if this has been resolved. I rarely get more than 5-10 minutes at a time to play on my phone, so was just wondering if I should still steer away from this game or not.
  4. I've also heard that if the price goes up, Amazon will do this since their policy is not to raise prices on people's orders. This is their way of getting around it.
  5. It just takes an action while adjacent to the door to open them, and then you take the door off the board and it does not return.
  6. When playing with just 2 players, the Rebel player will play 2, 3, or 4 rebels. Just take your pick - it's pretty balanced any way to do it. Just remember, if you use 2 rebels, you give them the Legendary Rewards, and if you use 3 Rebels, you give them Heroic Rewards.
  7. Xcerus - I would contact whatever store you bought the game from - they might be able to help you out. Whoever distributed the game to them should be able to get replacement pieces. If that doesn't work, I'd put in a claim through Paypal or your credit card company (assuming you used one and/or the other) and push for a refund. I'm not impressed with FFG's inability to provide proper support for this game.
  8. You'll also find the modelling ones easier to work with. The cheap craft store ones will need to be thinned. They will also generally have larger pigment particles in them, meaning they won't go on as nice. If money is real issue for you, then they can definitely do the trick. Unfortunately with painting miniatures, the more expensive things are, usually the easier they are to use, and thus better for beginners. Although more expensive than craft paints, I *highly* recommend the Vallejo air paints. They're very high quality, and will not require any thinning.
  9. I've got all mine pre-ordered in one big order - it won't ship until they are all in. So hopefully they all arrive pretty close to the same time.
  10. To me it's obvious that the intent is that it's optional, even if the wording was not clear enough to say so exactly. The preview for the character does explicitly say it's optional. Sure, it's a "preview" and not a "ruling", but the previews are going to be written by people who have played the game, and certainly would have been vetted by those who were working on the game design. If you want an official answer, FFG will not chime in on the forums - it is company policy that they do not participate in the forums. You can send in rules questions, however, and they will get back to you eventually, or at least add it to the FAQ. I'm sure a FAQ will come out sometime in the next month or two.
  11. Using the Opportunitist special ability is optional in itself, so whether the movement is optional doesn't really make a difference.
  12. http://parts.fantasyflightgames.com/ Take photos, send them to FFG, they will send you a replacement. Then glue as best you can, but don't worry if it's ugly as you'll get a new one. I had one leg broken, and with a little bit of super glue, I can no longer tell which probe droid was the broken one. But if all 3 are broken, that's probably a different story.
  13. The one not chosen remains to be available to be chosen next. But you'll deal out another side mission, so there will always be 2 to choose from. It's possible the Rebels could choose to never do the one and always pick the other ones that get drawn. The Rebels are not allowed to skip a forced mission. If the Imperials play an Agenda mission (not a forced one), the Rebels can choose to do a different side mission instead, or do the Imperial mission as the side mission. If they don't do the Imperial mission, the Imperial gets the reward. If they choose to do the Imperial mission, then that is their side mission, and you'll go on to the next mission in the campaign (usually a story mission.)
  14. Which would be true if the Imperial Player knew the rules. but... Ha! Yes, that would be a problem. I think for this game, the Imperial player really needs to take the time and effort to learn the rules as best as possible before beginning to play with other people. Especially when the campaign starts, if the Imperial player is doing things in secret, and interpreting mission rules that no other player gets to see, then it's important they have a very firm grasp of the rules.
  15. I alter the tutorial mission so that both terminals have to be activated by the Imperials, and that has created a close game. But a note to the Imperial player - the whole point of the tutorial is not to win, but to teach the rebel players how to play. Rushing so the mission is done 30 seconds into Round 2 does not accomplish this goal. The main thing is to find reasons to explain various rules, reminding them of ones that are easily forgotten (using strain for movement, or surges to heal strain, or even just any of their special abilities.)
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