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    MILLANDSON got a reaction from NicoDavout in where are the yuuzhan vong   
    Because disliking it objectively right? I liked it because I thought Jacen might have actually had a point, to a certain extent - that a galaxy as vastly populated by different races, cultures, etc, didn't work particularly well as a insanely large democracy, and that the choice was between different regions running themselves mostly in a loose alliance (which is what ends up happening once he was deposed) or a strong central government with a unifying figure to ensure peace.
    I found it interesting, and it wasn't terribly written.
    I am allowed my own individual opinion, right? If we all liked the same things, it'd soon get very dull.
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    MILLANDSON got a reaction from Benjan Meruna in Separate forum for Imperial players?   
    How about we have a forum just for ErikB, and a forum for everyone else. That way, everyone is happy. 
    ErikB gets to support his own beliefs, and the rest of us then don't have to deal with ErikB.
    Win/win, it seems to me.
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    MILLANDSON got a reaction from InquistiorCalinx in You know you're playing Dark Heresy when....   
    Lightbringer said:
    Your Boss is a secret heretic You are a secret heretic Neither of you know the other is a secret heretic You are hunting another heretic With your friends, who are possibly also heretics Even your gun is heretical
    I think you've been accidentally playing Paranoia this whole time...
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    MILLANDSON got a reaction from Decessor in necromunda   
    Honestly? You could totally just use the Only War game for that -it's got Gang Leaders, heavies, normal gangers, Ratling snipers… all you need!
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    MILLANDSON got a reaction from Robin Graves in End of the World a Complete Fail?   
    World War Z, when they're in New Jersey near the beginning, just before getting airlifted out.
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    MILLANDSON reacted to GreyMatter in All you prequel haters read this   
    I presume, from your use of the term "haters", that you expect some converts to this "theory".
    Let me know how that works out for you.
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    MILLANDSON reacted to Jetpack in I don`t belive this.... But FFG, Debunk this Please!   
    This is a very odd thread to me.
    I know my company is looking at a 10% return of equity?  Why? Because of the cost of capital.   If you don't make that ROE, you should get out of the business.  
    If you believe this random person on the internet, and this really offends you..... then stop supporting FFG.  It's that simple.   You've made your point with this post, but FFG is a business.  And not a big one.   
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    MILLANDSON reacted to Snickett in I don`t belive this.... But FFG, Debunk this Please!   
    The Clone Wars sparked off when Nute Gunray received Naboo wages for his Neimoidian art. Gotcha.
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    MILLANDSON reacted to themensch in I don`t belive this.... But FFG, Debunk this Please!   
    In some regards, yes, but in another regard: it's an artist making art, and that has changed in our lifetimes.  We must come to grips with it, because the industry's not going to change back.
    I'll spare everyone the gory ins-and-outs of how the music business used to be versus how it is now.  You have the objective right, though.  
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    MILLANDSON reacted to themensch in I don`t belive this.... But FFG, Debunk this Please!   
    Former professional musician here, and let me tell you, selling a song for 99 cents is a considerable slap in the face, considering how much time goes into creating, refining, recording, polishing, mastering and distribution.  And consider now what percentage of that buck goes to the musician - even the best deals only net 40 cents on the dollar if you're not running your own label.  Now divide that 40 cents amongst the musicians to calculate the hourly rate.  Suddenly $100 for a picture doesn't sound so harsh to me.  
    I don't mean to blame anyone for anything, it's just the way the industry went and continues to go.  You adapt or you starve. 
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    MILLANDSON reacted to whafrog in I don`t belive this.... But FFG, Debunk this Please!   
    Well, that's the point:  in this case, the simple truth is that not enough people want those things to be made, or if they do, the price they are willing to spend is low...somewhere above zero, but  practically unquantifiable.
    In all honestly, I'd buy the books without any art because a) I want the rules to play the game; b) I have a decent imagination; and c) there is a lot of relevant free art out there to pick from.  If there was no art, I'd probably pay the same price for that as I do for the current books.  That's not to say I don't appreciate the art or it has no value.  If I had a choice between books with art, and books without, I'd probably pay more for a book with the art...so long as it's not another Wookiee tossing up another cantina (hi, WEG)...  But I really don't know how much more I'd pay.  The designers and rule writers deserve their cut, and their contribution is critical to the product's success in a way that the art is not.  The fluff writers are somewhere in between...not essential but providing important context for the rule decisions.
    Unfortunately, art gets the short stick in this context.  We all love the good stuff when we see it, but it doesn't necessarily make us reach deeper into our wallets.  There's no real way around that.
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    MILLANDSON reacted to Warl in I don`t belive this.... But FFG, Debunk this Please!   
    The topic here is about freelancing, Movies and Tv shows, typically, Do not use freelancers for such work. They have a production staff artist that typically does this. 
    As I mentioned, My brother is an Artist, He works for a company that does animation and story books and so forth. My brother Often does concept art for the company. That is part of his job that he is paid a fair wage for. Not freelance work done for a small press company. 
    That being said, He has Also submitted art work to companies looking for random piece work of certain subjects, As a freelancer. He isn't being commissioned to do specific work, jsut companies have put out general "requests", or you might say they publicly advertised, for piece meal art work of certain types. They pay a set price per peice they accept. And just because you submit some work doesn't mean it will be accepted. He sumbits "Lots" of art work he has done in his free time. Some get accepted and some don't but this is extra for him as it was stuff he wasn't getting paid for in the first place. 
    Along side his work are Thousands, if not Hundreds of thousands of submissions they have to filter through and choose from. Competition and supply are huge in todays freelance market.
    Now he isn't going to just give them the art for nothing.... he does expect compensation, But he submits to these companies Knowing what they are offering per piece.
    He has, at times, actually gotten Commission jobs, that pay much better, from the "exposure" of his work being sent into these companies. Not unpaid exposure, He doesn't do that. But he could never make a living off of selling the random stuff. Fact is, he discovered that the time that would be involved trying to make a living off of Freelance commissions, would never be stable nore good for supporting a family. (unless he suddenly became famous)  So he doesn't rely on it, He has a REAL job doing art. 
    He once said, the only way he could Live off his freelance commission work and have the time to actually put into trying to Get Freelance commission work, would be if he was single, r his wife worked and made what he makes as a Production artist for a Web based Company. 
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    MILLANDSON reacted to Daeglan in I don`t belive this.... But FFG, Debunk this Please!   
    so all that game designer time is worth nothing to you? the book may only take a couple bucks to print in the volume they print them at. but all those game designer and freelancer hours have to be paid for too. 
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    MILLANDSON reacted to 2P51 in I don`t belive this.... But FFG, Debunk this Please!   
    That's just it, in a world economy using local cost of living, his skillset isn't worth that anymore.
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    MILLANDSON reacted to 2P51 in I don`t belive this.... But FFG, Debunk this Please!   
    This whole notion of people getting paid more is nice but that really isn't what that author was ranting about. They just want more money for themselves. There was no mention of how markets adjust for local cost of living or the inevitable migration towards an integrated world economy. It was just whining.
    What artists used to get paid was because those developing markets were completely excluded from consideration. They didn't make any money at all in the developing countries. Now they do and that means they are gaining access to money they never had. It also means values and payscales are adjusting to the reality of artists in those countries having access and the true value of a service balanced against the whole world market.
    There's only so much stuff to go around and the 1st world consumes vastly more than it produces. It also has a vast disparit amount of the wealth per capita. This is an example of that wealth being redistributed. It really lays bare it isn't about 'I just want those poor people to make more', it's actually about 'I don't want to share work with people who will charge less'.
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    MILLANDSON reacted to whafrog in I don`t belive this.... But FFG, Debunk this Please!   
    What?  That's just self-defeating.  "Attempts to make it fair" are why most of us don't live as peasants anymore, why, despite pushback, most of us have worker safety laws, hours limits, vacation time, minimum wages, etc.  Basically, we took some power from the plutocrats (and plenty died doing it) and spread it around...the irony, which appears to be lost on the plutocrats, is we made it better for them too.
    Life is not fair, agreed.  I'll also agree that becoming an artist is a choice that puts you in a different labour category than most.  Personally I would be happy to see a greater portion of my tax dollars be spent on "the arts", whether that supporting the local symphonies or local artists.  But for wages on commercial products it would simply have to be whatever the market would bear.  The process of making art is too difficult to quantify to set a "minimum wage" for it because the hours it takes for a piece would vary wildly.
    But, overall, attempts to make life more fair are a moral imperative IMHO.  We might not always get it right, because we're human and it's a work in progress, but we have to try.
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    MILLANDSON reacted to hydrospanner in I don`t belive this.... But FFG, Debunk this Please!   
    Not necessarily.
    For a SW Universe example of an exception to that rule, look at the Corporate Sector.
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    MILLANDSON reacted to MrMxyzptlk in I don`t belive this.... But FFG, Debunk this Please!   
    That works too.  No matter where or when you are the wealthy and powerful rule either behind the scenes or out in the open.  Those without money and power are subjects of those rulers.  The only real difference is the degree of malevolence they have for those subjects and whether or not the subjects are aware of the truth.  At least a medieval peasant knew he was a subject and so did all his neighbors.  These days the names have changed but we peasants have no more real power over our futures than our ancestors did.  
    The only time humans have real liberty and freedom is when they are in frontier areas and government has yet to catch up with them.  Unfortunately such lives are nasty, brutish and short.  The up side of being peasants is those in power who feed upon us don't like competition.
    So to take this back to the reason for this forum, the rim systems are an excellent example of such frontier situations.  At first the people are truly free, the only rules are the ones they set for themselves.  The risk is high, from nature and their fellow sapients, but the reward is owning themselves and all they produce.  But unfortunately for them they long for some of the safety of the rim worlds, so they form what at first is an innocuous city government but once they do that all heck breaks loose.  Those who seek power and wealth quickly move to take positions in that government or put people in place whose strings can be easily pulled.  Once they achieve that all they need to do is wait for or create some crisis to get the people to accept increases in government control.  Eventually the people are no better off than they were on a core world.  The Emperors rise to power is no different than any two bit crime boss taking over a settlement in a perfectly legal, yet ultimately immoral, way.
    People who say "there ought to be a law" when they see something as unfair need to take a step back.  Making someone do something because you think you know how it ought to be is how people like the Emperor rise to power.  They use people like that to further their goals.  In many cases what you see as unfair is seen as a good deal by someone else.  Take the OP, $100 a piece taking two days to produce and sell seems like a pittance however those two days of work are mostly spent at home in ones bathrobe.  No boss breathing down your neck, no employees to worry about, no heavy lifting and no hours spent in the summers heat or winters cold.  No customers whining and no commute through rush hour traffic. Just working from home without any commitments beyond what you make for yourself.  
    That sounds like the life all the get rich quick scams try to sell us.  Make money from home doing something you love to do.  For many who chose that lifestyle the lower pay may be a fair trade to them.  Remember, no one made them go to the Art Institutes of America to learn their trade.  No one made them take piece work jobs.  No one made them accept $100 a piece.  If there weren't artists willing to produce pieces at that rate then FFG would have to pay more.  Just like if we weren't willing to pay $25 for a book they would have to lower the price and offer their artists even less.  
    Once you decide to get in the middle and ask the Emperor to "make it right" the cost per piece goes up to say $200 and the company has to either use less art, meaning fewer jobs, or charge more for the book meaning fewer customers.  They could try to Walmart the deal and cut profits to pennies per unit and simply move more units of a lower quality.  Imagine a new release every month of models you need to assemble and paint yourself that have cards with amazing abilities on them you just HAVE to own to remain competitive.  If that happened then FFG would be just like Games Workshop and who wants that?  
    Life is inherently unfair.  Attempts to make it fair are destined to make things worse.  
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    MILLANDSON reacted to hydrospanner in I don`t belive this.... But FFG, Debunk this Please!   
    If you're equating the Marshall Plan (a broad-scope policy designed specifically to avoid the kind of spikes you're suggesting by paying US wages to workers in developing countries) with anything in this discussion, I think you've pretty much jumped the shark.  The kind of orders-out-of-proportion money infusion you're talking about is exactly the sort of economic manipulation that shady companies use to effectively buy governments in developing areas.  Suddenly the mostly poor-but-equal socioeconomic situation turns into "Company Employees and Have Nots", and at that point, you've just created even more disparity, now on a local level.  Not only does this allow those company employees to impose their will however they like within their community, but it also gives the company the ultimate trump card: do what we say, or we're going to some other place.  In big-picture economics, generally, slow but steady change is preferable to sudden, drastic change...and paying 3rd world artists money that could get them a comfortable living in the US is definitely the latter.  We even see the same principles at play within the US.  Two guys doing the same work, one in Mississippi and one in Vermont are going to make significantly different amounts, all else being equal.  In this case, just as with outsourcing, pay is measured in the units of dollars, but is set based on the local costs of living and doing business.  This isn't new by any means.  (Incidentally, this is where your international trade laws come in, much like the minimum wage regulations we've already discussed in depth.  They don't come anywhere near stipulating paying 3rd world laborers 1st world wages, though, mostly because the economists who helped determine these laws know that that would lead to a real mess).
    Additionally, there's quite a bit of middle ground between "paying a fair wage" and "human rights violation".  If you're going to take FFG to task, at least have the decency to get specific about what you don't like and what you want them to do to fix it.  You've already suggested "fair pay" but define it.  And if you're going to suggest that paying less in weaker economies constituyes a human rights violation, then just come out and say that you think FFG is committing human rights violations.  It's a pretty dodgy discussion tactic to hint at a bunch of implications, but never actually establish a position, and it suggests that there's little solid ground upon which to found your argument in the first place.
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    MILLANDSON reacted to Alekzanter in I don`t belive this.... But FFG, Debunk this Please!   
    I'm really very fortunate I was first interested in EotE last year. This forum is far less interesting now the game has actually been released. If this is what potential new players have to look forward to, I pity the future of the game.
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    MILLANDSON reacted to hydrospanner in I don`t belive this.... But FFG, Debunk this Please!   
    Once more, with feeling...how do you define what someone "deserves", and how can you possibly nail that down to a numeric figure that applies regardless of context?  Even further complicating the issue, how do you define (without resorting to the subjective "Well, I feel..." kind of arguments) what a given piece of art is worth?
    Not even taking into account the destabilization that would come along with a company rolling into a third world country and paying western world wages (definitely not the win/win solution you're envisioning), I can't see the logic behind ignoring compensation with respect to the local cost of living and going straight from a number on a sheet of paper (all while conveniently ignoring the fact that that number itself was determined based on the greater context of the local economic situation in that area).
    Not liking the vast disparity in socioeconomic situations across the world is one thing, proposing to fix that by the methods you're suggesting is quite another.
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    MILLANDSON reacted to hydrospanner in I don`t belive this.... But FFG, Debunk this Please!   
    Your points 1 & 2 seem to be in conflict in their implication.
    Ignoring the (apparently unfounded) assertion that the $100/piece figure only applies to US artists and isn't simple across the board, but rather is adjusted by FFG to suit the economic situation of the location of their freelancers (unlikely, but I supposed technically possible), in the first point, it's "those poor unfortunate folks in other countries not getting paid enough", then in point 2, it's "if they ARE getting the same pay, screw those poor unfortunate folks in other countries, US artists are being passed over!"
    I think it'd be *far* more likely, and require less speculation, to say that FFG likely has a base price per piece, whatever it may be (the popular $100 figure or otherwise), and that's what they're willing to may to whomever gets the nod, regardless of where they are.  This has the effect of disproportionately favoring people in developing areas of the world, where 100 USD goes a lot further than it does in the US.
    Ultimately, for the critics, this is a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation for FFG.  If they're paying different prices to people based on their location, they're gouging the third world, if they're paying the same across the board, they're shipping jobs overseas.  The same critics say that, above all, they should be paying *more*, yet they have yet to say just how much more would be satisfactory (likely because such a number would be absolutely impractical for a company like FFG to pay, even if they could cound on their sales figures holding steady with the upcharge).
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    MILLANDSON reacted to 2P51 in I don`t belive this.... But FFG, Debunk this Please!   
    That's no indication of exploitation.  Saying someone should earn more may be sweet sentiment but the assertion you put forth is that artist's in eastern Europe are being exploited.  Quite the contrary actually, an artist in eastern Europe who is putting forth the effort and being paid $100 a piece is likely earning 2 to 3 x the average wage in place like Bulgaria.  In some of the others they are earning probably as much, or even more than the average worker in their country.  Put another way, not only are they not being exploited, they're making really good money in some of these countries.
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    MILLANDSON reacted to 2P51 in I don`t belive this.... But FFG, Debunk this Please!   
    That's not true though, in a place like Bulgaria a $100 is a quarter of the average monthly salary.  All of these eastern European countries have average monthly salaries below $1000, with most below $800 a month, so $100 for a piece of contract art work is quite good in those markets.
    I specifically remember my buddy mentioning Bulgaria in particular, and how it's impossible to compete with what they can pay artists there.  A $100 a piece sucks in the eyes of a western artist, in Bulgaria an artist who is putting forth serious effort, and especially working digitally, is probably earning 2 or 3 x the average monthly salary in that nation at $100 a piece.
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    MILLANDSON reacted to HappyDaze in I don`t belive this.... But FFG, Debunk this Please!   
    But if those are already excellent rates in Asia and Eastern Europe, why should they be any higher?
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