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  1. FFG is by no means a 'large company'. It's a big player in RPGs and board games, but that's a big player in a tiny pond - RPG companies are not rolling in money, FFG definitely aren't. At least half the cost of a book ($60) goes to the distributor, and then you have to cover printing, freelancers (artists and writers), lay out, warehouse storage... If they're making more than $5-10 dollars per book profit, I'd be shocked.
  2. At the risk of coming across as a mite pedantic, strictly speaking, America is a democratic republic, not a strict democracy. I'd argue we've become an Oligarchy, the bailouts of the banks seems proof of that... You mean a Plutocracy? Rule by the rich.
  3. That's where you're probably wrong. Even a big RPG company like FFG is only a niche industry - these books aren't selling tens of thousands of copies.
  4. World War Z, when they're in New Jersey near the beginning, just before getting airlifted out.
  5. this . thought it's cool to see Han Solo story , i prefered if they did a KOTOR movie or based on KOTOR universe. Or seeing a movie based on the comics / books like Dark Plagueis or Jacen Solo .Anyway it was so many years without Star Wars movies that i'm kinda happy to see 3 confirmed so far ( 1 this year :D ) KOTOR doesn't exist in Canon anymore - it's been relegated along with the rest of the EU.
  6. I imagine they'd probably just do a sourcebook for AoR to convert it to be able to play Imperials. Not that you need a sourcebook, you just literally say that they're Imps instead, and if they want fighters, give them suitable ones.
  7. in the last episode of the first season i think, the tie fighter that was painted like a matchbox car. Ah yes, right at the end of the episode, they make their escape in the decorated Tie and the Inquisitor's Tie Advanced. It's a very brief flight in both cases - a few minutes. One could easily interpret it as running on the air that hadn't leaked out yet in a desperate flight from an exploding ship, if one wished. One doesn't need to throw out previous ideas just yet so we might be okay. I was actually more surprised by Vader's Tie being able to hyperjump in the latest episode. Is there precedent for Ties with hyperdrives? Yep, several. Vader's TIE Advanced X1 (pretty much the prototype Advanced) was regularly stated in the EU as possessing a hyperdrive, and several models of TIEs, such as the Defender, Hunter and Phantom all had hyperdrives too.
  8. Actually, the comics show Han as having a wife, at least as late as between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. http://metro.co.uk/2015/06/08/wtf-han-solo-had-a-wife-before-he-met-princess-leia-in-star-wars-5234848/ So yea, that's canon now.
  9. Canon now explicitly ignores all of the old EU, including the Atlas and Technical books. It's just Ep 1-6, the new books and comics, Clone Wars and Rebels. Those now show TIE Fighters as having life support, so that's what they have in Canon. To be fair, even in Legends (what the old EU is now called), it was conflicted on whether TIE Fighters had life support - some books said they did, others didn't.
  10. In a Sil 5 ship, you basically won't be doing any maneuvers, because they are typically Sil 4 or less. They're larger-sized freighters, they aren't designed to be flown in combat, and so yes, a pilot will be more bored in a Sil 5 ship than they would in a Sil 4.
  11. I've read a lot of Chuck's work (both roleplay games [he was heavily involved in World of Darkness] and fiction books), and have the pleasure of being a solid acquaintance of his, speaking several times, and he's a great guy, and I think he'll do Star Wars fans proud.
  12. Engaged is just the smallest range band, meaning you are within 2 metres or so. Then it is close range, medium and long. It's the same sort of thing that, unless specified, you can usually assume that a squad of Stormtroopers, etc, are engaged with each other.
  13. It was an exceptionally good episode, I couldn't fault it. They managed to make Vader scary again, which they've done well with.
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