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  1. We played Fat Goblin last week, first quest after the intro, so the heroes (Runemaster Leoric, Necromancer Tarha, Disciple Ashrian and Knight Lord Hawthorne) only replaced the necro staff with a sling. I used Merriods as they seemed strong and I wanted to try out the new monsters. The merriods totally stymied the heroes' advance, the black defence die was powerful and their attacks pretty effective. The heroes still managed to kill a goblin and keep one crop (the knight's OoH and Advance skills are pretty nice to make him jump far forward, even over monsters if the near squares are occupied). Second encounter was a steamroll for the heroes though as the monsters (I used trolls for the open group, wasn't impressed with their inability to use surges, it seems bash is the way to go with them) couldn't do anything and wouldn't stop the heroes for more than a turn. I only found Fredrick on the 4th token and by then the heroes had completely blocked off the hallway, no reinforcements hurt a lot. They managed to buy 4/5 items, 2 leather armours, 1 chainmail and something else, plus they found a broadsword in the quest.
  2. zaphod182 said: Why not reprint those minis and then release them in small packs with a few new cards or one or two one shot quests. These quests could be centered around the monster minis that come with that set. This would be a great way to dollar me to death and i would die smiling. I will preorder the sets I am missing today!!! That would totally suck for everybody who already had the minis from first ed., which was the original point of the conversion kit, i.e. thank you for your patronage, here's something cool to use with D2.
  3. You can probably find it for $20-25 online.
  4. yohko said: I bet it was already decided before the core set was released. Here is my 50 bucks. So now, where is my Lair of the Wyrm expansion pack box? Why would you pay more than the $35 price tag?
  5. jjcole said: Columbob said: Telomeres said: If FF did an expansion pack (or packs) for the the conversion kit that included the 1e minis, I'd definitely pick that up just to flesh out what I have missing. The prices for the 1e expansions on ebay is just astronomical. You're talking about well over 100 miniatures, some quite large. It would take a box the size of the current game to ship them all in. How much do you think FFG would charge for so many plastic minis? The price would be astronomical. A few people have said this now and I don't get where it's coming from. The current prices for all the old Descent stuff is far above retail due to most of them being out of print and hard to find. Even if the sets were all available at retail price again the price would probably be more acceptable to the few of us who really just want all the heroes and monsters for variety's sake. To say the price of releasing the miniatures would be too high seems to imply that it would cost more than the retail price of the original sets, which included all the other books, tokens, tiles, etc. in addition to those miniatures. Why is it so hard to believe that releasing JUST the miniatures alone wouldn't be more reasonably priced by comparison? Take a look at the Arkham Horror miniatures line and how much they go for. Sure they're pre-painted, let's say that's worth half the price. The investigator (heroes in Descent's case) figures would still go for $2 a pop. There were 80 miniatures in the D1 big box. Even assuming a price of $2 a head, that's $160 right there, or twice the price of the game box. And even that's assuming $2 for a large dragon figure (yeah right). I don't think you could expect to pay anything less. Now add in the rest of the heroes and monsters from three big expansions, you wouldn't pay under $300 for the lot. And I don't see FFG releasing the DQ minis elsewhere than in the DQ box either. Go buy it if you want those 6 heroes, you get a super fun game to go with them.
  6. Triu said: Antistone said: Perhaps this will surprise you, Putney, but other posters cannot read your mind to figure out why you said something. They can only read what you actually wrote. So if you say "I assume the Troll Bash is an action and has the action symbol (arrow)….So, the bash is the Troll's one attack," then it looks like you are drawing an inference based on the implied rule "things that require an action count as attacks". Similarly, if you say "I'm suggesting that the bash ability is an attack because it does damage," it looks like you're applying a rule along the lines of "things that do damage count as attacks". If you want anyone that lives outside your head to understand your reason for thinking that Bash counts as an attack, you need to tell us what that reason is. We don't just magically know. The way I read it, having the icon (which he prefaced by saying he didn't have the card to check) -- or the words "as an action" -- are a prerequisite for it being an attack action. All attack actions are actions, not the other way around. If the Bash ability was triggered by a surge, or other special event, it would not be an attack action. Damage from Lava is not an attack action, because it's not an action. Assuming it is a member of the class "actions", how do you determine if it's a member of the subclass "attack actions"? Having those words on the card would be a pretty good indicator, but failing that an action that has the potential to cause damage would be an assault, but not battery if it missed. Whether all assaults count as attacks in the context of this game is the question. Not having the game with me at the moment, I can't find a specific example, but I think there may be some. Finding one exception would prove that not all assaults arising from an action are attacks, and would invalidate his conjecture. I played with trolls last night, and thought they kind of sucked (no surges to spend). The Bash action doesn't mention it being an attack. However on the same card, you have the Sweep action, which reads: "Perform and attack. blah blah blah". Seems pretty clear to me that you could use Bash twice, but not sweep.
  7. Telomeres said: If FF did an expansion pack (or packs) for the the conversion kit that included the 1e minis, I'd definitely pick that up just to flesh out what I have missing. The prices for the 1e expansions on ebay is just astronomical. You're talking about well over 100 miniatures, some quite large. It would take a box the size of the current game to ship them all in. How much do you think FFG would charge for so many plastic minis? The price would be astronomical.
  8. Steve-O said: My biggest hope now is that D2e was actually finished a long time ago (and just held back by production issues) and that this expansion was actually developed in the year or so it took them to put the base box on shelves. That's what I believe. After all, a year ago they were telling us the game was coming out last winter. So roughly a year before the first expansion if it comes out right before Christmas. It is a rather smallish expansion though, so easier to produce, playtest, proofread, etc.
  9. Yup, 35 dollars. It features about half of the contents of previous expansions for Descent, but that's alright. Easier to playtest, comes out faster, cheaper to buy.
  10. kingbobb said: I can't tell if it's a new quest or not. I don't see any new quest sheets, so how do you track the new quests as part of the campaign? And where on the map are they located? Hopefully there's a new map with new locations on the back of the Lair quest book. The Rumor cards will likely take care of that, although it's possible a map will be available. Only 2-3 quests will be available in any campaign however. What I wonder is if you choose to do one of these new side-quests, will it be in addition to the 9 campaign quests, or will it replace one of those?
  11. Article states later this year. Probably a thinner box than D1 expansions, more like the Forbidden Alchemy box.
  12. You're kidding, right? The game's been out for barely a month and an expansion is already announced?
  13. Page 11 of the rules: Dice Icons: This area lists the dice associated with the item. If the item is a weapon, these dice are used when attacking with the weapon. If the item is Armor, they are added to the player’s defense pool.
  14. The game was always meant to be played like this, even in first edition.
  15. IronRavenstorm said: It will never happen. We are lucky with what we got for the short period of time, but it is time to look forward to the future. You will forget about the old monsters as soon as you see what they are coming out with next. That I am sure. What "short period of time" are you talking about? First ed was released 7 years ago and the last expansion with miniatures, Tomb of Ice, about 3 years ago.
  16. I seem to remember one of the conversion kit monsters also having something weird going on with better surges for Act I. Don't remember off the top of my head though.
  17. Rico said: Have fun on eBay - to get all the first edition plastic is running $300 - $500. Probably wouldn't be any cheaper new through FFG if you wanted the whole set. We're talking about 25 monster groups! Some quite large too.
  18. Kobolds are the exception and their split rule ensures more minis are needed.
  19. jwdenzel said: I think the first few expansions should have everything: a few new monsters, 1-2 new archetypes, 4-6 new heroes (1 per class), and an entirely new campaign with associated artifacts. I think you meant 1-2 new classes rather than archetypes btw. New archetypes would kind of need for existing heroes (56 of them!) to be shoehorned into being able to choose one of their classes, otherwise only new heroes would be able to pick from them. Besides with Warrior/Wizard/Rogue/Healer, I think the bases are pretty much covered and I doubt they could come up with satisfying new archetypes. I also think they'd try to include 4 new classes in a big expansion, one for each archetype.
  20. I agree that a new campaign book alone would be great. However since the 6 lieutenants and 6 relics are so very much tied to the narrative of the Shadow Rune campaign, I can't see FFG not wanting to add new cards/tokens for lt/relics in a new campaign, and they will likely go the big box way to add new heroes and monsters minis and new equipment as well. A PoD for new classes of heroes would work fine however, you'd just need a dozen new small hero cards per class.
  21. Eliam's the only warrior with 5/5 move/stamina. However his heroic ability can't be used right off the bat since no class starts with 2 melee weapons and is dependant on finding an additional one handed melee weapon in the shop (or two if he starts as a berserker). This characters begs for a new dual-wielding warrior class. This is also where the predetermined starting equipment for each class hurts. Laughin's Buldar's heroic ability is not quite as good as before. Lets him equip a shield or crossbow with a two-handed weapon.
  22. Draffut said: Is your berserker the dwarf? if so that's a big problem. Berserker basically has no mobility powers and the dwarf is much to slow to be of use without some. The berserker does have the charge ability for additional movement, but that's it. As for 2 hero games, the main disadvantages I see are that some necessary attribute tests will be harder to pass as your bases aren't all covered, and the shopping phase will reveal fewer items and limit choices beyond what gold they may have to spend. Some synergies are also more useful with more heroes.
  23. For what it's worth, I think there's a lot more game in the D2 box than there ever was in the base D1 box, even if the the quests are shorter. You do get 20 quests with different objectives, 8 different types of characters to experiment and build up, etc. Perhaps a little less equipment than before, however the inevitable expansions are sure to change that (i.e. why would they specifically state that heroes can only wear a single helmet when there's only one in the game?). There are still 43 distinct hero items by my count (notwithstanding the 3 types of potions and couple of other findable items), 72 hero abilities and 6 relics. The conversion kit adds even more fun stuff.
  24. Monsterberger said: I don't see the act of rolling armor dice as an example of "being effected" by an attack. Armor is passive, even if it's effect is variable. The hero doesn't have to put it on every time a monster attacks him. It's always on. It just happens to be stronger in some places than others. The result of an armor roll determines if the attack has any effect. There's just no way that a missed attack affects the proposed target. I would like this card to be corrected to specify the conditions under which it is triggered. You think heroes just stand still waiting to be hit and expecting their armour to absorb the damage? Combat isn't static, even if miniatures are. The defense dice also represent the heroes trying to dodge out of the way. Since defense dice are rolled simultaneously with the attack dice, even in the case of miss, I'd let the berserker counter-attack.
  25. kingbobb said: The OL may select from a range of monster cards that match the icons available in that part of the quest. I don't know if it's specifically stated in the rules, but I think you're limited to one set of monsters…so if you have two open slots, you can't take double Giants, assuming you had the figures. It is stated, in the Quest Guide I believe. So no taking two groups of bane spiders or beastmen, which is a bit of a shame because many plastic monster pieces will be useless in second edition. For instance, no group that I've seen feature 2 master monsters ever, most groups, against 4 heroes, will feature 3-4 normal and 1 master for the smaller critters and 1-2 normal and 1 master for the larger monsters. Half the beastmen and bane spider miniatures won't ever be needed as it is.
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