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  1. It is a common complaint about the app the presence of non thematic groups showing up. And I understand that any "choose your enemy" option is not viable for the app (its a development investment and not really desirable either), having to tweak the randomizer depending on the mission is a bigger development investment as well... This is a "quick and dirty" approach that could help instead and I believe conveys a minimal development investment: Give th option to the player to re-randomize groups the moment the random groups pop up. Not even a button is required, just an option (to disable it for those that dont want it) and enable it somewhere inside the group info page, for extra point disabling the option once the group activates for the first time.
  2. According to the recent FFG thread seems that IA on valkyrie is not happening any time soon :-( https://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/2073390/valkyrie-support
  3. Any news on this one? The moment valkyrie works for this... we will star seeing the content coming :-)
  4. I know this is an old thread but I would like to know if there was any development on the valkyrie side of things... I also think that the development effort by FFG to create an official mission editor would really pay off, we could see all the official campaigns and ton of fan campaigns populating the tool and giving everyone more value out of the game with reduced effort from FFG...
  5. You have been reading two different sets of rules. The rules you need are the revised rules not the ones coming with novgorod, in case there are rules for any character both in the manual coming with the character and the revised rulebook, disregard the manual coming with the character. Overwatch: Yes as those attacks "Are treated as normal attacks" Grenades: That is the way I play it, it is not in the rules AFAIK though. S. Gren: Yes 3 turns in total, current + 2. Zorka: Revised rules supersede novgorod. Also Zorka reads: "However,on your next activation, you may not move or act", her activation is still there, she is not petrified so she can counterattack or be placed on overwatch as normal. Frank: Dunno, Winners, don't use epics :-p Oksana: a) Vesper can be used as a normal H2H weapon OR to make an special attack, if on overwatch you can only attack adjacent characters with it and roll 4 dice. b) Yes, actually that is my preferred setup. c) Yes it is cumulative (there was a question answered by FFG staff about this if I recall correctly) Boepripacy: 1 Die only Sten MK2: Wolf rulebook was superseeded by the revised rules, you can find the correct rules in the page 84: Weapon, Automatic • Discard this token at any time during your activation to make an attack (which must be made with this Weapon). This attack does not require an action.
  6. Trrop packs are useful, in some team builds it may make more sense to use 2 troopers of the same type instead of one and one (reich does better with 2 shocktruppen with hermann and with 2 stoss with hoss for example) You can also home rule the team size or even the setup if you use artemus point based system I have already mentioned the best approach for 3 and 4 player games, 1 player per faction, dividing the faction between players does not work very well in my experience although we only did it once. I have been thinking about another approach, a home ruled mod to make tannhauser play like descent: 1 player controls reich as bad guys and the other players control 1 hero each from the union, the game mode would be objective driven scenarios...
  7. If you use my home rule then I would say Hoss is the most powerful one, followed by Iroh and wolf basically tied for second. Mizu and Itami are specialists depending on the game mode and the opponent, the other three are the best "all around" characters. Mizu with shadowflash or infiltration can be key in a CTF or domination game, itami can be good against low mental opponents like the union heroesor troopers. The problem with mizu is good stats with very bad weapones, the problem with Itami is good weapons with poor stats...
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    Worth getting?

    Welcome :-) For faster replies I would advise you to check the BGG forums, these are more active than this one.
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    Worth getting?

    Yes it has been fixed, rolling a 0 now lets you roll 2 extra dice but no more insta-kill, its still a fearsome weapon but not as deadly. New mechanics such as overwatch and command points also helped balancing that. I recommend the purchase, the only thing I don't have are the epic expansion figures. There are also some home rules widely used that add to the game as well, you could look at artemus maximus home rules in BGG and also at miah's FAQ in this forum to complete rounding up the ruleset :-)
  10. I dont agree about the lack of room for deckbuilding, you actually have 17 cards per team if you add the star players for each team and you have the freebooters as well, Lets give it a shot: (I am thinking aloud here, none of this has been tested) Setup: Before the game itself starts take the star player decks and separate it into 4 piles, Neutrals (all the freebooters plus neutrals) and each of the three teams, and also distribute all the cheat tokens evenly among the coaches (if some tokens remain after this either discard them or assign them to the weakest coach, you can let them make their case on why they are the weakest in the table ;-) The Draft!: Each player takes all his cheat tokens onto his left hand. Take one of the neutral decks shuffle it and reveal the topmost player, then each coach places a secret bid on that player (secretly takes any amount of tokens from his left hand and places them on the right hand and puts his closed right hand on the table), then each coach reveals his bid, the winner pays the price (puts back the cheat tokens into the box), takes the equivalent player on his division for his team (if a freebooter the freebooter ability applies) and another round of the draft takes place, repeat until the deck is completely revealed. In case of no bids, discard the player, reveal next. In case of ties the player that has drafted less players wins, if still tied randomly assign a winner. The Game: Set up the game as normal but with the following exception: Each player will have a private deck with his 5 team related starplayers instead of a shared division deck and will draft starplayers only from his pile during the game. What do you think?
  11. I would rather give her 5 dice +2 if a 0 is rolled Union style, or 5 dice and negate 1 stamina dice to the target to leverage existing mechanics that are better tested than 8 dice weapons. I like the idea of overwatch only weapon. Dont over do it, all of the hereoes are supposed to be uber badass from their backgrounds, and she id good but not "Epic". I would also give her the infiltration ability and the medal o move and then enter in overwatch once a game.
  12. I dont have that problem, remember that you can only use 1 cp to avoid 1 wound. I think 3 die instead f 4 would unbalance the game honestly. What you could do instead is forbid the ignore wound CP use.
  13. Yo dou if you want to play Objetive mode, the objective tokens are included there. Otherwise you dont. As Shogunate is more limited in options than other factions, in my group Shogunate can use wolf and hoss as if they had a shogunate affiliation symbol in addition to their existing faction symbol. Hence Making Wolf simmilar to gorgei and Hoss simmilar to Oksana from an affiliation perspective. Hoss with the shogunate is really fun to play and wolf offers much needed ranged firepower and objective abilities missing in the shogunate for objective based games.
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    Hoax vs. Hoss

    He would step back. Even though invisible it is still an attack.
  15. No I haven't but it woud remove one of the key advantages of the Shocktruppen command pack. It kind of makes sense since losing the character activation is bad enough but i think that making it too cheap might benefit automatic weapons over heavy and hand to hand weapons. Think about a character that survived a h2h attack packing a good auto weapon, if you could jut put him in overwatch for free the h2h character would be screwed this way at least you need to spend a cp to do it (still worth it IMHO)
  16. For the sake of clarity I'll repost the multiplayer rules I proposed clarifying how objectives are chosen in 3p and 4p games in a single map: These rules account for the daedalus rules for new entrances for castle ksiaz and dungeon maps. General hints, for more than 2p I would rather go for 4 character teams to limit the aoount of figures on the table the maps are intended for 10-12 figures and that way that is preserved, I went for 2heroes and 2 troopers in 2cp games and 3 heroes 1 trooper in 3 cp games to limit the reinforcement options but this is up to you. The side effect of this is that it shortens turns (and games) which is often welcome. Player order is determined as usual by initiative, only lowest initiative roller can re-roll initiative. Here they go! (Again it would be good to have some feedback) Deathmatch: In multiplayer mode the game ends when there are only 2 factions remaining on the board, the player with more kills wins. 3 players: Each faction team is comprised of 2 Heroes and 2 troopers. On a 2 entrances map use the additional entrances rules on the daedalus rules page 5 (available for free at FFG site). On the unused entry point place a secret door token, any faction may choose that entrance as an alternative entry point. If at end game a player does not have at least 1 kill from each opponent he counts as having 2 less kills. 4 players: Each faction is comprised of 2 Heroes and 1 trooper. On a 2 entrances map use Daedalus additional entrance circles mark ownership of each entrance circle with facedown objective tokens. If at end game if a player does not have at least 1 kill from at least two opponents he counts as having 2 less kills. Capture the flag: 3 players: Each faction team is comprised of 2 Heroes and 2 troopers. On a 2 entrances map use the additional entrances rules on the daedalus rules page 5 (available for free at FFG site). Each player puts a flag on their entrance circle and the remaining 2 flags in designed objective circles using normal placement rules. The winner must have placed 3 flags and at least 1 from each opponent. 4 players: Each faction team is comprised of 2 Heroes and 2 troopers. On a 2 entrances map use Daedalus additional entrance circles mark ownership of each entrance circle with facedown objective tokens. Each player puts a flag on their entrance circle. Each player puts a second flag on an action circle, if you run out of action circles to put flags on place them on the stamina circle and/or the combat circle. The winner must have placed 3 flags and at least 1 from each non allied opponent, allied faction flags cannot be handled (although allied factions are considered as opponents for all other effects). Domination: 3 players: Each faction team is comprised of 3 Heroes and 1 trooper. On a 2 entrances map use the additional entrances rules on the daedalus rules page 5 (available for free at FFG site), treat action circles as objective circles for flag placement purposes. 4 players: Each Faction is comprised of 3 Heroes and 1 trooper.On a 2 entrances map use Daedalus additional entrance circles mark ownership of each entrance circle with facedown objective tokens When an action circle has a previous flag already placed use the following rules: If the previous flag(s) belong(s) to an allied faction (Union is allied with Matriarchy and Reich with Shogunate) place your flag on top of it, if there are any previous flags not belonging to your allied faction remove any of those flags from the circle. King of the Hill Mode Honestly, I never play this mode so I don't think I can suggest a balanced way of playing this mode. Objective Mode 3 players: Treat all objective circles as primary objective circles. Take turns as normal placing objective tokens on the circles. Each faction team is comprised of 3 Heroes and 1 trooper. On a 2 entrances map use the additional entrances rules on the daedalus rules page 5 (available for free at FFG site). 4 players: Each faction is comprised of 3 Heroes and 1 Trooper, On a 2 entrances map use Daedalus additional entrance circles. Each faction places 2 objective tokens each, if all objective circles are covered try using action circles, if all of them are covered, place the token in the stamina bonus circle and/or in the combat bonus circle.
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    Thats the way I use them, also good combo with Eva with combat and the Elizabeth bathory token…
  18. I always avoided that as I thought it would be like 2 1 vs 1 objective games played side by side but with the extra waiting for other activations to resolve. Was that the case? how long did it take?
  19. Being adjacent just gives the option to use h2h weapons but its not compulsory. You can fire any ranged weapon into an adjacent circle provided that it shares a path (sharing a path is not obligatory in case of H2H weapons, only adjacency)
  20. The main chalenge when adding players (and thus characters) in the game is game lenght, instead of linking boards I have used some fanmade boards that are bigger than the standard ones. Using the rules I have posted in miahs blog I have played very fun Domination and CTF games 3p games with 2 heroes and 2 troopers per player worked very well for these in a single map if you dont want to bother making it bigger.
  21. Hi With just the base game it is difficult, if you have novgorod there are more options available, I posted about them in the forums and also on miah's blog here
  22. Hi Smoke does not affect grenades, you interpreted the rules correctly. Also IMHO it is feasible to trhow a grenade into a room fill of smoke, way easier then trying to shoot inside… 2 voivodes count as 1 trooper for these purposes, they activate on the same activation slot as well (one after the other though).
  23. I completely forgot about that bonus token, never used it. I love your solution this approach also leaves 1 CP to reroll the initiative in case bad luck happens. CMZ you have your answer!!
  24. I think that the most "alliance-like" action you could do would be to agree to place a "useless" consolidate power order in one ship so it can be raided by its ally, basically netting a 1 Power token transfer between allies…
  25. You are right, I did not realize that movement was not mentioned as a charasteristic eligible to be raised by spending a command point… a shame, there goes my elegant way of countering union fire grenade exploit…
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