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  1. You can use surges only once on an ability, so, in your case, you can add +1 range and +1 damage (the surge activates both effects if the ability is written as you wrote). The other surge should be spent on another ability or to recover a fatigue. Monsters cannot recover fatigue using surges. (see page 13 of Descent 2.0 rulebook)
  2. Many reviews state that normal mode is too hard and an easy mode would be welcome 🙂 It seems that at least 4 different modes are needed: easy (too be), normal, hard, nightmare (to be) 🙂
  3. You are right with the first part of the sentence, but they will do it (i.e. no HoT expansion because of JiME). I don't agree on the second part: this is no more FFG, this is Asmodee/FFG i.e. only money counts i.e. if an expantion doesn't sell millions they will not publish it also if it would be "slightly" remunerative and it would be a good product. I hope to be wrong: the future will tell 🙂
  4. Sorry, it was 50%, but the 0 ... This percentage was in a review (half of the time).
  5. HoT sales are good (as stated by the brothers), but no expansion is announced or requested to the developers. For JiME the expansions were announced before the game was out!!!! It is clear where Asmodee/FFG is putting the money 😉 BTW, I would be happy if Asmodee/FFG will read my complaint: unfortunately it is not supported by other players and this says that the players are not willing anything new for this game (in Asmodee/FFG perception) 😞
  6. Now I understood which is my problem with this game 🙂 Reading many of the threads, these are my conclusions: - the majority of the people plays alone and some in 2 people - there is "a lot" of interaction with the app (the majority of the time?) The result, for me, is clear: why call it a boardgame and not a PC/App game with some "physical support"? IMHO a boardgame is played within a group of people (normally 4, some times more, some times 2) with a lot of interaction among them and at most 5% of time to interact with a PC/App: this seems not the case, at least this is my impression reading your experiences. Maybe I am wrong, but the threads seem not to contradict my opinion 🙂
  7. What about this rule: if blue die is X you can use a surge to consider it a blank
  8. Yes, but the new LotR Journeys in the Middle-earth game cancelled everything else 😞
  9. @Ceasarsalad101, it seem that you are not aware of the new LotR Journeys in the Middle-earth game: everything else is dead now (even the recently published Heroes of Terrinoth) 😞
  10. It seems Asmodee/FFG are non interested in this game: no news, no preview, nothing 😞 Probably Asmodee acquisition had only one thing in mind: MONEY, MONEY, MONEY and not to sell good products 😞 They have one good product here, but no intention to support it 😞
  11. I thought I was in another thread 😞
  12. LOTR Journeys hex tiles reimplement the Runebound world map, not the Descent skirmish level tiles.
  13. All the hype is for The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth, but this is the game they should have developed. After Asmodee acquisition, FFG fails every opportunity to develop good games: only money is important now 😞
  14. @Wandalf the Gizzard and @Majushi, you should have inverted the quotes 😁 Maybe you would have answered your questions yourselves 🙂
  15. Well, it seems that I didn't explain me correctly (maybe because English is not my language) 🙂 I try to summarize: - I don't like the theme - I don't want boardgames that can be played only using an app - I will be very annoyed if this game will have nice mechanics and will be the only game with these mechanics. Somebody asked why some people are against app supported games (look at the title of the thread) and I tried to explain why I don't like them. BTW, If you want to play with a PC, there are plenty of PC games out there 😉 and I still have to find a "dungeon crawler boardgame" that satisfy me 😞
  16. The Official answer is in the Official Rule you mention 🙂
  17. Buying a tablet will just slightly improve the logistics, but it will definitely "improve" the cost of the game 😉 Anyway, the market will tell us if this is a "good" solution. 🙂 Many many years ago there was a boardgame called Atmosfear which tried to introduce the support of VCR cassettes: it was a clear flop 🙂
  18. Rugal, go with whatever you enjoy the most 🙂 In any case it will be a great job and we will enjoy it quite a lot 🙂
  19. So have I to buy also a tablet to play this game??? A phone is clearly too small for a shared cooperative experience,
  20. You need a PC, you need to bring with you the PC when you go play the game by your friends, you need a plug, you need space on a table to host it, you need to find a way to show the screen of the PC to all the players (and the stream was unable to show how), ... The 3 Descent POD expantions were quite a better solution for a BOARDGAME. Forthermore, they could have been made more flexible in quite an easy way 😞
  21. 3. Retreat if closer than 2 or less to a hero. There is nothing that says "the closest hero" 🙂 You should be as far as possible from each of the heroes 🙂
  22. It seems you didn't read the thread, but just one message 🙂 I was just answering to jvdvalk question 🙂 BTW, I (clearly?) expressed in another message that, for the time being, I don't see any good motivation to buy this game 🙂 If the majority of players will have my or a similar opinion, the game will be a flop; otherwise it may be a success 🙂
  23. When you refresh/reshuffle the monsters discard deck (when the original monsters deck is finished and you have to draw a new monster), all Nemesis that have been beaten (and so have been discarded in it) have the potential to be drawn and spawned again in their Lair
  24. "boardgame": why does a boardgame need the "support" of an app??????? And I have to spend more than 100 EUR to get a "boardgame" that forces me to buy a PC?????? And I will need to buy another table to host this PC?????? OK, I exagerated :-), but, IMHO, a boardgame should be a boardgame 🙂 I must be able to play it whereever I go and without a PC with the app installed: just imagine I want to go to my friends' home to play it ..., no I cannot unless I bring also a PC with the app and they have the space to host it 😞 I don't think this is the right way the boardame industry should go 🙂 Just my 0,2 cents 😉 P.S. A mobile phone phone has too a small screen to let 4 people enjoy the game and a tablet has similar problems like a PC and the battery may not last the duration of a session
  25. Android and iOs are just the same as Steam: start a new Campaign and you will find the list of available options. A few are free and a few have to be purchased 🙂
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