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  1. Take the comparison with Ticket to Ride: would you like to buy a new map (and the related cards) at 30$ (or whatever is the price in the USA) or a new box with just the map as different part (and the related cards) at 60$? For me the answer is obvious. Let's wait FFG to demonstrate us that the "unique concept" is viable for boardgame too.
  2. This is not true: think of Agricola (i.e. a lot of cards, but just a bunch of them will be available in a specific game session). You have the "same discovery experience", but everyone at the table will have the same starting information. With the "unique concept", the owner of the game (if he played it already) will have a (slight?) advantage.
  3. So, if I understood well, no two boxes of the game will be the same. I think this concept is interesting for a card game (KeyForge), but not for a boardgame: I want a boardgame to be the same whereever I go so to try different strategies knowing what it is in. If I go to play with a friend copy, I will be at a disadvantage not knowing what I will have to face ๐Ÿ˜ž I am not buying this game.
  4. tibia

    Early Favourites

    Where do you find the decks?
  5. I know you can find the list on boardgamegeek.com (i.e. Descent 1.0 heroes not reprinted in Descent 2.0), but I have no suggestion on how to find it there ๐Ÿ˜ž
  6. Good question ๐Ÿ™‚ It is interesting that I read the quote and didn't understand that it was me he who wrote it ๐Ÿ™‚ BTW, the post is dated 2014 when things were different (the app was not there at that time). GNK stands for Game Night Kit which was just introduced (or to be introduced) and, at the end of the day, the market product were 3 Co-op adventures based on 12 "plot cards" each (if I remember correctly. Of course there were cards for monsters AI and perils): Forgotten Souls, Nature's Ire and Dark Elements https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2024041/co-op-adventures-similar-rtl Then the app came, so you can read GNK as every mean in which you can play coop ๐Ÿ™‚ Note: at that time only Overlord vs. Heroes was available and GNK tried to approach the coop mode (it was available only to game shops for organized playing nights, thus the name). The great success it (and the 3 adventures) had convinced FFG to develop the app we know today
  7. tibia

    Road to Legend Feedback

    If the cards are in the app, I can print them. If they are in the box, I have to buy the box. It seems you are not the "serious" one ๐Ÿ˜‰
  8. tibia

    Road to Legend Feedback

    If the "content" is in the app, app+proxies will make it. Why should I buy the physical game?
  9. tibia

    Area control variant idea

    it doesn't for me
  10. "... they are a company that wants to make money ..." Are they really? Completely abandoning a "successful" (their claim) product line for almost 3 years now? I don't know if this is a winning strategy, but the company is not mine and I saved a lot of money meanwhile :-)
  11. You convinced me: Move Action is the cost to be able to trade. Thank you :-)
  12. Hi! Although Sadgit is completely right as the rules are written ("Heroes may give or receive Shop Item cards, Relic cards, and Search cards to or from each other during a move action. At any point during his move action, a hero may trade any number of Shop Item cards, Relic cards, or Search cards with an adjacent hero. Trading does not require an additional action or the expense of movement points."), I think that this is not in the spirit of the game: I think that the rules should say "when using movement points" instead of "during a move action". My statement is based on the fact that a Move Action just gives you movement points in the pool and converting fatigue does the same. Trading happens when using the movement points. One can say on the contrary that trading is a plus of a Move Action to differentiate it "more" from "just" converting fatigue. Any other thought or evidence in one direction or the other? Anyway, you can house rule the way you prefer :-)
  13. Mmmm ... โ€œReading the tea leavesโ€, I expect Descent 3ed. to be announced in the future (although we don't want it to happen). How far in the future? "The tea leaves" are not telling it to me ;-)
  14. Almost everybody is saying that Imperial Assault has "some improvements" with respect to Descent 2.0 (line of sight, heroes/monsters alternate turns, ...). So, fixing these aspects is what I was referring to :-) BTW, I only play coop with app/cards adventures. So I am really sensible to new digital contents and physical contents. Maybe line of sight is not the best, but don't think it is a problem with app playing (monsters don't move in a strategic way unless you want to complicate your life ;-) ).
  15. We don't want a 3rd edition!!!! They should fix and complete 2nd!!!!!