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  1. tibia

    HoT engine for Star Wars

    Mmm ... when was the last physical content for Descent 2.0 out? When do you expect the "missing" physical content that everybody is asking for to be out? When do you expect new developed physical content for Descent 2.0 to be out? The fact is that Descent 2.0 is a "dead" game (i.e. no new physical content for it will ever be out) and they are trying to sell the old physical content they have in the warehouse. Luckily we will have HoT now (at least when I will get it 🙂 )
  2. tibia

    Defeated nemesis

    I would answer: YES 🙂
  3. tibia

    HoT engine for Star Wars

    In fact they killed Descent 😞 Do the want to kill Heroes of Terrinoth just after 1 month?????
  4. It seems that Kindle version has this problem, while neither the Steam version nor the Android version have it
  5. Mmmm ... "skill check": I don't find it in the rules. Can you elaborate? Thank you. 🙂
  6. tibia

    HoT engine for Star Wars

    I hope they will produce a lot of Terrinoth content before even think to Star Wars theme 🙂
  7. tibia


    I hope they will send the core game to Europe and the rest of the world before announcing an expansion 😉
  8. tibia

    Defeated nemesis

    On Facebook a person said that a defeated Nemesis is out-of-the-game and the Sadlers didn't say anything about this interpretation of the rules
  9. tibia

    Availability in the EU and Germany

    Nothing on amazon.it
  10. tibia

    HELP! This game seems hard!

    From your description it seems it is very easy to make it more difficult to defeat an easy scenario: get the heroes random (probably 2nd step), but, more important, get the action upgrades random (the 1st among 8 class cards, the others among the remaining ones in the class) 🙂 Would you like to try and give us your impressions? I liked a lot your analysis of your 2 games 🙂
  11. tibia

    Defeated nemesis

    IMHO, a defeated Nemesis gets back faceup to its Lair, ready to become engaged again. In this way also the threats can be easily managed ? BTW, this is not WHQ and no campaigns for the time being ?
  12. tibia

    Gambling Loot Box Blind Box

    Did the doctor impose you to buy KeyForge?
  13. tibia


    In a "campaign"? I suppose in a campaign you "should" prefer to remain "yourself" instead of having "different personalities" ?
  14. So the point is: why should anyone buy a $40 dollars contents worth game for 60$? The numbers (i.e. how many copies they will sell) will say if they were right in such an approach ? Anyway, the probability I will buy this game is below 1%