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  1. tibia

    Area control variant idea

    it doesn't for me
  2. "... they are a company that wants to make money ..." Are they really? Completely abandoning a "successful" (their claim) product line for almost 3 years now? I don't know if this is a winning strategy, but the company is not mine and I saved a lot of money meanwhile :-)
  3. You convinced me: Move Action is the cost to be able to trade. Thank you :-)
  4. Hi! Although Sadgit is completely right as the rules are written ("Heroes may give or receive Shop Item cards, Relic cards, and Search cards to or from each other during a move action. At any point during his move action, a hero may trade any number of Shop Item cards, Relic cards, or Search cards with an adjacent hero. Trading does not require an additional action or the expense of movement points."), I think that this is not in the spirit of the game: I think that the rules should say "when using movement points" instead of "during a move action". My statement is based on the fact that a Move Action just gives you movement points in the pool and converting fatigue does the same. Trading happens when using the movement points. One can say on the contrary that trading is a plus of a Move Action to differentiate it "more" from "just" converting fatigue. Any other thought or evidence in one direction or the other? Anyway, you can house rule the way you prefer :-)
  5. Mmmm ... “Reading the tea leaves”, I expect Descent 3ed. to be announced in the future (although we don't want it to happen). How far in the future? "The tea leaves" are not telling it to me ;-)
  6. Almost everybody is saying that Imperial Assault has "some improvements" with respect to Descent 2.0 (line of sight, heroes/monsters alternate turns, ...). So, fixing these aspects is what I was referring to :-) BTW, I only play coop with app/cards adventures. So I am really sensible to new digital contents and physical contents. Maybe line of sight is not the best, but don't think it is a problem with app playing (monsters don't move in a strategic way unless you want to complicate your life ;-) ).
  7. We don't want a 3rd edition!!!! They should fix and complete 2nd!!!!!
  8. Latin said: "pecunia non olet" (i.e. money doesn't smell meaning it is "always" a good deal to get new money). Asmodee seems not to trust them since "new Descent pecunia" is not worth to them :-) To me this can only mean that they don't trust their Descent product anymore: they just try to sell what they have (i.e. just reprinting old stuff) or, and this is a best case hypothesis, they are completely reinventing this line (worst case the line is at its end). No news about a 3rd edition? That's reasonable since they want to get money from the existing reprinting (who would buy old content if he knew a completely new one will be out sometime in the future and the old content will be thrown away?). In the meanwhile, many of us saved money and "game space" or bought products produced by different manufacturers: is this a "big" deal for Asmodee? Their managers have the "right" answer :-) (btw, I have mine ;-) )
  9. Why hex tiles??? I prefer squares and don't understand why you should prefer hex :-) Can you explain why your preference? Thank you.
  10. tibia

    Seeking first edition

    Thank you Titeman1, but I am just looking for Tomb of Ice that was never translated to Italian.
  11. tibia

    Seeking first edition

    Where did you get Tomb of Ice?
  12. I am saving a lot of money recently (in the past 2 years), having nothing to buy ;-) Asmodee doesn't know latin: pecunia non olet ;-)
  13. Hi Bucho! Have you any evidence that they are NOT "fairly incompetent"? In the last two years, I think, we had many evidences that they are ;-) I wish I am wrong :-)
  14. tibia

    Quest Guides

    ask them Shadow Rune guide: their support is good and, if they still have it, they will send it to you :-)
  15. Really, I don't understand: do you really think that in Asmodee are so ... to think that people interested in Descent2 will buy Imperial Assault if they don't publish Descent2 any more? They are just losing a part of market that is going to buy other products from other suppliers. The only correct reasoning (as others already said) is that they think that the market they lose is less than the effort they have to put in developing new Descent2 contents, but this is contradicted by the fact that they always claimed that the line had positive numbers. So, IMHO, the only correct hope is that they soon realise that they need to continue to publish Descentx physical contents also in a reduced way (1 expansion per year?). If Descentx will be Descent3, everybody of us will take his decision (to buy or not to buy?) :-)