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  1. ... or we can just pass it, unless it is a real masterpiece 🙂 If it is based on an app I will pass for sure 🙂
  2. The first novel is foreseen for October and there is no mentioning of the new game version. The second novel (with the mentioning) is foreseen for February 2021. So my best estimate is that the new version will be out no sooner then July 2021, April 2021 if you want to be very optimistic 😉
  3. About minis scale, you can find some info here 🙂 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blacklistgames/blacklist-miniatures-fantasy-series-1/posts/2812835
  4. @rugal, Fantasy project is just about miniatures (nothing else). AltarQuest is, IMHO, the best dungeon crawling boargame ever 🙂
  5. Mmm ... Werewolves are already in stretch goals of AltarQuest game 😉 Did you understand that the link bring you to a "2-projects" kickstarter?
  6. @Watercolour Dragon, the project I mention is AltarQuest which had a Kickstarter last year. Since there are delays in the delivery (due to Covid pandemy), they are reproposing the core set and two addons and it is worth having a look to them, IMHO. They are also adding a new addon (based on the container Kickstarter project). The Fantasy project is just miniatures and I think it should just be considered as the vehicle to get AQ (you can just bid for AQ and/or its addons) unless you like the new minis for other games you already have. I hope this helps 🙂
  7. @rugal, did you see AltarQuest? There is the opportunity to get it in another Kickstarter project, if you missed it 🙂 Maybe it is what you are looking for 😉
  8. Interesting article 🙂 There are a few aspects that are really relevant: - the boardgames world is really small with respect to everything else (for Hasbro is 25% of their business) - the boardgames world is split in 3: USA, Europe, the Rest of the World. The dynamics are really different in the 3 parts - Kickstarter may be a key changer of the boardgames world. Why should I buy from Hasbro/Asmodee if I can get a quality products from Kickstarter? As a personal opinion, Asmodee has already destroyed a lot of good companies (FFG as an example) and it is not clear how long they will survive with such an approach. I definitely may be wrong, but I don't see great products (in my perspective) delivered by them.
  9. It has been dismissed. It seems you missed this thread 😞
  10. tibia

    Familar target

    Can you make an example?
  11. You are incredible @any2cards!!! Thank you for all your useful work for the Descent community (and thanks to all others that help you or do other useful things for the community 😉 ) 🙂
  12. FFG is no more a company since long ago (Christiansen gone). Asmodee is the company and FFG is just a brand.
  13. Wasn't it mentioned by Navarro? Isn't Navarro stepping out? Why is he stepping out? To me, 2+2 is always 4. It seems the same story as when Christiansen stepped out 😉 My impression is that Asmodee is "closing FGG" (i.e. converting it to 4 or 5 mainstreams and Terrinoth is not one of them) . No serious project since Asmodee stepped in 😞 Asmodee is just looking for immediate money, nothing else is important to them 😞 P.S. Also the Sadler bros stepped out (although they were "just" designers, i.e. no senior managers). It seems that everyone who wants to do something in the Terrinoth environment has to ... look for other partners 😉
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