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  1. tibia

    Quest Decks

    Are you trying to "convert" the original coop way of playing to a vs OL way of playing? Could you consider that your "product" could be used for coop too? BTW, about the map topic, I think that @Rodiger17 idea is quite nice. About the monster topic, I would capitalize on the original coop cards (of course for the coop version, if you plan it: we don't like vs OL approach 😉 )
  2. I read (I think in this thread) that it is a POD (Print On Demand) expansion, in fact there is no release date.
  3. I managed to enter my address and they ask 47,80 USD for shipping!!!!!!! This is the WORST news from FFG: publishing an expansion that everybody wants, but cannot afford because of shipping costs and they don't distribute it to Europe (or outside US) 😞 Asmodee destroyed FFG!!!!! I will never be able to get it 😞
  4. How do we get this expansion to Europe????? They don't accept my address 😞
  5. tibia

    Question on Search Items

    Do I remember wrong that search items are worth gold also if used?
  6. BTW, 100$ for the new LotR game? You must be really fond of the LotR legacy or the game must be really super fantastic for such an investment!
  7. It is not clear which is the FFG approach to Descent 2.0 physical content. They produce digital content once a year. Now that Petersen has gone, things may go even worse 😞
  8. tibia

    HoT engine for Star Wars

    Yes, English is not my first language 🙂 I agree: dead means no new content. Original Descent 2.0: dead (no new (physical) content in 3 or more years) Descent 2.0 with app support (not everybody consider it): not dead because they add software content to the app (not to the game itself) I see no difference between Descent 1.0 and Descent 2.0 if you don't consider the app, which is not for everybody (i.e. not everybody is interested in it) Considering the app part of Descent 2.0 as a game is a mistake to me: it is an add-on, IMHO, i.e. it changes the original game in something that can be considered a co-op game, although it was not born for this. Probably the 3 card based co-op adventures were a better solution, but an electronic solution is of course easier to manage (expecially for us outside the USA 🙂 ) BTW, when I will play Descent 2.0 again, I will play it with the app because I don't like the one vs many original version, but I miss new physical content 🙂
  9. tibia

    HoT engine for Star Wars

    Just tell Just tell this to they who don't use the app 😉 They are still waiting for new contents since ... well, it is so far in the past that I even don't remember the date 🙂 For sure Chain was developed before the Asmodee era, so you can say B.A. 🙂 Descent 2 is a "dead" game as chess, go, monopoly, cluedo and many millions of games: you still play them, but don't expect new contents to arrive. "Dead", IMHO in the today's borgame market, means no development and, although I consider the app a milestone for Descent 2, I think there is no development for it (no new heroes, no new classes to balance number, no hybrid heroes to balance, no new monsters, ...) The game is still incomplete, but Asmodee is not willing to develop it. The app campaigns are there just to empty the warehouse. In fact you cannot play it if you don't buy the expansions they want you to buy 🙂 Would you bet on a Descent 3 version or on new physical contents for Descent 2? I think you should admit your defeat 😉
  10. tibia

    HoT engine for Star Wars

    Mmm ... when was the last physical content for Descent 2.0 out? When do you expect the "missing" physical content that everybody is asking for to be out? When do you expect new developed physical content for Descent 2.0 to be out? The fact is that Descent 2.0 is a "dead" game (i.e. no new physical content for it will ever be out) and they are trying to sell the old physical content they have in the warehouse. Luckily we will have HoT now (at least when I will get it 🙂 )
  11. tibia

    Defeated nemesis

    I would answer: YES 🙂
  12. tibia

    HoT engine for Star Wars

    In fact they killed Descent 😞 Do the want to kill Heroes of Terrinoth just after 1 month?????
  13. It seems that Kindle version has this problem, while neither the Steam version nor the Android version have it
  14. Mmmm ... "skill check": I don't find it in the rules. Can you elaborate? Thank you. 🙂