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    My problem with this is
    1. The app
    2. If it's just a rehashing with an app
    So when apps started coming I bought Alchemists. Turns out I'm not a fan.
    - If I wanted to play a video game I would.
    - it needs to be downloaded and since space is an issue on my ipad I only keep the apps on it that is in weekly use, this would not be, so I would always have to download it before a game.
    - It adds an not-included-in-the-box component that is required to play, so I can't leave it at my cabin because if I forget my ipad (that I don't normally bring since there is no internet service) I can't download it on the go on my phone (crappy service out there).
    - This will mean less physical expansions, more digital
    - We really loved playing as the evil that lurkes, messing with the other players.
    I'm not totally anti apo. Descent 2.edt was hard to get to the table. Trying to learn it by playing was a nightmare. Trying to teach it to new players while playing the bad guy was worse. The co-op expansions helped in both regards, and I see how the app is an easier way to distribute such small expansions, but it's not essential to play the game. (Disclaimer, I have dl the descent app, but not tried it).
    So far I don't see any reason why this should warrant a purchase from me. I love MoM and it's one of my top 3 most played games. This just seems like the same game, with some tweaks and an app. They probably simplified it too, making it less interesting. But then I like AH over EH....
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