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  1. Hi, I fully agree with you. I was and I am very disappointed to discover the direction MoM2 (and perhaps other titles in the future) has taken. While I have nothing against apps that helps gaming I'm quite negative about games that are an app with props like this one. It's a matter of personal taste of course and I'm not here to deny the entertainment value of the new MoM2 but I feel somewhat relieved to recover my MoM and dont bother about having low battery charge, low connectivity or just some unforseen problem in the OS in the midst of a session, also to me having, or being, a human keepeer is a big plus. All in all I think for me is a farewell, but we'll see.
  2. Hello, in our group we have decided to consider the black edge (tile border or created by linking tiles) as blocking for LOS and Move purposes only where it completely occupy a space edge (from corner to corner). So between two spaces orthogonally placed the black line is a blocking obstacle, between two spaces diagonally placed it is not, even in a situation where the black line partially overcome the corner or the white line is not continuous. Until a FAQ doesnt say differently we have decicde to rule so to keep play mobility and LOS possibilities at the maximum. Hope this could help.
  3. I would happily welcome an Innsmouth expansion. More so if it will come with a campaign system (an openmulti choices one like the one in Descent 2 as an example) or a series of linked scenarios. Innsmouth wuold be great in this regard. Following the trend of "untraditional" scenarios that we have found in Call of the Wild (and a nice surprise too) an Innsmouth expansion could be a good excuse to develop scenarios with the traitor paranoia (or possibility of one) mechanic. About an egypt expansion I would say, why not, if it will not reduce in a dungeon crawler or combat only oriented scenarios. I would appreciate linking an Egypt expansion with an esoteric atmosphere or just one with more riddlespuzzles mechanics. But in truth the game is really open to many possibilities of expansions and mechanics. Think about Mi-gos in Vermont, an expansion centered about the Ancient Race or the Elder Ones (more interesting than Egypt to me) or Dreamland. Really I cant see no end to this in terms of possibility. Bye.
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