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  1. Note that duels start at range 2. And I think you don't get the free 1 range band movement in duels, so only the crossing blade allows you to reach the opponent.
  2. Can Shiba bushi use their school ability on themselves. It says "a character in range 0-...". I'd say yes, as opposed to "another character" which would clearly indicate another being.
  3. Wow. Thanks, everyone! Really helpful
  4. When I hit someone with 5 fatigue and deal 4 damage and 2 opportunities, that's a crit with severity equal to weapon deadliness. But what happens when the target has 2 fatigue left? a) their fatigue drops to 0 and they suffer a crit and then another crit from opportunities? b) their fatigue stays at 2 and they suffer two crits? c) in each instance, instead of suffering two crits, they suffer one, but with higher severity (in other words, multiple crits stack?) thanks!
  5. Yes, but includes magic.
  6. The general GM Resources thread.
  7. I use GM Sheet for game mechanics, but I'm working on a RoT setting cheat sheet (e.g. with gods, main history points, most important places etc.). Not sure when I'll be done, though.
  8. Thank you! Gotta ask, did you ask about PDF release?
  9. Or pulp Cthulhu adventure! Cursed Kangaroos and Evil Emus!
  10. We finally started playing and had our first game yesterday. We used your table and a player spent a triumph and rolled Thunderbolt Armor! A great find and everyone was happy and excited. Random treasure is fun! But one question, since it's your homebrew item: how does the armour work? When a wearer attacks (I assume melee), they can spend two advantages to activate blast and other two for stun? Or is the blast stun damage? Thanks!
  11. You have gold pieces though - how do you convert them into RoT's silver?
  12. I like it a lot! More narrative power to players is great, reminds me of 7th Sea 2ed (which I love)
  13. Do you ask for specific Perception or Vigilance rolls or players can spend the results anytime, also in combat to spot interesting things (perhaps carried by enemies)?
  14. This is awesome, I've been looking for something like that! Thank you!
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