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  1. That's correct - and only 1 non-unique upgrade per ship. You may also take two named squadrons. Everything else has to be generic. Nice change from Corellian Conflict where the entire cast of Star Wars gets involved!
  2. 6 October 2018. This is all very early stages and reflects only the first week of work on this... I've tried a few practice games of the strat level, using dice to determine fleet battles. I'm still frustrated that it's not quite right, and am thinking about starting over and not being linked the current map... perhaps looking at other games for inspiration for a simplistic strat level. I quite like looking at American Civil War games, not because I want to compare either side to the CSA or Empire or whatnot, but because the naval war in some ways reflects Star Wars... the Rebels having blockade runners and the Union having to blockade. GMT did a good game called "Rebel Raiders of the High Seas" that may be my starting point... but as always, there is no point in generating one-sided fleet engagements as no one is going to want to play the 100 point side cornered by the 500 point battle fleet. So whilst the strategic layer should matter and give context to what is going on, ultimately, the side that wins the fleet battles should win the campaign. So my thinking is that the Empire is stretched dealing with separatists and other threats and so the Rebel Fleet having "massed at Sullust" is able to challenge the Empire in Corellia on equal terms. Equivalent to a turn in Rebellion where the Rebel player is able to surprise the Empire by dropping a combined fleet somewhere at gaining local superiority... as always, tweaking required! Anyway... I offer my work for opinion. New Concepts These are all borrowed and inspired by looking at the fantastic ideas here and on other forums. 1. Planets Imperial Loyalty Rating All planets have a loyalty between 0 and 10. 7+ is Empire, 3- is Rebel and anything between is Neutral. Planets contribute manpower points which is how players acquire resources for ground units. Players can raise ground forces on Loyal worlds, and in the strategic layer target them as per Rebellion. 2. Strategic Missions I borrowed from Rebellion. I think only 1 or 2 missions per side at the start of each turn, but these give an opportunity to shift loyalty, destroy ground units and seize resource points for fleet building. I've attached the first draft of my mission cards. Players would shuffle the deck, deal three - take one card - and repeat until they have a hand of three mission cards. The player behind on CP declares first, then the team ahead, then the player behind. This was the team behind has a chance to off-set lost resources from previous battles and get a slight helping hand. By dealing 3 and selecting one mission, you can always have the card you want - but you may not always be able to get both cards you want and adds a bit of guess work to the other side. Still undecided on how best to have this... want it to have impact, but not too much impact! 3. Ground Combat This is taken from the cinematic combat rules from the Rise of the Empire expansion. I've suggested 9 cards each side... again, these should mirror one another, but have some flavour... Rebels can inspire an uprising, the Empire can conduct an orbital bombardment. As with the mission cards, prior to the battle each side would deal three, select one and repeat to build a hand of three. I figure the air superiority applies when the assaulter wins a fleet battle and has remaining squadrons, or is defending on a world with a Fighter Wing base defence card. Base defence cards are built with manpower points, and you may have three per world... all three will feature in a fleet defence mission (more on that later!). Each player also has two generals... they are allowed an allowance of 3 leadership points. So a pair of '2' rated generals, or a '3' and a '1' general. As per Rebellion, the leadership rating determines the number of dice that they would re-roll... these may be too high and I want to think about how to limit their mobility so that Veers is not always leading the Imperial invasion. 4. Light Fleets This was more a feature of the fact we were playing with four of us always at the same venue and wanted the other two players to be able to do a game on a 3x3 map (my table is 10 feet, so can't do two full size fleet battles). Therefore the solution was for each player to have a light fleet of around 200 points - still tweaking the value - but maybe starts at 180 and can reach a limit of 300 (the original Armada fleet size). Light fleets can raid, meaning they steal resources from a planet or run transport runs... although I've still not sorted in my own mind how to move combat troops. Current thinking is that they have to be loaded at the start of the fleet phase and carried as part of an invasion force. But I'll likely want to simplify that... looking at WW1 as an inspiration for light fleets, my thinking is that these would be commerce raiders and what not... again, didn't want it to too heavily change the course of the campaign, but it gives another set of ships to spend resource points on, which should slow the rush to everyone having optimal 500 point fleets - and with six fleets per side, perhaps force some less frequently used squadrons / upgrades / admirals to feature.... we shall see.
  3. I have been inspired by the many excellent sets of campaign rules being developed by the community here. My experience mirrors that of others, in so much as the campaign system was fun, but it felt a bit hollow, lacked an overall compelling narrative and was vulnerable to snowballing. Whilst ideally players can be matched by skill prior to a campaign, this is not always possible depending on who owns which ships and which sides player prefer. I have tried to mitigate that somewhat by getting at least two copies of each ship, and one or two more of the smaller ships - such as Raiders or CR90s. However, even then there is no guarantee of evenly matched players... Moreover, the whole star wars story was focussed on the asymmetric contest between the plucky rebels against the endless might of the Imperial Empire. Whilst the Rebellion game captures this beautifully, X-Wing and Armada are essentially tournament games that are equal contests - whilst builds differ, the asymmetry is gone. There is no battle of Scarif where the Rebels are using surprise and a narrow window of time to ****** the Death Star plans and flee before the Empire arrive in overwhelming force and crush them. The Corellian conflict did try and introduce some element of this with the mechanism of hidden bases, but essentially it was 1200 points of Empire vs 1200 points of Rebels split between six fleets facing off against one another. The design challenge... How to maintain the core of the Corellian conflict being driven by fleet vs fleet combat built around the Armada game engine of equally matched fleets and the objective mechanism? How can I encourage more 'cannon' like builds, given that anything less than tournament option fleet construction is asking for successive defeats...? How can I introduce ground combat - so that planets must be conquered and subdued as per Hoth. Could Corellia really be taken because a fleet won by a magin of 7 VP? What about some of the characteristics of each side? How to bring in some of that flavour we've all seen in the movies...? I want to share my endeavour here because I keep hitting design brick walls and because there are many far more creative minds here than my own! So I share my work in the hope of suggestions and feedback to help me reach my goal.
  4. Design of new campaign rules that keep fleet matched fleet combat at the core of the system, but add a bit more depth to the strategic layer by borrowing the concept of missions and ground combat from Star Wars Rebellion. Current Draft of Rules (very early) https://drive.google.com/open?id=12lBVKEY_stBOBGvB4SGrUYFm9sMyCcQL Imperial Mission Cards https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jCMomnt-6HMjOuACny9esMBP1sHIZ8Ag Rebel Mission Cards https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tdIs0_zDuy5j425QEh094Q3N140pA0Fh Imperial Battle cards https://drive.google.com/open?id=17GWmQU532pf-t8jxJgMlVprq4ei67QWN Rebel Battle cards https://drive.google.com/open?id=1trRIorVa6a_R4zjz7CvxAFQPAVkXHhVc Imperial Generals https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SeIEUIqyizAzNvASo9GwAskWVdhrfjMS Rebel Generals https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-4vKTQ2UutwsGzECfKy3QWI5QHeZe9tD Excel Manager https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wt9vIQR_fd6r-m9wU9enxqTf9TkEFCsP
  5. How did you edit the original PDF? I love what you have done with the Power Point, but is there any way to change the numbers / strategic effects on planets - or does one need a package like Photoshop?
  6. This is amazing - how does one edit it, and change planet locations etc... seriously nice art-work on this.
  7. Hi there, I've been searching in the FAQ and on the forums to see whether or not you could have on a Star Destroyer both the 7th Fleet title and a named title. I'm assuming 'no' as the 7th Fleet is a title card, and you couldn't then have an additional title card such as 'Demolisher'. THanks!
  8. This is awesome. I'm not familiar with Google sheets, so was wondering whether - if downloaded to Excel - it would be easy to add tabs for a 4th player on each side (4 of us want to run 2 fleets each), or does it all need to be generated within the Google Sheets functionality?
  9. Food for thought! I'm about to start a Corellian campaign and have been dithering between Thrawn and Sloane on one of the fleet builds for precisely the reasons you state above. The ability to be able to repair and/or navigate, and still be able to give out the fighter activation commands is very tempting vs the ability to use the target icon dice to nullify defence tokens. My fleet is bomber heavy, but has a carrier which is as you is fragile. Although I could put Thrawn on a brawler fleet and the ability to retain navigation flexibility AND still do repairs is hugely tempting.
  10. It's interesting to see you have got Thrawn working for you - I've yet to really get my points worth and would have gone with Admiral Sloane, so it's interesting to see Thrawn in the hands of a more skilled player. Always interesting to see how people use their builds - thanks for sharing!
  11. How do the new rules play out? I like the idea of 8 fleets in total, and may try that in a 4 player campaign (4 fleets each). I like the 1 upgrade card limit in the original rules as it forces some conservative play in the first turns, but I do agree it is limiting on the big ships until you can flood them with upgrades! I do hope FFG releases an another campaign - with more unique squadrons.
  12. I like that idea - a sort of Robin Hood for FFG products! I have a tonne of X-Wing stuff - will make available as I had multiple copies of all the ships. Might be helpful to those doing the last 1st Edition competitions next month.
  13. Curious what people do with their card duplicates? I've got multiple copies of ships and have quite a few of the black-dot character cards. Do people keep theirs as spares, or do they generally put them on eBay - or is there a swap system? I feel they are wasted in my cupboard.
  14. Mindseye said: What is everyone else's Cylon-Human score? We are running at 1-1... (yep, not palyed nearly enough games!) Both times I've been a) human and b) the Admiral Bill Adama - so I have a somewhat mixed record of leading the human race to safety! The first game was six players and the human lost, the second game was five players and the humans won.
  15. bucklen_uk said: I'd like to see an expansion that adds in the 'minor' characters as just that - minor extras. So you get your main character and an additional one, that has some 'one use' abilities. Having more cards to add to the Crisis deck, or an alternative Crisis deck - to add more variety. Awesome idea - perhaps the NPCs are like the title cards - when you are a cylon, you lose them - or flip them over to be Cylon assistants. I like the idea of each character having his retinue - in line with the show. Baltar always had Gaiter following him around, Roslin had Billy etc etc... What is nice is that this game is clearly series 1... sereis 2 had pegasus - so you have human v human v cylon mexican stand-off possibilities. You also have series three which is essentially the Iraq insurgency, but twisted so that the humans are the insurgents... Considering how awesome this first game is I would hope that this does allow for a BSG II - but rather than doing more of the same, there are possibilities for all sorts of other games, whether a straight up combat game, or insurgency game - or even exploring the later stages of the series with the final five, and the Cylons who throw their lot in with the humans causing the cylon war. For now - this game is perfect, although I think adding retinue in the same way as the title cards to bring in more of the cast to the game might be a good mini-expansion. I find this game so exciting - I struggle to be coherent!
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