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  1. Page 5 in the expansions rules, right column: "Shuffle the modern wonders and deal 4 of them..." Same for medieval and ancient ones. Hope it helps. :-)
  2. Oh, thank you. I haven´t read this. But killing one, getting one for free and maybe buying one is strong enough, I think... :-)
  3. I think that 6 natiosn are... well... a little bit few... So I started thinking about my own nations und the MONGOLS are the first one which came up my mind by thinking about their history and the game mechanics... So they start with stronger mounted units and horseback riding. They also may occupie villages to expand and get trade points... Maybe someone will playtest them (we just played them once....). I will post the starting piece of them in the near future (its just one "normal" playing piece of the game on which silk is found in the left upper corner...). Maybe you have also some ideas about new nations?? I would like to read/see them to variate the game... Enjoy! img689.imageshack.us/i/mongolsw.jpg/
  4. The tech-card "monarchy" allows me to obsolete an ancient wonder as well as killing a unit from another players standing forces for just one ressource. if I´m the germans, is this the way I could play the game: I already have monarchy researched. In phase 5 I research a tech which upgrade my units, so I get one of this unit-type and a ressource of my choice (would be silk, so I could use monarchy next turn). In the next city management phase I harvest on additional silk from one of my cities. Then I use Monarchy twice to kill two units of my opponent. In phase 5 I research a tech which upgrade my units... --> If I have enough tech-points to reasearch every round, I get a unit for free and I can kill two of my opponents units... Is this really the way I can play the game?? I´ve done it in our last game and I thought that this playing style ist somehow... overpowered...
  5. I´ve done it! Yesterday we played our first game of CitOW and I made the game with Tzeentch. In the beginning of the game I was afraid about playing him, because I read the threads here and so couldn´t see a chance winning with him. But I did it... with the wheel. ;-) I know that you cannot compare a game of newbies and a game of experts, because our Nurgle made big mistakes, beacause he was concentrated in battle against Khorne rather than getting his cultists in the game... but all in all it was a satisfaction to win with Tzeentch even it was our first game... (I´m sorry for language-mistakes... I´m not a native speaker...)
  6. Holy Sh... this looks awesome! I realy love the Shadowrun-Environment, so I will keep an eye on this! You got my deepest respect for your work, graphics, ideas and time-investition!
  7. Avi_dreader said: kroen said: ::Laughter:: no. Hellll no ;') At the least, raise the cost to six or seven, and you should probably add that this does not work against physically immune monsters. As things are now, this is insanely powerful. Or you could keep it as it is and make it one hand ::shrug:: I´ve another problem with this item: In my opinion you need a gun to use a scope, needn´t you?!? So, maybe, to balance it: You must use the scope with another gun. If you loose the gun, you loose the scope as well...
  8. Dam said: Don't have the 2nd ed (wouldn't be here if I did ), so can only c&p from the Expert Rule Book. "Leprechaun – Strength: 2, Craft: 4, Alignment: Good, Start: Forest. Ability 1: You begin the game with 2 Spells. Ability 2: You do not need to roll the die in the Forest. However, if you do roll you must accept the outcome of the die roll. Ability 3: Whenever you roll a 6 for your movement you may Teleport to any other space in the same Region, instead of your normal movement (you may also Teleport into or out of the City, including City Locations). You may only Teleport one space during the Blizzard. You cannot Teleport whilst you are in the Dungeon, Timescape, or Inner Region. It is Illegal to Teleport whilst you are in the City. Ability 4: You are unaffected by the Siren." IIRC, and it's been probably decade or so since I last read the 2nd ed char cards, most of that was on the card in the first place. Looks like a built-in Magic Carpet. Thank You. In the german edition this is the "Gnom", which would be normaly, in my opinion, translated as "gnome", but it doesn´t matter at all. Thank You for posting the stats. Back in the old days this little brother wasn´t one of my favorite Chars... but maybe I will take him on the next game... And for me: It would be a honor, if the centaur would start a comeback... ;-)
  9. Í collect all Expansions of the 2nd Edition of Talisman without The Dragons (City, Adventure, Dungeon, Timescape)... but I can´t find the Leprechaun in my game... maybe he is in the main game (which is german), so I don´t know the right translation of his name... but most of you are talking about him as a very good Char... so maybe someone can post his stats and skills. In this case I could match up these with my german chars and then I would know what´s so special about the Leprechaun... ;-) Thank you for helping!
  10. I´ve just got an idea: What about drawing two heroes, but you are only allowed to look at one of these two. Then you have the decision: Play with the Char you just looked at (and KNOW what he is) or play with the other one you don´t know... but then you HAVE to play with the second one... (Sorry, i´m not a native speaker. I hope you can understand it anyway...)
  11. We often play with only two players and we are so familiar with the game... it never takes more than two hours to play. Most of our sessions are finished in one-and-a-half hour. One week ago we only needed ONE hour... but it was not a satisfying victory of mine... it was just too easy. ;-)
  12. lishai said: Django said: lishai said: My first atempt to make investigator. investigator http://i036.radikal.ru/0901/cb/2e3031b1b103.jpg his possession http://i031.radikal.ru/0901/1a/4b02250f4b5f.jpg comments welcome He´s just unbeatable. Without any drawbacks he is just too good in killing EVERYTHING, imo. But i already fixed this balance issue look for the later versions I´m sorry, it´s my mistake. I didn´t check the last page...
  13. lishai said: My first atempt to make investigator. investigator http://i036.radikal.ru/0901/cb/2e3031b1b103.jpg his possession http://i031.radikal.ru/0901/1a/4b02250f4b5f.jpg comments welcome He´s just unbeatable. Without any drawbacks he is just too good in killing EVERYTHING, imo.
  14. vogless said: I would love the Space Marine as well. I really dug Timescape. I'm guessing we're not going to see it this time around though.... And that would be the best decision FFG could do... Timescape wasn´t balanced at ALL. The Space MArine and the Astrophath were both OVERpowered (such as the monk...). For me the Scout was a nice Char... not as powerful as most of the other Chars, but with the nice Ability of using Places JUST for himself.
  15. If I watched right on boardgamegeek, Nara IS included in TOI--- so imo there will be no real market for this Char.
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