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  1. Hi, Zearthling said: I have my setup of the game down to 15 min. and the breakdown down to about 45 min. Any suggestions on how I could make it shorter on either end? We need about 20 seconds for set-up and take-down. Here's how (it's an animated GIF, so I hope it will display correctly): -Kylearan
  2. Hi, Elagabal said: He means: "Leave before the OL can upgrade his skeletons to silver" If they're already silver, well, you're already screwed. Sorry, but that's like the most worthless advise ever. Mainly because that ship has long sailed now, but also because you can't really avoid it forever... what do you want to do, just stop playing when the OL gets near 25 XP and never go back to the game? It's not the most worthless advice ever. In fact, it's the best advice you can get, and maybe you shouldn't reject advice from players who have played the game a lot more than you have so easily. The idea behind this advice is that you leave a dungeon after quickly looting the chest and activating the glyph, before the OL has built up a lot of threat, power cards and/or has drawn dangerous card combinations. That way, you stay ahead of the CT curve, and will have better equipment and maybe even better skills once the inevitable silver upgrade happens. (That this makes for a rather boring opening game is another matter...) Silver eldritch with sniper are tough, but hardly unbeatable if you play smart. Elagabal said: I checked back with the cards and yeah, I have exaggerated a bit out of frustration. Not much, though. Skeletons do 8, the elite version 11 But this is max damage, which will happen rarely. A normal silver skelli will do max damage only about 22% of the time, and it's worse for the master because it rolls 4 dice instead of 3. Skellies will get one turn to fire on the heroes before smart heroes kill most of them. On the second turn, only one or two should still stand. Even assuming no skellie misses, this should only be enough to kill one hero, if at all. -Kylearan
  3. Hi, Elagabal said: "I dont think you should consistantly be taking 10+ damage in COPPER?" My apologies for being unclear, when I said that we receive 10+ damage every turn, I meant that's the value the monsters deal out, before armor is subtracted and such. A normal silver skeleton rolls a blue, green and yellow die. This amounts to a maximum damage of 6 before applying armor. -Kylearan
  4. Hi Frosty, thanks for the link! That's exactly what I was looking for - don't know how I missed that. -Kylearan
  5. Hi, Big Remy said: But you can and should find the toughest monsters you can and place them all around and as close to the gylph as you can so the Heroes have to fight their way through to get off the glyph :-) I disagree - the monsters will be wasted then. The first hero spends 1 fatigue to appear on the glyph, makes a battle action to remove at least one monster, and maybe spends another fatigue to move off the glyph. Then the next hero spends one fatigue to appear on the glyph...yadda yadda...end result: Lots of dead monsters with no chance for them to strike back. Better spawn them some spaces away so that the heroes need at least to advance (and thus waste an attack) before being able to attack them. -Kylearan
  6. Hi, my humble opinion: Placing starting monsters in the cells would be pure cheese and quite silly, so we banned it. Spawning is different though: The OL has to spend threat and a card to be able to do so, and many spawns only have two monsters, so you can kill only two prisoners with a spawn. And even these two kills are far from guaranteed, if the monsters miss or don't roll enough damage to kill a prisoner each (copper hell hounds or skeletons anyone?). Additionally, the heroes go first and can split up and open all three doors to protect against spawning - risky, but possible, and so an interesting strategic decision to make. So I think spawning inside cells should not be restricted. -Kylearan
  7. Hi, this Excel sheet from BGG has a list of Overlord deck cards (normal + treachery) and Avatar and plot upgrades: www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/33009 It's only a summary of what each card does (plus exact costs and counts), but it's better than nothing and sufficient for planning purposes. If someone has a similar reference to hero skills, I'd be most grateful... -Kylearan
  8. Hi, Corbon said: No need. Now that I've checked the card, Soul Ward is very clear and not germaine to this discussion. Soul Ward: All surges rolled in any attack targeting your Avatar are cancelled without effect Nice and simple (other than the fact that attacks target spaces). All rolled surges (non-rolled ones are fine) are cancelled. Sorry to go on a tangent here, but regarding the "non-rolled ones are fine" bit there was a fellow sometimes ago that sent this question to FFG and got the following answer (original post is on the old forum here www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffgforums/posts/list/7359.page#144672 ): With the Sorcerer King and his avatar upgrade "Soul Ward" (Surges rolled targeting your avatar are cancelled without affect) With skills and weapons that grant free surges when you make an attack, are these surges cancelled as well? Yes. Enjoy the game! ~Dan Clark Creative Content Developer Fantasy Flight Games It's not from Kevin Wilson, but still officially from FFG, so... -Kylearan
  9. Hi, pinkymadigan said: Siris can't attack the twins. Of course not - who said this? But the monsters (including Siris himself!) can kill Siris, and then the monsters can kill the Twins. This can only be prevented by the heroes if they manage to kill nearly every monsters on the turn they open the door to the area, which is very hard to do. -Kylearan
  10. Hi, Xandria said: On the other hand, let me take the Heroes' side. If Dark Charm can be used to kill a villager, then the Twins is impassable as soon as the card is drawn - if the attack does not miss and there is no X, the boy is dead, period. The heroes will know whether Dark Charm had been played already in the previous levels or not. If not, they could first kill all other monsters, then kill Siris, and then unequip their weapons while escorting the villagers back. Dark Charm loses a lot of punch then. Preventing the monsters from killing Siris themselves (with Siris being able to attack himself as well, with his two bodies...) in order to then kill the villagers, now *that's* hard to prevent. -Kylearan
  11. Hi, Paul Grogan said: Read Dark Charm. The card says "This attack may target any hero". Villagers are not heroes. We play it the same way you do, but let me play devil's advocate here: The word "may" could also mean that in addition to any other valid target like a monster or villager, a hero could be a valid target as well. The word "may" can be interpreted exclusively ("only a hero") or inclusively ("also a hero") - at least that's how I understand it. Caveat: I'm not a native English speaker, so... -Kylearan
  12. Hi, Hurdler14 said: I feel I have to point out that you allowed the heroes to build their own characters, and they came up with the perfect mix of very strong characters with very good abilities. A normally drawn party is likely to be far, far less strong than the party you are up against. Just for the record : I didn't allow them to build their own chars, they simply outvoted me. I had heavy reservations against this - and the sad part is, the hero players still think a randomly drawn party would be equally good. I have to admit that the uber-hero-characters play a role in how my campaign went, and that it's hard to determine what went wrong because of the fifth hero, and what went wrong because of these specific character builds. However, the things I mentioned in my post (extra actions in LT/random encounters, more skills in play, extra hero able to kill more than 2 monsters per turn, dungeon level twists break/more LoS) are independant of character stats and would still be problematic with a weak, randomly drawn party. Five heroes might work with a weak party and bad players, but I'm convinced it breaks the game with an average party and good players. -Kylearan
  13. Hi, pinkymadigan said: we quickly agreed to try 5 heroes, with the stipulation that most of the rules from RtL would be followed to the word- that is: 1200 starting coins, 4 dice for encounter loot, 4 dice for chests. Granted, we are only at the copper level (current CT total is 167) but I have them 2:1 right now, and their treasure haul is kind of sad. Each is probably carrying one useful copper treasure, each has an secret training upgrade (3 took HEALTH- I stifled a laugh) (though they are limited to 4 of each type per level). ... Has anyone else tried this? Are the silver/gold ages still massively broken, or will the resource shortage and big lead be enough to keep me ahead? My group plays with five heroes at the moment, with some more houserules to deal with the extra hero - see my campaign diary (link is in my sig) for details. We are in mid-silver so far, and it doesn't work - at all. (I have yet to report about the latest three sessions, where this will become the most obvious - expect an update in a couple of days) Our extra rules worked fine in copper, but now the balance is shifted way too much towards the heroes. Several dungeon levels that rely on only four heroes being present don't work anymore (Two by Two for example). The extra hero actions and firepower outweigh the extra two monsters we've added by far, thanks to blast, quick casting, rapid fire et al. The extra skills that are now in the game thanks to the extra hero provide too much a boost - think about it, the heroes gain ~4 free skills for the same amount of CTs, which in case of crowd-control skills like Taunt, Grapple, Telekinesis et al. is huge! Overland encounters and fights with Lieutenants are especially affected by the extra hero, because there the very first hero turn is critical, and that extra hero makes a huge difference there. I expect the Avatar battle to be even more of a joke than it usually seems to be anyway. Bottom line: Don't do it, it won't work - at least not with good players that know what they are doing. It might work with your hero players if they play badly, but not if they play well (our CTs are evenly distributed). And the main problem is that it will break the game at a time when you already have invested lots of sessions, when quitting the campaign really hurts. -Kylearan
  14. Hi, Corbon said: Sort of. Amulet of Healing should be removed from RtL Treasure decks? (or is that the Silver version of Crystals of Tival?) "Greater Healing" and the like should be removed; the Amulet is fine. Corbon said: The way we currently read it is that they can only be used immediately after equipping, ie not part way through your turn Hm, I don't have the cards in front of me so cannot really comment on that. But even if you're right, you could still equip it part way through your turn using 2MPs, correct? Although it would reduce much-needed movement... Corbon said: Still, they'd help a bit, for one week at least. Even if they solve the immediate problem though, that doesn't pass the challenge as you have to face the same thing next turn without them now. I know, and even assuming the party has exactly this equipment would be far-reaching... Okay, one more. There are several shields that you can use to cancel wounds, even those that ignore armour. Not sure how many there really are, but equipping two of them per hero while moving, plus a healing potion per turn, might help out too. Although it's still probably not enough... -Kylearan
  15. Hi, Thundercles said: KW actually posted about that particular bit of intent a couple of times on the old old forums, and once on the old forums with regards to familiars. Permanently blocking the only way forward or preventing familiars from following the heroes anywhere is basically frowned upon. Actually, it's also in the official FAQ itself (see the sentence starting with "The reason for this..."): Q: Which map items count as obstacles for the Crushing Block trap card? A: Crushing Block may never be played in a space adjacent to any token (or built-in map element) that blocks movement. The reason for this is to prevent the Overlord from sealing a hallway completely and preventing the heroes from ever progressing. This is a list of all relevant obstacles, current through the Road to Legend: Boulder, Crushing Wall, Rubble, Water. (Villagers are figures, not map elements.) -Kylearan
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