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  1. Wonder if FFG has talked to the guys at Battlefoam about doing some sort of carry case for the game, expansions and all the miniatures. I know with all the expansions my set has spread to at least 3 boxes, split corners and all. Even with swaping out the old standees its gonna be more space and an organized kit would be nice.
  2. Yes, I agree. It was a good game that FFG could make tons better with a bit of rules tweaks and stunning components. And with any luck, if they do it they can have Ripley's photo instead of a black shadow of her. I think the scale of the boards and minis could be a bit bigger, say Doom / Descent size should be right.
  3. So, whats the status of this and will it be just the base game or all the AH expansions as well? Been almost a year since this was announced and Im hoping its one of the coffin box games Mr. Petersen spoke of on the video/GenCon seminar.
  4. Guess with the recent announcement on the GW webpage the idea of Space Hulk is a no go from FFG.
  5. Think it was PT Barnum who said "always leave em wanting more". I WANT MORE! I just hope we don't have another 4 year wait for the next installment. My only critique would be a need for better fight coreography, but I digress as it wasn't really required for the story being told. Not sure what kind of budget they had for this but I hope they make enough profit to do a second one. And SyFy (whatever, yes it was a dumb needless name change) should air this to make up for some of the stuff they made us suffer through (Mutant Chronicles most recently, not bad just not overly good).
  6. I second that. This was by far better than the first D&D movie. SyFy (or whatever they call it now) should air this, its tons better than some of the fodder they do show.
  7. The licensing could be a quagmire, but Rogue Trooper and Chainsaw Warrior would be neat to see again.
  8. I agree an FFG version of Ameoba Wars would be sweet with plastic pieces. Never played Sheboygan but always liked the sound of it so I was excited to see the Monsters Menace reprint. MM was amusing but the endgame was lame and as typical WotC/AH/Hasbro dropped the ball on the potential for expansions. The Bug Eyed Monsters would be another SPI game Id like to see again too.
  9. Wonder if this is a test to see if folks will like the setting under the 4E rules?
  10. After the first play most of the players enjoyed it quite a bit but one felt it was "a bit too busy" but is willing to play it again. He thought there were too many things going on in the game but the rest of us thought it meshed together well enough, one example being the Crom tokens which may or may not be a factor in the overall victory of the game. When I heard the game would use the dice action system like War of the Ring it became a must buy for me. The rules were well written and the game was quick to learn to play. I don't see any one strategy becoming commonplace with each game due to the variety of where Conan moves and what the objectives happen to be.
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