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  1. Big Remy said: avianfoo said: I like. As a side note: The program itself is not mine. Never dismiss credit even when its not due
  2. Descent allows room tiles to be placed next to each other... the connector bit on the Doom tiles gets in the way of that, but otherwise it should work. Due to the funny shape of some of the Descent scans, some of the descent tiles won't line up 100%. I did use the Doom tiles as a base for positioning the descent tiles where I could. But sometimes it was just not possible.
  3. I like. As a side note: The program itself is not mine.
  4. v1.1 has minor changes from v1.0 like some of the .set files were straightened out and it was made FFG legal Installing it is quite simple: unzip the zips into the TileSystem directory and in TileSystem the new tileset (File->Change tileset). Though the pics and most of the .set files (except the descent_WART.set file) should be in a directory named "descent_WART" inside the TileSystem directory. Some unzippers do not unzip the directory structure. When unzipping you *must* maintain the directory structure or it will not work.
  5. Stole all my thunder Also feel free to comment on the FFG forums here.
  6. Descent WART Tileset v1.1 can be found here It is what you have been waiting for: A tileset for TileSystem which includes Well of Darkness, Altar of Despair, Road to Legend and Tomb of Ice expansions. This is a great tool to make new quests (at least the map portion) for Descent JitD. Since its too big (15MB) to fit on the BGG forums in a single file, I have split it up into 4 parts. Each can be unzipped separately. TileSystem is available for download here. Ideally I would like the descent tileset to look as good as the doom tileset (simply wow)... but I am just not that good. This continues the good work of rogerfcw. Your tileset has gone far. Many thanks to Chris Brown (Acolyte Rivan) for (previously) hosting the scans. They were a great help. If there are any missing pieces/errors/suggestions, post 'em. Side Note: The first letter of each expansion (ignoring "the"), in order of release, spells...WART, and when Sea of Blood (SoB) comes out, it will be WARTS.
  7. Would the ruling not be the same as for Aiming? In other words nothing happens. If you go the other route, then it probably would depend on when the card is played...before or after dodging. I suggest after dodging.
  8. mordak5 said: Just another thought, could the blood ape with a movement of 5 (silver) take 1 movement, then attack, then leap for the remaining movement away from the hero's?, Would make them much more effective if so. I can't see anything to prevent it, but I could be missing something. yes
  9. Big Remy said: If you show the heroes the cards, then you are pretty much giving them a lesser version of Wind Pact. Just because there are no rules saying "don't show these cards to the heroes" doesn't mean you have to. +1 I would say "It makes logical sense" but since few Descent rules actually make logical sense, I won't.
  10. No actual rule that I know of... though it does seem that most do play without showing the heroes the selected cards.
  11. joshuapavon said: Antistone, do you do anything on this forum besides correct people, argue, and talk about your better version of Descent? You can't let anything slide, ever. And, you seem to have a compulsion to let people know exactly HOW right or wrong they might be on a sliding scale, without actually using numbered ratings. Wouldn't want it any other way. Play on, Antistone, play on.
  12. Antistone said: If you want to have a tournament featuring a game with high luck dependence, that's fine. But I don't see the point of removing randomness when it doesn't actually change the amount of luck involved, especially if you claim you're OK with the luck dependence. I'm neither for nor against Descent tournaments, I just don't see the advantage to giving everyone the same deck shuffle. +1
  13. I like minis, but I like cheap too. Unpainted minis is a nice compromise. Especially if there are millions of them (This is one of the major plus points of Descent)
  14. The flavour behind this is that the heroes start with a map to the dungeon so they know what it looks like but not its contents. Though I don't see a problem with house-ruling it so that the tiles are only placed as the area is revealed (Sorry guys, I forgot the map) though this would (as pointed out previously) slow down the revealing of a new area even more.
  15. I like the fact that most of these heroes can be used in non-EE descent too (just 2 that I can see that use EE specific rules). Some wording issues here and there ("interrupt" could be replaced with "immediately" for example) but lets not go there I especially like Mavin Manyface. except maybe a bit powerful on the trait side...consider dropping each trait to 2...which would still be powerful but not entirely over the top. My favourite of the whole lot. (Or drop to 1 in each trait and then the hero can buy some skill rings ) Irena Starsight seems to have too many traits on ranged but not any drawback to counter this. Hogran Wintersong just seems a bit over the top (ok, a lot) Nobin Stonehand less so but under-priced at conquest 2. Should be at least 3 with stats like that. All the heroes probably need a little tweaking, but nothing else really jumps out at me at the moment (or I just missed it )
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