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  1. If I make anything coherent, I'll share it for sure. Doesn't look too hard, I plan at this point on simply giving EotE char values, using using DH characteristics and skills. That covers about 90% of the game. I'd need to think about Psychic powers, Insanity, Corruption, Talents, Influence, Subtlety and Gear. But I'll probably only do each roughly and make up specifics as I need them.
  2. I ran a oneshot of Edge of Emprie last night. The narrative dice are just amazing, they are incredibly easy to use and after about 3 or 4 rolls everyone understood how to read them and were adding their own narrative to the game. I had a single roll determine the outcome of a high stakes Pazaak game. There was enough information in a single dice roll for a detailed description of a complex outcome game (PC's won, pissed off a wookie who swore vengeance against them and got a Hutt lord arrested by an Imperial agent). Compared to what I would get from the dice in DH, its just a different class altogether. I might have made up the same story, but it wouldn't have been aided by the dice, beside the 'won the tournament or not' aspect. Next time I run Dark Heresy, it will be with EoTE dice and system. it's just that much better.
  3. Yes. Reduced whiff was one of the most noticeable things when I ran this. There were a couple of rounds in the DH1 example where it felt like everyone was just standing a couple of metres away from each other and swinging at the air. That's particularly pronounced because everyone is Rank 1, but still problematic. Don't know about the "hilarious death" levels. That's very much a matter of taste and whether you want comedy Grimdark or DarkGrimDark. (LightGrimDark and DarkGrimDark - you heard the terms hear first, folks). If someone scores 40+ on the Critical table, most GMs would probably make something up to reflect it. By: 'Hilarous death' I mean the overkill style descriptions you get after 'and the traget is slain', and more like 'anyone with 1d5 is hit by flaming body parts'. but not "tagret is reduced to ash". I feel that perhaps is more ordinary deaths had a larger numeric range and it was harder to get the 'skull explosions after being nicked with a knife' scenarios the wound system woudl seem less; silly.
  4. interesting comparison, thanks for taking the time. The reduced Whiff factor in 2nd ed was very noticable in your example, as was the changes to evade rules. There didn't seem to be too much interaction with cumulative wounds in the 2nd ed one though. how that worked thematically would be interesting. Previous examples wiht exploding PC's made that seem weird. I do wonder if the top of the wound chart should be wider. like 30-35 - Death 35-40 hilarous Death 40+ skull explosions and vaporisations.
  5. I am not a fan of D%, and I'm disapointed they didn't move to the narrative dice for DH2. I can understand why they didn't, but still bummed out. Though I don't see how a narrative dice mechanic or 'nice coloured dice' is somehow less grim dark. that's totally daft. Narrative dice just makes telling a grim dark story easier in my option. Of course the D% is a perfectly adequate mechanic, just not one I like.
  6. I've played a my little pony / 40k crossover, as well as Muppets Deathwatch. So yeah, as far as crossovers go, Star Trek is tame. Good point about borg + tyranids being simply more of the same. I've decided to make a genestealer cult a significant part of the plot, something trek characters can do more with, rather than a hive ship. Not that worried about FTL speeds, travel isn't going to play a big part of the game, it will mostly be restricted to a single system. I'll still use borganids as an endgame scene I think. But they might be unnecessary.
  7. I'm going to run a star-trek 40k crossover game for a small local con. I'm looking for any thoughts on fun and interesting ways to use the differences and similarities between ST and 40k. Its going to be next gen based, and half the PC's are Federation and the other half Ordo Chronos inquisitorial agents. the antagonists will be borgified tyranids, because that's awesome and terrible. If I get good usable stuff, I'll post the adventure I write.
  8. @Remorhaz Yeah, I don't want to count the number of RPG's I've bought and never played... I'll probably pick up a 2nd hand copy of the hard backs at some point, maybe the core set if I see it cheap. Dice: Yeah, picked up a blister pack of them at the (not so) FLGS for $18 bucks! holy crap! Also: the world seems to have run of out of them. FFG: when are you making more? Still, mighty impressed with the mechanics so far, pretty eager to try them out. If only there weren't wonky cards everywhere.
  9. Thanks for the advice everyone, I've got the Players Guide from DriveThrough and will pick up the GM's guide shortly. The Core box certainly looks pretty cool, but my gamers are all either hoary old vampire players or trendy indie gamers, anything that even smells like D&D or a CCG is toast. Plus, the box is $130 bucks here in Oz. I know it's good stuff, but geez that's a lot for a game that I don't know if I'll even play twice.
  10. I want to run WFRP as a one shot, I plan on buying the PDF's and some dice, I don't want to buy the whole kit. What books do I actually need, and which one has the core rules in it? I presume I need either the Players Guide or GM's Guide (or both) is that correct?
  11. An english version would be awesome. The tool looks great, but I can't understand a **** thing...
  12. Thanks for all the hard work Memetix, I've found it really useful for banging out pregen characters for one-shot games. Do you have any plans to include Black Crusade chargen in the sheet?
  13. Not sure if anyone's spotted this one yet. Page 187 under Melta-bomb. "melta-bombs use mango-adhesives to adhere to metallic surfaces" I love the idea of traitor legions using tropical fruit against the hated Imperium.
  14. Is it fairly open, like frozen reaches or is it more railroad-y like Citadel of Skulls?
  15. Agmar_Strick


    yeah, it might seem like a lot, but if you crunch the numbers, it really isn't. remember you're dealing with cubic volume here. Also this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kowloon_Walled_City there you go, 33,000 crew in pressed crew quarters.
  16. I've not finished reading it so far, but there is definitely stuff I like and stuff I don't like so far. ******Spoilers****** Things I didn't like: It's definitely an Adventure on Rails, which I guess is ok, if you're into that sort of thing. The Whole adventure seems based on some fairly shoddy logic. Why did we go to Chorda's folly? Why are we even going to Iniquity at all? Why do we trust an Agent of the Arch Enemy or his Servo skull? It seems like an insane thing to do for very tenuous lead on some loot. You know almost nothing about Iniquity, the Citadel, the defenses, the prize, or anything. but hell, you'll risk your life to find out! the GM Fiat with the Cogitator core is just terrible, really seriously bad. Is it so hard to come up with a good reason why they need to plug in the core? Things I did Like. Skar. He's a great NPC, irrespective of weather or not I run the adventure, the Players will definitely encounter him. Iniquity: I loved the crazy star system, youl could hide all sorts of weirdness in it. Lovely. The Art. Seriously good, particualrly the one of orbit around Iniquity. The General concept of raiding Vall's Vault for loot is awesome, it just seems like you don't have anything solid for your reason to actually attempt it.
  17. There is Obliterators in the Deathwatch 'the Emperor Protects book'.
  18. Rank 6 to 8 eh? Add in the worldbreka find/replace 'ork raider' with 'ork kroozer' Errant is correct, though I would say that if you have a fleet, it might break the adventure a little, and you would need to compensate.
  19. I've been doing up a crude scale map of my player's ship (secutor light crusier). It's dimensions are 4.3 by 0.5 by 1.0km. Some fun facts so far: It has 8 (known) compartmentalized cargo holds (just 1 component). each holds 4 millions cubic meters and is as long as the aforementioned aircraft carrier, almost twice as high and twice as wide. which means, as a cargo, it could roughly carry 32 aircraft carriers (though how you'd get them out of the ship...) The ship's 'palace' (luxury quarters, library, trophy room and observation dome) has more floor space than the Place of Versailles. the crew quarters is 1.5 km long, 50m wide and 100m high. If I assume 8sq m floor space is need for each crew (the same size as an apartment I saw in new york) and standard ceiling heights, then it would fit 200,000 crew ( I only need 50,000). instead I assumed the extra space was taken up with public amenities and larger homes for the officers. I'd love to see some numbers crunched for the Universe mass conveyor. I recon that at 12km long, you would be able to hold squadrons of frigates...
  20. I too hope there is some sort of 'alternate career path', I often found them to be quite characterful and helped players who didn't understand 40k that well develop an enjoyable character.
  21. Firstly: Rule of Cool. Entire worlds as fortresses are cool, ergo: they exist. beyond that they are like castles. Sure you can go and sack the countryside but if you don't deal with the castle, then the forces stationed there can sally forth and get you when you're vulnerable. Also, if forces in the region need to be reinforced then it provides a safe place for them to marshal. I'm not 100% sure how 40k works in terms of warp travel, weather or not you can (generally) jump to any system (like star trek), or weather or not you need to 'hop' from system to system (like star wars). the you need to hop, then obviously you place a fortress world at a choke point. If you can jump anywhere then a fortress world acts like a castle, plenty of forces stationed there ready to assault anything within reach.
  22. my question is: How does the Game handle the extreme end of Chaos? If players want to engage with the meta-game (ie:daemonhood) do they need to engage in increasingly debased and insane behavior (as previous background to Chaos states)? On a related note, how does the Game handle 'mature content', your high Infamy Slaaneshi champion would probably get up to some pretty obscene stuff. @Millandson: Which bits did you work on? Or must you hold your tongue for a little while longer?
  23. I'm not sure it's something done very often, but I'd wager it would invlove smashing the warp drive and geller field generator. good luck getting it anywhere then.
  24. ha! that's hilarious, I'd give them a +3 to crew rating if they pull it off well, rather than risk mutiny.
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