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  1. Does anyone know where I can find a printable copy of the Daemon Record sheet from the back of Daemon Hunter?
  2. Having to do a major re-work on this adventure because the scenes from the party at the first part immediately caused my PCs to suspect pursue Ensor, then turn around and interfere with/stop the assassination. This means I now need to re-do the rest of the adventure to the extent that solving an "attempted assassination" doesn't quite have the same drive and urgency as having a fresh body on the floor. Any one else run into this?
  3. We're told left right and center about the treachery and vile nobility of Malfi, but anyone know of any descriptions of everyday life. I have a team of acolytes going there and can't decide on how to present the planet.
  4. Last night my players got the Luminous and the Daemonica and said, "Why would we wait around to fight the dark eldar? Let's just eject in the escape pods now and vox the Navy to go ahead and blow the thing up early."
  5. Tactics are vital in the system. For a super simple example: in my last session the entire party of characters was pinned down by one enemy grunt armed with an autogun. The enemy had taken a position in the cover of a reinforced door frame at the top of a stairwell the acolytes need to go up. With supressing fire he drove them back out of the stairwell and made them take cover around the corner at the next landing to get out of his kill zone. They were stuck until their big thug of a guardsman with more balls than brains tromped out onto the stairs into the hail of fire (Had to pass a -30 Willpower roll to do so) got lucky and wasn't hit, and chucked a frag grenade up behind the shooter. The enemy (even though a basic mook) through use of tactics made things very difficult and risky for the PCs. If the one PC hadn't put himself at huge risk to make the grenade toss, then things would have gone much more poorly for them. [Of course, with the crazy critical hit tables, the grenade's explosion tossed the rifleman through the air 6 meters causing him to bank off a wall and into the guardsman, doing more damage than the shooting had...]
  6. malador888 said: And i wasnt sure how to run the purity tests and announce if they were tainted or not so i decided to leave it for now, however the player that they 'killed off' (soon to become a Volg Pit Fighter) was to only one obviously tainted, he picked up a daemon sword and got mutations and temporarily possessed but now he will not be returning to the inquisitor, unless he gets picked up by a radical somehow. As my cell's inquisitor is a master telepath I kind of have an easy out on the purity test issue. He just reaches into their minds and bangs around with a monkey wrench until he know whatever he wants to. (Actually he's more deft and subtle than that, but the effect is the same) Of course given the "closer than flesh rule" I always have to put some lag between their debriefings and when I tell them they gained corruption points so they don't figure out the source. Yet strangely they're pretty loyal to their boss. Then again the only other inquisitor they know they've had contact with had them pulled out of their beds and had alien neural probes jammed into their heads so he could learn what they knew. Even though only one of them remembered the experience, they didn't like that guy. Between that and them wiping out Tyburn Graves acolytes (4 of the pre-gens from Shattered Hopes/Edge of Darkness) during Illumination (my cell's 2nd adventure/1st real mission) they've had a pretty rough go of it w/ the rest of the =][=
  7. Kylen said: You were running it with them at that strength?! You do know you're gonna end up capping them out more then likely by the end of the book, right? Campaign's been running since DH was released so characters are pretty advanced. Rank 8 has about 4,000 or 5,000 XP to get to the end of it, so I'm not so worried about them capping out before I get my hands on Acension. Besides, since these missions have been so easy for them I've been giving out less XP than Purge recommends. Just started Shades on Twilight. The acolytes fought Dark Eldar once before in a previous mission (I used Shades DE stats) and my players thought the DE were chumps back then. I'm pretty sure they'll cut through them even easier now unless I give the Crimson Woe boys a serious power boost.
  8. My players skipped the oracle entirely (they heard about him, but decided not to go see him) and went in guns blazing an mopped the SQ operatives and Theodosia. The was kind of expected as they are higher rank than intended for these adventures (I ran Rejoice mostly unmodified just as an experiment to see what high-end pre-ascension acolytes could do. It was messy for the Serrated Query.) As to your points: 1-2: NP 3. Makes sense to me. 4. Any task on Ambulon could fall within the Oracle's purview. Perhaps going to the underbelly and demoing off a shanty hab who's weight is keeping one of Ambulon's legs from moving w/ maximum efficiency. Two ways you can go with this 1) acolytes have to destroy the homes and perhaps kill a bunch of poor underbelly refugee types (for the hard-choice/sacrifices must be made scenario) or 2) the hab in question is the home base of a brutal "swing" gang. (Underbelly gangers who have adaped to Ambulon by becoming practiced with grapnels and swinging from one hanging surface to the other, highly mobile can come at your from any direction) This gives a nice warm up brawl (perhaps an even more deadly one) to the showdown w/ the query. 5. IMO the "city speaking to it" is just the poetic license the Oracle puts on the massive data feeds and filtering of data from throughout Ambulon. More of a analysis algorithm than communication. Just remember for the Admech, all technical aspects are couched as religion so the oracle probably looks at sifting data from electronic and other records as communion with the machine. 6. Primary law enforcement on Ambulon is Magistratum not Arbites. The Magistratum are notoriously corrupt, a hint that the SQ have a spy in the local enforcers. Follow this up by having the actual Adeptus Arbites presence be a small force of tithe enforcers, the majority of whom are out-in-force off-hive investigating/responding to a major attack/high-jacking of one of the land trains that carries mineral tithes from Ambulon to Sibellus and Gunmetal. "We'd really love to help the Inqusition, but we just don't have the men until task force CASTIGATION gets back in 3-5 days. As soon as they're back we'll give you all the back up you could want." 7. Sounds like a great tie in to me. You could even have some minor NPC from Illumination (one of the congregation at the Cathedral, or maybe one of the tribal warriors, someone they saw and may recognize with a good enough Intelligence or Perception check, but not one of the named major players) turn up as one of the SQ operatives, and then he (or she) of course uses his poison tooth as soom as the acolytes try to question him.
  9. the 8 spider said: from france easy answer you can 't it s a unique made custom build . it s like "haute couture" you can duplicate but not uses spare parts. I just thought their reasoning was funny. Besides at the rank my players have hit (high 7, low 8) Theodosia's "custom" cybernetics as written aren't much of a bubble on the power curve.
  10. The Blood Axe ork clan has repeated references in the source material for being willing to work as mercenaries in exchange for superior Imperial military hardware. Other references to mercenary aliens abound, mostly in races that only have a little old original RT concept art and never hit the table-top, but its there in the source material. Aliens don't have to be friendly to humans to be willing to work for them.
  11. Peacekeeper_b said: Cifer said: I'm sure I remember most Commisar's officially having the rank of Commisar - Lieutent. And is Commisar Lord an actual rank? Could it be that Commisar covers Commisar - Leiutenants through Commisar - Captains which a Commisar Lord could be ranked Commisar - Colonel or above? As has already been noted, Commissar-[militaryrank] is a title nearly unheard-of because it defeats the very purpose of the office - to stay outside the chain of command and monitor it. Except for page 26 of the Inquisitor's Handbook which has a quote from a Commissar Captain. "As has already been noted, Commissar-[militaryrank] is a title nearly unheard-of because it defeats the very purpose of the office - to stay outside the chain of command and monitor it." I think a single quote and the sole example of Commissar Gaunt falls neatly under nearly
  12. Just had to mention this. My mob just finished "Rejoice for You are True" last night. They killed Theodosia with a few well placed manstopper shots, followed by a puch to the groin that chain RF'd into 40-odd points of damage. After cleaning up the rest of the Serrated Query operatives (includinging disabling a rank 7 assassin I added in as part of a tie in to an earlier plot) and going through the lab, the cell was getting ready to leave. They were packing up the evidence when one of them added, "oh yeah, I'm taking that Theodosia guy." "Why?" "We may need the spare parts."
  13. N0-1_H3r3 said: Varnias Tybalt said: No. But it's a recognized rank within the Departmento Munitorum. And the Commissariat is a branch of the Departmento Munitorum... So, well you get the idea... Really, it's not one rank; it's two. Commissars are political officers. As I see it, they have no de-facto authority to command the men under their auspices, be they Navy or Guard. Their purpose and their duties are ensuring discipline, loyalty, moral purity (not spiritual purity; that's what priests are for) and upholding the regulations of the Departmento Munitorum. A Commissar is, for the most part, an advisor to the real officers - the ones who must command men and ships. A Commissar endorses the orders of the officer to whom he is assigned (and all those subordinate to that officer), determining that those orders are appropriate, dutiful and in the interests of the Imperium. A Commissar takes command only when there is no alternative - normally in the heat of battle where summary judgement has been required and left men and machines without their proper commanders where no suitable replacement is available. A Colonel is, well, a name commonly applied to regimental commanders of the Imperial Guard. Completely different set of duties. Ibram Gaunt - the only example of this peculiarity of circumstances that we know of - holds both ranks. Colonel-Commissar is merely a naming convention for that, rather than an indication of any particular distinct rank. Exactly what I was getting at. Two-jobs, one guy. Not a new position in the chain of command. That Gaunt is a colonel does not affect his position/standing within the commissariat and his being a commissar does not grant him higher command authority in the IG than his rank as a Colonel. His life is easier in that he can endorse his own orders and doesn't have to worry about executing himself for failure, but that's just fringe benefits of filling both positions.
  14. Colonel-Commissar is NOT a Commissariat rank. In FIRST AND ONLY - it makes clear that Gaunt's title of Colonel-Commissar is not a rank of Commissar. Gaunt just happens to be both the Colonel of an Imperial Guard regiment, AND separately a Commissar. The hyphenated rank is because Gaunt holds both titles not because he's a higher ranking commissar. In the early Caiphas Cain novels there is a discussion of discipline of Commissars and comparitive authority. Once you go from Cadet to full commissar authority is apparently based on a mix of seniority (time served in Commissariat) and service record (those serving in frontline combat are more respected than those in rear echelon positions) Also for a commissar to be disciplined the governing body is a panel of the three most senior/most veteran commissars available. Otherwise Commissars do not have conventional rank specifically to place them outside the regular chain of command authority. Nominally they answer to the Colonel of their assigned regiment, until due to matters of discipline or need for removal the Commissar removes or countermands such regimental commander. More recently the newest Imperial Guard Codex adds the command rank of Lord Commissar, which is apparently a more senior/higher authority rank.
  15. Varnias Tybalt said: Velvetears said: When in doubt follow this age old GM's rule.. 1: Roll Dice 2: Ignore Results 3: Screw over players however you see fit. And if the players find out you're doing that, they'll become less inclined to play, because you're obviously railroading them... One has mastered the subtle art of railroading when the players think it was all their own idea...
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