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  1. Noden save you if you are using expansions and sleeved cards for that mythos deck. I use all expansions sleeved and yes the Mythos deck is huge, but I like it this way. I don't want a streamlined version of AH. Using Blackjack discard holders supports the stacks and solves the problem of toppling card piles for the Mythos and Gate decks.
  2. With the recent release of new Arkham Horror monster minis, it's not impossible to imagine other items appearing. The game isn't finished until FFG think they can't sell any more and the reprints are taking place on a regular basis. I can't see why a new expansion would sell any worse than any of the others.
  3. Cool Stuff Inc are now saying they are expecting a delivery of all the investigators in September 2016 on their website - see Arkham Horror product listings.
  4. The complete set of the wave 1 monsters is now showing as expected in September on websites such as Cool Stuff Inc, in the USA. There are also listings for other out of print individual monsters and investigators (although not the Dark Young or Shoggoth). It's not officially been announced by FFG, but someone seems to be expecting a reprint.
  5. Yes its really good news that the collection is now complete with release of the final painted figures. My recent order has now reached London, they should be here any day.
  6. That's true. It seems odd to release new ones while you leave half your product out of stock. The "new" figures are figures for existing monsters in Arkham Horror and MoM, not investigators, and they allow people to complete the set. The monster and investigator figures have taken years to sell out, even when produced in small quantities and so seem unlikely to be remade once the initial run has been depleted. I would buy more if they are rereleased, but it doesn't seem to be very profitable for FFG. They didn't even sell out when they were all offered at half price in the recent sale.
  7. No - but you can read all the posts by a particular member: Click on the member's name or picture. On their profile click on "posts".
  8. They tried (see Rex, which is a rethemed Dune game), but couldn't get the license or were unwilling to pay the asking price.
  9. I'm still happy playing the Mythos CCG. It can be played multiplayer or solo.
  10. Now ordered, as the final 4 painted monster minis are available at last.
  11. They are now available to order I ordered copies of the last 4 painted monsters needed to complete my collection yesterday. It's been a wait of several years, but I'm really pleased they have finally produced them.
  12. Yesterday I ordered the last 4 remaining monster minis which are now available . Thank you FFG!
  13. Although the investigator miniature isn't included, just a cardboard stand. You have to buy the painted investigator miniatures separately.
  14. The release of the final 4 painted figures has now been announced for the Autumn. Wave 6? Great news!
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