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  1. Read it front to back you say? Lucky for me I have a few free days comeing up! I have two questions: 1) Is character creation difficult? As in, for my first session, should I make pre-gen characters? 2) Are the Nephilims good to play as? Or should I just start having the players being human? Thanks a bunch!
  2. Just picked up the book, and I am about ready to start reading. From what I have read, it seems that this is a very confusing RPG. Anyone have some tips for a bigginer? Though I am not a bigginer to RPGs!
  3. In Anima, I know that there are non-human races. But are you supposed to play a human? I know in any roleplaying game you are not "supposed" to do anything. But it seems in this, that it is highly reccomended that you play a human. Could someone clear that up for me?
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