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  1. Hi there, we really love playing with some kind of background music. But it's not so nice to have the same soundtrack playing again and again. Do you have any suggestions of subject-matching and athmospheric music that can be played along ? Regards, Jochen
  2. Bolluxx

    Android rpg?

    I totally agree with all of you. I've always been interested in the whole cyber-rpg world. And Android makes a great setting. So, where is the rpg ?
  3. Has anybody an explanation why priests / initiates get this disadvantage when it comes to working wonders (compared with wizards) ? Somehow I feel a bit betrayed with my Sigmar-priest…
  4. @Ralzar: I wanted to pick / train more of the skills that were listed as career skills - yes, I had the career advancement and the free specialisations in mind @Matchstickman: In the other thread you among others mentioned this approach. It seems logical and based on the rules. Thanks, my group and me will handle it that way. But, am I right with this one: based on my example, if I train Intuition as non-career advance, it doesn't count against the number of skill advances possible. So, I have the fixed advance and in the Initiate-career the two free" ones. So it'd be possible to train Weapon skill, Piety and Invocation as class skills and Intuition as non-career skill.
  5. Perhaps the question is already answered - but I can't find it. But nonetheless it would fit in here: I completely understand the advancement mechanism and the fixed and free advances and the dedication bonus and all. But what happens if I want to train another of my career skills, although I have taken all the ones possible via open and fixed advances ? E.g. I'm an Initiate, having taken the fixed skill advance and two open ones for the training of three skills (for Piety, Invocation and Weapon skill). Can I use a non-career advance to train Intuition ? <Edit> Found an answer here:http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=167&efcid=3&efidt=612291 Sorry for messing up !
  6. Thanks for the information. Based on your explanations I get it that no expansion in the way like the ones for Invasion will be released. If such thing somes it'll add more cards to the common pool - so available for everyone who plays. Right ?
  7. Obviously I don't get it: where is the difference between Rune Age and let's say Invasion ? Apart from the fact that one of them is listed under LCG and the other one here in the Silver Line....
  8. Sorry to bother, but how can you be so sure about the year 2521 ? I was wondering myself why a history table was (and is) missing in the books. 'cause I'd like to know when I play
  9. Hi there, I was just wondering where the differences between DungeonQuest and Descent may lie ? Jochen
  10. Are there any news about the release date of the new rules version ?
  11. Hi there, maybe the question already came up and was answered, but I really can't find it so I post it again. Normally each side should build the team consisting of 2 heroes and 3 troopers or 3 heroes and 2 troopers. Now, with Novgorod it is not possible. Or are the Voivodes the troopers ? And another question in this context: Is it right that with all the stuff available it is still not possible to build a team with 3 troopers (because simply there are not enough figures) ? Thanks in advance, Jochen
  12. Hi Snidesworth ! Thanks a lot ! Now we can finally start on saturday
  13. Hi there, I just downloaded and read through the Edge of Darkness PDF. Right now my group and me are thinking of getting into W40k, but would like to test it with the aforementioned adventure. On the intropages it says that pre-generated player characters are downloadable. But it seems I can't find them. Where are they actually ? Jochen
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