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  1. I have sleeved all my cards and use them during games too. Just make sure the card is pushed all the way to the bottom of the sleeve and the is no real difference. As for the number needed, you will need 5 packs for the Deluxe set. This will work for the old version and revised version
  2. Pilot17 said: Wow those look amazing great job! Just curious... how do you install those ball bearings for tilting the planes? I was thinking about getting them but don't know how hard it is. Do you just drill a small hole in the bottom of the plane and glue them in? Check out the WingsofWar.org forum, you will find lots of idead ther as well as more than one installation suggestion and guide. If you not on that forum too strongly recommend
  3. Pilot17 said: I like the minis and i want to get the deluxe set, but i also want the cards because sometimes i would like to use them with expansions without minis or planes that dont have minis yet. So i was wondering, does the deluxe set only come with one card for each plane? And i imagine it does not have a sopwith triplane card either. Is this true? The Sopwith Triplane already has a card in the game, they were in the Famous Aces box set
  4. TheKingOfBlades said: A lot of the out of print ships are on the upcoming page. Does anyone know how long they have been there? Because if you go to wings of war's catalog page it has almost all of the out of ships listed as being in the yelllow (not yet available). So I'm hoping they should be out again in a month are two. Wish this was the case but I think you will be wating a tad loner than a month or two. i sincerely hope I am wrong as I want some too but I wouldnt hold your breath
  5. I have a few of the aeordrome accessories bases and would recommend them with no problem what so ever. But again here is a market for Nexus/Fantasy flight to sell bases and flight pegs for not only the minis but the balloons & forthcoming bombers. If they are not going to give what the customer wants, more aircraft, the least they could do is offer the base , no pun, items so more players will be interested to take up the game as minmitures are available from different sources. In my humble opinion having these items available would bring in more people to the miniatures side. The flight pegs themselves are like the proverbial rocking horse droppings.
  6. Most players and collectors are now eagerly awaiting these reprints, new players to make up their collections and older players wanting to repaint to other pilots that have cards but no minis. Yes some do actualy repaint these little nuggets. I find it so strange that a clear market can be left so begging
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