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  1. Oh I got a new job, but it doesnt pay the bills. I would if I was mentally stable enough to do sufficient hours, but alas... life is not that fair. Still! Life goes on, and I have my books, my imagination, and my computer. So stuff happens
  2. Alright... alright... keep an eye on my Vehicle Thread, as and when I convert the cards to individual images, ill post them as a zip file on there.... might be in small lumps to start with, and might get me in gear to try another supplier (money pending, since i lost my job)... no idea on time scales though.
  3. Urgh... OK... ill try and wrap my head around getting it sorted... Thats alot of individual file renaming....
  4. To be honest, I actually relayed all my cards as singular cards in Publisher, that I can then save as a PDF, and convert to PNG to get individual higequality image that I can use with another card making site to print professional cards. While I have not done that yet (due to cost, and having lost my job) its already done, just no one has asked for them, so i never really went the whole way with them As it is, I now design in a singular format, then copy them into the 8 per page format better for printing at local shops.
  5. To be fair, I emailed them ahead of time to check that what I wanted to do was feasable (52 cards, with 52 unique fronts, and 52 unique backs) which might have tipped them off. If you went through their automated service, they MIGHT do them (no idea if they would)... but becuase of their refusal to my query, I never actually bothered to create each card (front and back) as individual images at the time, which would be required. Since no one has asked for individual images of each side of each card, I never really bothered doing so, for the purposes of doing this.
  6. The issue with this image, is that it is neither tall enough, nor wide enough. While I can edit in more background, the detail that would need to be replicated to maintain the 'scene' (the explosion on the left, the tie fighter at the top, and the legs and feet of the men at the bottom, is well beyond my ability to do so and result in something that looks halfway decent. So, unless the original artist created a larger image that was edited down when it was put into the book, and unless that image can be found online (as some are), I unfortunatly, cannot use this image
  7. There are many cards I have not done, becuase I cannot find suitable artwork. However, if you can find artwork for cards ive not done, and I feel it would work, I will make a card. That said, the ARC-40b has only ever (to my knowledge) appears in Savage Spirits, and Wookieepedia has not image associated with its article. So while Google throws up some images, there is no way to confirm if it is ACTUALLY an ARC-40b in the image. Equally, while the Caisson has an image in Fully Operational, I have no found said image online, and I cannot find any other image of this ship that isnt from a comic book (where the style is not what I would deem 'appropriate in style'). But by all means post up any images you can find, and I will let you know if a card will be made There are some cards coming as soon as Rise of the Seperatists lands, but I don't know how many.
  8. I get you But if you have something you really want making, let me know, it doesnt take long to put together a card
  9. Generally, I plug the ship name into Wookieepedia to see if its an existant ship already, and see if they have an image. I then google the ships name, and see if I can find suitable art that matchs. In some cases, there is no image on wookieepedia to identify a ship. Sometimes, its a FFG creation and doesnt exist anywhere else. Sometimes there simply isnt any suitable artwork (There are line drawings, or black and white images, or captures from comic books that are not suitable). Short of hiring an artist (cannot afford to), and then knowing what would be accepted by everyone (unlikely) it makes this difficult
  10. Alright, there we go. 6 new capitol cards including the Arquitens. Becuase each new file is based on the previous one, the second new file includes two ships also in the first new file. This is not a mistake so no need to point it out If anyone can find suitable artwork for a ship I have not yet done, feel free to post it up and I can make a card
  11. Yes. 100%. The only reason thers isnt one already, is becuase I thought I had already done one. Doh. Watch this space.
  12. That is actually a very good point. But as far as a 'stock ship for GM use' I wonder why they didnt... Simply put, the entire idea behind these cards was basically: "I have a card for a TIE pilot... thats awesome, I dont need to look it up, or copy it out..... but whats the point in having the stats for a TIE pilot to hand, if I dont have the stats for a TIE Fighter? I STILL need to look in a book and copy out stats!... I need card for a TIE Fighter" That is the exact thought I had when I decided to make vehicle cards. (And If anyone is interested, I will find and post the very first ship card design.. if you want to vomit that is). But thank you for the compliment. Cyphers doesnt seem to have many ships, but I believe I have 8 more cards (or thereabouts) ready to cook for Rise of the Seperatists (as and when it lands)
  13. Thread Necro Alert!! Its been WAAAAY too long since I last updated with anything new… That’s not on. So here we go. See First post for NEW CARDS. And I don’t mean a few. I mean THIRTY TWO cards. Details in First Post. With Cyphers about to land (for me), and Rise of the Seps on the horizon, art permitting, there will be more to come! This brings me to 152 cards I think. (counting duplicates, not counting capital ships) This exceeds FFGS NPC card count. How they have not done their own versions at this point I don’t know… but hey ho. I am here to serve. If you want a card making, and can provide suitable art work (I am final arbitrator on the art), let me know and I will make said card!
  14. Yeah, after realising I wasnt looking at the right book, I can see what you have done... Prioritised that which appears in Genesys, over that which appeared in Star Wars... and scrapped that which was 'overwritten' by Genesys,... explaining why I couldnt see any reason why Conditioned wasnt in the list, since it was effectivly under a different name. Just me being dim, as usual.
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