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  1. Bit of a delay, but i wanted to say thanks to you, Thelric. I ended up ordering this book, and it's pretty awesome.
  2. Hey guys, This is sort of related to reference materials... I'm making a small series of comics for my friends, based on the crazy antics we've had in the games. I was hoping that there might be some alternate artwork of the characters from the game floating around?
  3. If I encountered that in the game, I'd say that they would both be in effect, it just has a little tweaking. Environment cards change the board. The Terror track can go up from various other ways, like Monsters in the outskirts, or maybe event cards? Happy Days would prevent those from happening. The rumour came second, and Rumours are special cases. The Disturbing the Dead would be the only way to increase the terror level. It...makes more sense in my head. Rumours are a level above Environments in my stack, since they are supposed to be immediate threats.
  4. Not sure on the name, wanted to make something one time use that worked like the Bind monster spell.
  5. Sorry for the time break, work/finding a better job has kept me pretty busy.
  6. Been playing with the Strange Eons a lot lately, and I wanted to share a few of my creations with you guys, see what you thought. High Horror damage, for forcing yourself to fight something that looks like one of your friends. Having it use the weapons of the first investigator makes it seem like it's carrying around that person's gear. Less of a serious attempt and more for comedy, I wanted to add an old friend into the game, who once he appears will not stop chasing you until someone is dead, or a gate is closed. The evade is for flavour, but having him get harder and harder to avoid as time runs out fit pretty well. I'll post more as time goes on. These are just two of my favourites.
  7. Gad-zooks! Yes indeed! Shame they only come in two sizes, however. Thanks for the find, dood. I appreciate it!
  8. Big fan of the mythos, I've been playing Arkham Horror forever. Recently, I started into the card game a little, and i was hoping to round out my collection (and borderline obsession) for Hastur with a set of Yellow Sign dice. I've seen images, but i don't know if they are produced like the Call of Cthulhu ones are, or if they were individually made. I don't suppose anyone would know?
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