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  1. I think maybe the OP only played the first beta? Which some viewed as FFG doing the same as WHFRP (their version which really was a different game using the WHFRP name to push it as some would see it, or as some would say WotC made 4e a completely different game using the D&D name to push the different game). I can actually understand why this infuriates people, as many see these types of actions as only using the name to push something that wasn't the original game to begin with. Not that I agree always with that sentiment, but I completely understand why people would be infuriated with it. Seeing as what ACTUALLY happened and how the game is basically the same game as WH40K RP has been and has evolved slowly in regards to BC and OW...with a few minor tweaks...I can only guess the OP is going off the first beta instead of the second beta. I personally was probably going to buy 2.0 either way, but whereas if it was more like the first beta I'd have only bought one book out of curiousity most likely, I'm probably going to buy several now (I have a table of players if I decide to play it, have to have at least 2 or 3 to go around).
  2. I'm about open to any changes as long as it's backwards compatible....though I'd be much more hesitant in regards to the wounds system they had. I think much of what they had could be adjusted in order to BE backwards compatible...if they chose to do the work and go that route.
  3. It is indeed refreshing to see a company so obviously cater to the "desires" of their customer base. However, regardless of whether you are for or against the changes, isn't it a little unfair to have to pay another X dollars for Only War with minor tweaks (a few extra talents, a re-word here and there, some armory stuff)? If this is indeed the version of the mechanics that they plan to ship (I personally hope not) they still need a ton more content (above and beyond fluff, what they usually add that isn't in the beta) to justify the expected price tag. Or make it much cheaper, which I don't think they'll do. I am hoping that they add more to it rather than a simple reprint of it. There have been gradual changes to the system through out it's history, not major revisions like the Beta originally was. Those gradual changes have allowed backwards compatibility. So, if you are asking if I would buy a system that was basically Dark Heresy, but with some changes and called Rogue Trader, and then would turn around and buy a system which was the same as Rogue Trader but with a few changes called Deathwatch, and then would turn around and buy a system which was the same as Deathwatch but with some changes called Black Crusade, and then would turn around and buy a system that was the same as Black Crusade but with some changes called Only War...then yes. And then...because those gradual changes have made enough changes for a good update...turn around and do the same thing all over again by buying a system which was the same as Only War but called Dark Heresy (2nd edition or whatever)...the answer is...YES...I would. Seeing that thus far I have gotten Dark Heresy Rogue Trader (and collectors edition) Death Watch (and collectors edition) Black Crusade (and I believe a collectors edition for this as well) Only War... I'd say I'm pretty solidly in the buy camp for this one. I should note...I did NOT buy WHFRP 3rd edition from FFG however (and that may be a sign that perhaps they shouldn't cater to people like me if WHFRP did great with a massive break from what came before). I'm just glad that it appears it will have backwards compatibility. If that stays...I am definitely in the I'm going to buy this group. I WOULD like a few changes or updates beyond a simple reprint of Only War...but the compatibility issue is a rather HIGH item on my list. Now whether this is good business sense or not...I don't know. Perhaps it would be better for a new massive system or something new. I can't speak beyond myself or those that I know that play. It may be that internationally, or across the nation, others have far different ideas. I just know that for those I play with and know that play the WH40K Roleplaying...compatibility is a big issue and something preferred over a clean break. It may be that they are inconsequential. AFAIK...none of them come to these forums though, and even though I have an account, this is actually the first time I've ever commented on the Beta in these forums myself. In general, we're happy playing what we play, and any feedback normally is conveyed in other means rather than on these forums...which is why I am happy it appears FFG may be listening to other arenas than just these forums.
  4. I don't post and didn't comment much...but personally, I along with everyone I know (that play the WH40K games) am glad they aren't using those old, broken, messed up, Beta rules and changed to be backwards compatible. It doesn't mean there has to only be OW rules...but Backwards compatibility is a MUST for us. There are more than simply the loudspeakers who want something new (perhaps you should all play D&D 4e...that was new and different too?) and flush the old. I think what this shows, is that FFG actually listens to other people than those who are loudest on the forums. Feedback at events, cons, and email actually ARE listened to.
  5. Conquest of Nerath is what I expected Runewars to be more like. AKA...I'm a MUCH bigger fan of CoN than Runewars. I also feel CoN is a better game overall. Of course I'll be the minority on the FFG boards. If one is saying CoN rogued something from Runewars, then they'd actually have to say Runewars copied Quest for the Dragonlords first, as CoN is probably much closer to QftD then RW. However, the general ideas that both share are all found in QftD.
  6. I played giganten...not one of my favorites, not a bad game either however. I have considered this game....but it's not at the top of my list.
  7. I had gotten this before I even knew FFG was getting it and releasing it. Are two companies releasing the same game, or is it a Europe/US thing, or what's up with it? I too would like to know if there are going to be differences between the two.
  8. Iacton said: Try sending an email to sales@fantasyflightgames.com or parts@fantasyflightgames.com. Remember to mention your order number. Thanks, did that, just hope they respond and give me good news. Here's to hoping.
  9. If the rp portion of the experience isn't that necessary to you, or it doesn't have to be an rpg-lite type of game, a tactics game that can be a blast, all parts integrated, and TAKE ALL WEEKEND or more, than I'd say you should look into Descent. It's a squad tactics game where a group of players have to cooperate against one other player, in a game that ranges across the same area as Runebound. You would need at a minimum, the base game and the Road to Legend or Sea of Blood expansion pack, but all the others are integrated into it as well giving you a monster experience. It's more of a squad based tactics game than RPG lite though.
  10. That's what the ad says on the front page with the flash. How many are being printed? I thought it was around 2000 collector's editions? That's actually quite a number. More than either one of the other collector's editions. I'd imagine that it may actually be more available via ebay and other areas long after it's been in print. 500 copies to retailers, so would that be 1500 for their site? Or did I hear the numbers of copies they are making of the collectors edition wrong? PS: On a side note, I was so excited about it that I ordered by copy on Friday, but I didn't put down my name in the remarks. Anyone know how I can change this? Thanks
  11. My top choice if you are looking at games like Runebound would be Talisman. Descent would DEFINATELY NOT BE on it. Arkham is okay, top notch game, but different then RB. Talisman would definately be my top suggestion, the next one would probably be Anima, a small card game but with great RP elements in it as well.
  12. I have no interest in the RPG itself, however I DO enjoy the card game that's come out and the world interests me. I don't want to play the RPG or try to decipher numbers and such, but a book about the background and history of what's going on in the card game intrigues me. I'm wondering, therefore, if someone like me would find the new book Gaia (I think that's its name) useful or not, or would there be too much game/RPG and not enough info to make it interesting for someone with my interests in the world of Anima? Thanks
  13. Have the player to one side draw the cards and read them for the active player in regards to events, basically relaying the enemy to the player. The player to the other side should be rolling an extra pair of movement dice and basically moving. Or if you really want it you can do cross table pairs, where one draws and reads while the other moves and fights, doing these items concurrently with the other. Does wonders to give hardly any downtime if you do it that way.
  14. IraShaine1972 said: GreyLord said: I have to say now, it's pretty much confirmed none of those playing WH40K will be playing this apparantly. Heh? Not only have I been playing 40k for over 20 years I also like the card style combat mechanics of other FFG games such as MEQ. I dont see what all the fuss is. Its the Horus Heresy after all. Even if the game sucked I would play it. I dont seem to recall the GW counter based game being all the great but I admit it has been many years since I played it. I meant those that I've been playing Warhammer 40K with, none of them have any interest in it anymore except for me. Ironically one of those guys actually had the original series and brought it for people to test out, but he's not interested in the remake either, and the cards especially. I currently have the Battle for Armageddon on loan from him though. I, however, unlike them, after reading how the card dynamics are going to work, have gone from doubtful, to absolutely must buy now. I know these mechanics may not appeal to many WH40K players, but I know many who don't care for WH, but like many of the other types of card games, actually may be able to be convinced to play a game like this, and it sounds pretty great to me.
  15. Something else occurred to me while reading this thread. You know, Space Marines get to choose who they initiate into their ranks. They can be very selective, and choose exactly the type of person they want, and choose who gets to inherit the gene, and who does not. Much of this is because Space Marines don't have kids. If you had Male and Female Space Marines, I'd imagine they could have genetic progeny that would be Space Marines, genetically full up. That kind of kills the ability to choose the biggest and baddest on the block with all the psych profiles and traits that you want in your chapter, if you have to worry about a bunch of kiddies that already have the geneseeds in them and are going to grow up just like Mama and Papa.
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