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  1. We decided that our fix to the new expansion set for Nurgle is to just use the old Nurgle cards lol. A little disappointing. Although skipping either the first or second dial advancement thing would be amazing, it's always disappointing with Nurgle when everyone else is picking their first upgrade card and you get to remove 1 corruption token. Yippee
  2. My solution was getting all the expansions and then sorting different items into different boxes, and within each box separating into different plastic bags. Main box got all the monster minis, another box got all the map pieces, another all the cards, another all the various tokens, and another all the extra stuff that we don't need for the current RtL campaign. Although I certainly understand those who want to use a tacklebox, it makes sense, I just found my solution naturally and so didn't need to spend money on one.
  3. For the reason of not wanting to end a campaign preemptively, we've taken out the Tamalir razing victory condition, instead if Tamalir is razed, it gives the normal 1 conquest/turn for the overlord, and I think we're also adding on reducing the building values in Tamalir by 1, or maybe some other effect to make things difficult on the heroes. This way it doesn't end the game early, but it still makes things more difficult for the heroes if they let the Overlord raze Tamalir.
  4. I've been thinking a bit on my own about modifying it, because taking out 4 range is brutal in copper level (getting "The Sky Darkens" or something of the sort early in the game could probably make for an easy TPK), although by the time you get to gold it isn't so bad. So I was thinking that Soar would start at 2 range loss for copper monsters (maybe 3 if they're master), then go up by 1 or 2 every time the monster is upgraded, ending up somewhere between 5 and 8 at diamond level (again, not so horrible at gold level when heroes roll lots of dice with great surge efficiency)
  5. It's a feat, the details can be found here: www.descentinthedark.com/_r_/riposte.php
  6. Yea, I think it could work that way, although going straight by the rules, even in SoB, when you open a chest the treasure goes directly where you want it. Which I think is pretty stupid, even speaking a typically hero player. So we play that the hero who opens the chest is the one who picks everything up in it, and if he finds a great weapon for someone else, he needs to find a way to get it over there.
  7. Corbon said: RustyDust said: Yahoo. Antistone. Sorry if I riled your horse there. Thought I had put in the winky there. That was to be taken with a grain of salt. But in my personal experiences, I have seen so many totally unlikely dice rolls actually happen, that I _personally_ feel something has to be wrong with it. It's selective memory. We are all guilty. No one remarks on the nights when the heroes miss once all night (out of 50+ attacks). But when they miss 5 times in a row, it's a major memory moment. There is a very well known (in that scene) ancients tabletop wargamer who was legendary for his bad luck (or talking about it at least). So much so that he began to record all his dice rolls. In the game played there are often something like 500-1000 D6 die rolls per game. Tournaments are 4-6 games, and being a regular in the heart of the UK tourney scene he may have been playing 30+ tournaments per year. Say, around 50-100,000 die rolls per year, not counting club games or practice games. After two years of statistics he found that his die rolling was almost exactly average. It apparently motivated him to look more closely at his game and he won the world championships a few years later. But if your dice are too consistenly 'off', change them. They aren't doing their job! Hehe, nice story. I agree with you on that. It's easier for me to remember when 2 gaming sessions ago, one of my melee heroes (Haggletooth, the custom hero who can sweep in place of 2 attacks on a battle action) missed two sweep attacks in a row, getting 4 x's in a row since he was using the Beastman Fetish. This was on a single rumor dungeon level. On the other hand, last game session, we did 2 entire dungeon levels, and all the heroes combined only rolled 2 misses, and one of those was during an animate weapons attack.
  8. A lot of ways to go on this one. We're coming to the end of our campaign here, and have been using undying as written, although it doesn't come up as an issue much as the OL is playing the spider queen and upgrading beasts, which have no undying monsters, so if anything were to make an undying roll, it's simply a matter of making another attack and seeing if you hit. Not that it has come up much anyway as the heroes very quickly found the staff of the grave and later the gold one hander that works similarly (and lets him equip a shield!). However, for our next campaign, I think we may try out using the power enhancement to surge to blank to auto kill method, and have weapons that ignore undying simply up the difficulty one level (such as power enhancement to surge). Makes sure Undying doesn't get wasted due to Staff of the Grave, and limits the ridiculousness of it (No one wants to stay up all night while the heroes beat up a master skeleton/sorcerer who just refuses to go down, a few lucky rolls and the game drags on forever. Or, what should be an added dificulty to an otherwise weak boss (such as the skeleton boss who gets two dice to roll for undying rather than 1) becomes a joke with staff of the grave. I'm not saying everyone should play this way, you gotta find what your group thinks is most appropriate/enjoyable, but I think this will work well without letting the game break too hard in either direction. And I don't feel too bad about reducing the power of Staff of the Grave, what with it being a cursed weapon, as it still has insane surge efficiency for a staff.
  9. Hehe, Sea of Blood is on the boat. Soon we'll be able to have boats on the Sea of Blood
  10. Acebob said: Greetings, I recently bought vanilla descent and greatly enjoyed it. My group loves the mostly-cooperative gameplay and, as D&D players, we love the setting and elements. We like the dungeon crawling feel and our experiences have been great so far. I plan on buying WoD, AoD, and ToI as these seem to add more elements of the game that we like. My only concern stands with Road to Legend. While I may personally like the overarching campaign (I am usually the OL) I don't think my players would want to participate. So I was wondering if Road to Legend added many elements that help the dungeoncrawling aspect of the game or if it just focuses on the main campaign? Also, many reviews I read seemed to view RtL in a bad view. What are all of your personal experiences? RtL adds little if you don't use the advanced campaign, the great majority of the set is used entirely for it. Granted, there's a lot of neat stuff in there, and with a little houseruling, you could incorporate it into vanilla descent, perhaps allow people to upgrade to silver/gold dice using fatigue or power potions, or maybe user the random dungeons to craft a more variable dungeon experience, where the heroes start with X conquest (and the OL some amount of treachery), and then do 3 random dungeons, or perhaps make a survival mode and see how many dungeon levels the heroes can do before they run out of conquest. The advanced campaign is pretty cool, with some balance issues to cope with. It does require a greater investment of time to complete a full game (putting a rough estimate at 40-80 hours to make it all the way through the final battle), so it would be played over many game sessions. The balance can cause some issues, as the heroes can get thrown around if they're not careful in copper level, it could go either way in silver level as the heroes and OL both advance their power, and if the heroes survive to gold level, their equipment quickly becomes godly and they start taking control again, and the OL will likely have to invest in item destruction treachery to have a chance. And your heroes might lose interest long before gold if you take a hefty early lead. Personally I like the advanced campaign, I feel that while it can sometimes have some trouble with balance, and a little bit of house ruling here and there can help, it's overall an enjoyable experience to play and advance your heroes/minions. So the question seems to lie in whether your players would be up for that different sort of gameplay. If not, there's plenty of exciting quests between the base game and the 4 other expansions, I'd personally love to get a chance to try out some more of those, I've practically only done the advanced campaign.
  11. Feats have gotta go away too. Hopefully they mention that somewhere in the ToI rules, I haven't looked closely.
  12. Steelhorns ability is too limited if all his movement has to be in a straight line, and even worse, if you actually got the opportunity to use it, the OL could easily thwart it with a crushing block. Modifying it to a run that ends its move next to the target probably isn't overpowered, and you might also add in that the target needs to have been in Steelhorns' LoS from the start of his turn and/or that he must stop moving in the first space he reaches adjacent to the target
  13. Udutont said: Steve-O said: Also, loot from treasure chests is distributed randomly and must be traded around using the normal rules if the item went to the "wrong" hero. ie: if the tank gets a magic rune, he needs to go give it to the wizard, they don't just trade when the chest is opened. True for the regular Descent but not for RtL: p. 17 "Potions and items discovered in chests are divided among the heroes as the hero players wish. Heroes may immediately equip any items they discover in chests, as usual" True, although I play that whichever hero opens the chest gets the items, and has to pass them off. It's more realistic, and if you were to get Mata and Kata, they wouldn't be completely worthless.
  14. So if a hero dies, his familiar stays where it is on the board? I know that when you start the dungeon, the familiar is on the same square as his hero.
  15. Yea, that prisoner sacrificing thing seemed to confuse me, It seemed to me that how it's supposed to work is if the heroes go 3 turns without freeing a prisoner, then the OL sacrifices the lowest numbered prisoner who has not already been freed or sacrificed. No one starts with any prisoners freed/sacrificed, and the countdown resets every time the heroes free a prisoner.
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