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  1. At past GenCons, FFG brings in new stock each day. They have "sold out" of an item on thursday but then have the item back on the floor on Friday. I couldn't attend this year, but for those of you their you might want to ask if they will have more Netrunner on future days.
  2. I don't understand why we don't have more dwarves in this game?
  3. starhawk77 said: "The regular adventure packs are expected to pick up again soon." Sentences like this illustrate why people should avoid using the passive voice. Great news if its true, but it seems to fly in the face of the info at the start of this thread. Let's hope for confirmation at GenCon.
  4. Data to follow, you are correct I should have said 4-5 months, rather than 5-6. However, that doesn't change the fact that it is almost certain we won't see chapter packs in the fall. For those that care, here are the time frames between announcement of chapter packs and lease dates for AGoT, LotR, and W:I (I would have done CoC, but ran out of time). Lord of the Rings Mirkwood Cycle– 6 months Annonced February 16th Released July 21st Dwarrowdelf Cycle– 5 months Annonced October 5th Released March 1st A Game of Thrones Brotherhood without Banners – 4 months Announced April 19th Released August 12th Secrets of Oldtown – 4 months Announced December 21st Released April 15th Tale of Champions – 3.5 months Announced July 6th Released October 19th Beyond the Narrow Sea – 4 months Announced January 10th Released May 9th Warhammer Invasion Corruption Cycle – 3 months Announced August 16th Released November 19st Morrslieb Cycle – 4.5 months Announced October 18th Released March 1st Enemy Cycle – 3.5 months Announced March 15th Released June 29th Capital Cycle – 4.5 months Announced May 12th Released September 30th Bloodquest Cycle – 4.5 months Announced December 6th Released April 18th
  5. SiCK_Boy said: Why is everyone dismissing the possibility that a new cycle will being in the fall, maybe even between the release of the 2 saga expansions, using cards from the Core Set only (plus each AP), in the same way that Shadows of Mirkwood cycle did? Because, in the past, new cycles for every LCG have been announced about five or six months prior to their release.
  6. First of all, I am not predicting doom. However I just don't see how you can say that an entirely different dispersment system for 6+ months qualifies as not really changing anything.
  7. Dain Ironfoot said: however, the larger point is that no LCG has been consistent with a release schedule. sometimes there are deluxe expansions, sometimes there aren't. sometimes there are two cycles in a row, sometimes cycles are interrupted by deluxe expansions. now, COC is moving to releases every 4 months. Actually, I think claiming that " no LCG has been consistent with a release schedule" obfuscates the larger issue; that the LotR LCG looks to be going FAR longer between chapter packs than any of the other LCGS.
  8. Dain Ironfoot said: only COC is changing, the rest are still monthly. I know FFG said that, but it isn't true. LotR is changing. The saga model is the same thing as CoC. The question isn't whether or not LotR is changing, but if it will be changing back after the two Hobbit boxes are done.
  9. I promised to save my doomsaying until after gencon. Let's hope we know a lot more one week from now.
  10. JanB said: You can add "ranged" via Dunedain Cache to Dunhere and then he got +2 Attack with Hands upon the bow. think about it Or you could put the the Cache on Hama and have a much better character. And this combination requires less spheres. Hands Upon the Bow is a miserable card for Dunhere. It's just a +1 attack.
  11. Great news! Though we had best here something about the release of new product for Gen Con.
  12. It may top feint for the coveted 'best card in tactics' spot.
  13. 'We are not idle' is yet another card that replaces itself and can be played with 0 cost. If you have both this and runes in list, you can get produce an incredibly tight deck. They really need to stop making cards that work like this.
  14. Dain Ironfoot said: or, it could just be that they want to release cool products to tie into all of The Hobbit movie hype…that seems to be the most likely explanation, not that they are changing their method which portends doom. AGoT has been around for years (really, a decade, but not as an LCG) and they have monthly expansion packs interrupted on occasion with deluxe sets that focus on one of the Great Houses. to my knowledge, there have not been two in a row or anything matching the "saga" expansion experience but i really do think it's simply FFG's attempt to cash in on the movie. for heaven's sake, there are at least THREE new LOTR/Hobbit card games coming out (not even counting other kinds of games!) in the next couple of months; they would be foolish to not attempt to capitalize on the movie. with that said, i'll be the first to say you were right if there is a shift in distribution officially announced. But that's my point. AGoT has been around for years. The title suddenly has a ton of mainstream appeal thanks to a highly successful TV show. Yes, they have had big box releases, but the game has never gone dark on monthly packs for a 5-6 month period (and that is probably the minimum time we are looking at for the LotR LCG). I don't think the saga expansion is simply a cash in, because it isn't a stand alone product. You aren't going to get people to just walk by and pick up the box based on name recognition when it requires them to also figure out they need a core set. That just makes no sense as a marketing plan. if they wanted to do a cash in that would need the saga packs to be a new core; a playable stand alone product. We know from their statements about CoC that the shift to only doing big boxes every few months is their new strategy for the less successful LCG product lines. I can't see why they would make this shift if the chapter packs for LotR LCG were working. And, until we get some evidence of another cycle I don't see any reasons we should assume that one is in the pipe.
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