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  1. that's a damned shame, I really want to get my hands ob this it's a well respected game by all accounts, with a high ranking on BGG. Still, they didn't say they won't be reprinting - just that they currently have no plans to do so... maybe one day eh?
  2. As the topic title asks - how good with only 2 or 3?
  3. Anyone know if this Is this game going to get a reprint? Don't see it in the upcoming section...
  4. So Frodo can use Brown Quest Cards (White hobbit cards in the old edition) as * cards. Can he do the same with brown Legendary cards (feature cards)? A strict reading of the rules would say he can't
  5. Despite what some people have said, and unlike most knizias, this game really works with the theme. Sure it's a bit abstract, most knizia's are but each episode tilts the basic mechanic to match that part of the story. And unlike the movie game, it sticks with the plot from the original poem. Had it for two years now. Kids really loved it but and played it a lot. But after 20 or so games it's gone a bit state. I can still see a few plays from time to time though. I dunno what FFG's intentions are with this game once they've cleared their stock. Possibly make a silver line edition of it. - certainly the game could fit into a smaller box - possibly it forever, who knows...
  6. I have no knowledge. too am waiting to hear about FFG's intentions with the expansions before I by the sliver line edition of the base game!
  7. I enjoy playing Inkognito with the kids - I don't think adults go for it though. Would love a revamped edition of it - in the small format box, nice linen affect cards - even the locations could go on cards. In fact I think they would be better that way. Won't happen though :-_
  8. try here: http://files.boardgamegeek.com/file/download/14s0aav1gc/HallOfFame.jpg?
  9. I love this game. Wife thinks it's OK and kids hate it. A couple of the special tiles have spectacular effects which can really swing things. I'm personally ambivalent as to whether I consider these broken or not: Depends who you are playing. If you're playing someone who is not as good as you, then if they are lucky enough to get one of these tiles then they can ****** a win (on the other hand if you get them then you'll get a massive victory) If you're playing real competative with a similarly skilled opponent then you might want to restrict the power of these tiles - or maybe not use them at all.
  10. looks nice, much improved graphics. As to compatibility with the current expansions, I do believe you could use the Sauron expansion if you have the original LotR set as you use the orignal tiles along with the red tiles from the sauron set instead of the new tiles from this set which look smaller. According to the advice for card sleeves, the cards in this new set are the same european standard size as with the old sets. But even if they where not it wouldn't be a problem as the new cards from sauron don't get mixed with any of the decks from the base game. The resource chits will probably (hopefully) fit on the new boards.
  11. Ooooo! Much improved graphics. This is more like it. I knew there must have been something going on. I take it the board and cards are smaller, some the reason as to why the expansions are incompatible. That's ok, I love small compact formats. I'll wait till they do the Sauron expansion though (fingers crossed) as that's they way we prefer to play it. Not so fussed about F&F and Battlefields
  12. Just to be clear, the graphics are poor. (Symbols, text etc). But the John Howe artwork (the backgrounds on the boards and the central images on the cards) is very hight quality.
  13. Well the game wasn't actually produced by FFG. They just had the US distribution rights. (in the UK it was Hasbro) The game was produced by Sophisticated games in the UK. Same people who did Beowulf the Legend and Middle Earth Quest. Beowulf was another Knizia-Howe game. The graphics design was much better than LotR though not quite as good as FFG's. I guess it would be up to Sophisticated to produce another edition, with some prompting from FFG. Or Sophisticated hand the production work for a new edition over to FFG.
  14. Yes! I'm sure I'll have to learn to do the same. Or somehow round all the corners off?
  15. I bought a bunch of packs of FFG card sleeves and noticed that the square corners of the sleeves 'spike' quite sharply into you hand as you hold and manipulate your cards, making for a slightly uncomfortable gaming experience. Anyone else found this to be the case? And if so, what do you do about it? Is this normal for card sleeves in general or is it only FFG ones that do this?
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