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  1. Hm intresting I checked the Borders website myself and it shows. I wounder if theres any truth to this. The Listing seems random as hell
  2. You should have sent cash. Checks take 5 days to clear. He does not want to send a card then only to have the check bounce. I talked to him today but i dident ask him about it. I'll see him tomorrow and see if your check cleard. As agreed we would not send out til the check cleard
  3. As Far as I know He's gonna ship it out tomorrow.
  4. I dont think its that great. To be honest i think its awful
  5. Jason, We got your stuff in the mail today. Capt has to go home (since he recently moved out) to pick up the Check and card. He told me once the check clears he'll send out the Cloud. Also he recieved a package from FFG. So I think we got some Snow whites for trade. The contrents of this pakage is unknown but it was pretty heavy.
  6. vice3

    snow white

    They were given out as a Prize at Gen Con Tournements. No other way to get them ATM other then trading
  7. Dident Darkwing duck rip people off and left the forums for a few weeks. People traded him Snow white and he claimed he never got them and never sent out. Now he randomly has Snow whites?
  8. jacoby915 said: i have an ansem sr set3 and cerberus but i only your goofy mainly and your triton. check my thread for what else i have. We no longer need Ansem Set 3, Cerberus is still a maybe. We'll get back to you.
  9. I was curious too because how does adding 7 stamps make a differance. Also Capt is workin at the town hall all this weekend for some fall festival from like 8Am to Midnight so He hasent had the time to responed and probaly wont respond til tomorrow since he's working til Midnight tonight and has to drive like 2 hours to get home and then School in the morning. I'll call him tomorrow and see whats up.
  10. Why'd you ship $40 for nothing. Captain Agreed to trade with you. I talked to him last night. He said the trade was still on and im the one who told him to do the trade with him. The Cerberus is for me i think. He only said he was taking it off the list because its now traded to Jason not because he wasnt trading it any more.
  11. ****, and it was just starting to grow in this area too.
  12. Cool me and 3 or 4 friends from Chicago might go if we can sometime soon
  13. Heres my one question that i can remember from the top of my head. Jack Sparrow Vs. Leon (Set 2) If Leon is the highest friend in play and I have Jack Can i Activate the effect and it would resolve without effect since its target can not be discarded by effect. Or I have to target a Lv 3 Friend in play or I cant activate the effect period. The way I'v been playing with my friends is that I can not activate the effect of Jack. I just want to know.
  14. The Scans for Deep Space can be found here. javascript:void(0);/*1251236845629*/
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