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  1. As my last UFS-related act I'm gonna wish everyone who's going to Nats a good time, and hope that somebody gets at least top 16 with a Christie deck.
  2. Unfortunately Ross, I will not be attending UK Nats, I am starting a new job this week so I will not have the time off for it.
  3. Thanks for the kind words Ross. I'm thinking about getting back into YGO, not to the full murder-someone-for-cardboard degree, but if I can find a deck I like running that doesn't cost me my left ******** to build (that's the good one), I know a strong playgroup with a lot of my friends in it so I should be going to big events, hopefully we'll cross paths again if both games get some floor space. I still wanna play a few more rounds with you guys of that wierd zombie game with the hands, and fire et al. EDIT: Also Ross or Kev, if you can find someone who's interested in my 4-point cards and can arrange for postage then I'm happy to be rid of them for free.
  4. Well the cards are already on the auction site ROTBI, so I'm sorta locked into that. If the ones you're after don't sell I'll get a hold of you.
  5. Sol Badguy said: Yeah I really don't know how anyone can say the don't enjoy the game at this point >.> It was the complete opposite for me. I was starting to think about how I was starting to not really enjoy playing block 3 for a while. then we get this new rotation and my store decideds to hold a 5 point tourny(pre tekken) and I had a blast and was reminded why I love this game. To each his own i guess. Allow me to explain, I don't live near any active playgroups, the nearest for me is 2 hours drive away, regardless of how the game changes I just don't get to play enough. It's been months since I've done anything with the game, probably the last thing was pre-ordering my Tekken sets in June/July, geography has killed this game for me, with no regular play my interest has continued to wain.
  6. Are there any banned 5-point cards?
  7. kiit said: Uhm what cards were you hoping to pull that could convince you to stay? It wasn't any specific cards per se, I just wanted to see whether looking through the cards would spark a feeling of "I really wanna do something with this". Sadly, there was no spark, and I don't see any reason for me to continue playing a game I'm not getting any enjoyment out of.
  8. Well I put a topic up on the main site, but since people might (only might) know who I am on this forum, I thought I'd do a redux here. Here's the link to the main topic: www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp Essentially it's this: I quit UFS, it's no fun for me anymore, and I wish I'd make the decision before pre-ordering Tekken 6 packs a few months ago, seeing as I haven't, all my Tekken 6 cards are going on a certain auction site, free to be bid on by players on both sides of the Atlantic. It's been fun at the times I've been able to play, the Sheffield lot are great, going to 2008 Nats was amazing even if I did get diversified out (FELIX!!!!!) and it was an amazing event meeting the Colchester group at PotM. Have fun with UFS all those who're sticking with it, for however short it lasts (my opinion). Ja ne!
  9. (There's an important message further down the page, so don't just read the list and leave please) Got some pretty good stuff too, let me list them for you: Paul's Gi Designer Clothes Toughest in the Universe Phoenix Smasher Shockwave Palm Test of Strength Kazuya's Gloves Proficient Sniper x2 Fruit Picker x2 King's Reverse DDT Devil Gene Destruction in his Wake x2 Ice Pick x2 Jaguar Mask x2 Blazing Fist Tekken Forces Lightning Uppercut Ready to Launch Boxing is Life One with the Rhythm x2 Cold and Indifferent x2 Rolling Sobat x4 Killer Android Keep Them Down Christie Monteiro x2 King Turn Thruster x2 Searching for Family Evil Intentions The Entertainer Double Face Kick Paul Phoenix Samba The Ultimate Team Lethal Fighting Style Kazuya x3 Overconfident x2 Need to Destroy x2 Gut Drill x2 Knee Thruster x4 Nina Williams Flying Half Nelson x2 Hammer of the Gods x2 Bloodline Rebellion x2 22 URs out of 48 packs isn't bad, even if I did get 2 God packs. ......... Oh right, the important message! Yeah, I quit. I'm done with UFS, I wanted to wait until my Tekken 6 packs came in to see if the pulls could convince me to stay, sadly they did not, so I'm out. Therefore all these cards are of no use to me but of use to others, so they will all be going up on a certain auction site today, as well as any other 5-point cards I have (pretty much the triplets, who like to dance, with men, who are wet, wetmen dance......no that's not quite right, but close) Anyway, see ya!
  10. Omar has 3-D symbols! Where's my glasses?
  11. Who cares? There's not 18-20 characters used now. If there's only 18-20 characters after rotation but they're all good then there won't be a problem.
  12. For the love of god just don't bring back another broken card with the Order symbol on it (looking at you Sheffield players!), make it as broken as you like, just pick another goddamn symbol. Oh, and have a nice time.
  13. tannerface said: I don't think reanimated will do anything with it. Although it is quite the impressive asset. I really like the action side more though since there is so few counters to foundation destruction in mini-block. The man brings up a good point, is it 4-point or 5-point watermark?
  14. Cascade2

    UK Nats

    Speedsta said: That would be Game 09, it's a three day convention running from Friday 16th October to Sunday 18th October in Manchester. It's where I hosted the Epic Fail that was the Soul Calibur Nationals last year Since it's actually a tournament people care about this time, there should be a lot more people Whee hoo! Team Nats in a place I can actually go to without trouble. Now the small matter of finding a team...
  15. babelfish666 said: We already have Kev "The Brit" Beadle. What more do we need lol. I'll tell you what you need! You need THIS:
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