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  1. I am not fully convinced, that this modification ist overpowered. Because, after a second thought, it does not increase the damage. So, even if a Psy Rating leads to a high Penetration which might even penetrate the Terminator Armour what does a Heavy Flamer do as damage? According to the errata: 1d10+12. Thus the base damage goes with the unnatural toughness and the 1d10 makes 5 damage on the average. C'mon. Maybe we can go like this: Range: PR x 5m Damage: 1d10 + (2 x PR) Pen: PR Thus a Psy Rating of 6 leads to the stats of a Heavy Flamer. Now it depends on the Librarian if he has to Push the Power or if he is able to make it unfettered. What do you think? Cheers, -- TechVoid
  2. Hallo folks, I wonder about the Codex Power: Avenger (p. 194 Core Rules). There is written at the end: [..], due to the horrific nature of the psychic flames, the Penetration of the attack is equal to 2 x PR. My point is: When attacking hordes, the damage is based on the range which means that a higher PR has no effect on the horde. My suggestion is to make the Range of the Power 10m x PR. What do you think? Cheers, -- TechVoid.
  3. I think the answer to yourself. If some skill do not fit with your style of play, then simply drop them. Cheers, -- TechVoid.
  4. Well, I guess to stop the Great Devourer would be a real epic campaign. Besides that, I guess there are multiple szenarios to succeed against the Tyranids. Destroying a Genestealer Infestion as described in the Introduction adventure and even bringing down a Hive Ship. That said I guess it comes down to kill the big beast that the lesser Tyranids fall into disarray. Furthermore, iirc, even the Tau have noticed the Tyranid threat and Commander Flamewing (Mark of the Xenos) is looking forward to work together with the Imperium to stop the advance of the Great Devourer. Maybe this would be chance to stop your ongoing campaign and switch to the Tyranids. On the other hand, I guess as much as the Tyranids are terrifying they are interesting. Spontaneously I'd think about these szenarios: The Kill Team answers to an emergancy call from a space ship and notices a Genestealer infestion. Although this encounter did not pose a threat (or maybe) to the Kill Team, they start to learn that the Genestealers seemed to be part of the cargo. Tracking its back the ship's origin they find a planet with a huge Tyranid Experimental Lab. They must learn that this Planet / Lab is run (or protected) by an Inquisitor who starts to send infested ships throughout the sector to make the Imperial Guard and / or Planetary Defence Forces learn to fight the Tyranids. Think about an Radical Isstvan Inquisitor as described in the Radicals Handbook. Alternatively the Lab can be run by an Mago Biologis who views the whole subsector as a huge experimental playground. At this point the Kill Team has to learn that this is known to the Inquisition or even the Deathwatch itself. If they start to shut down the facility they are stopped: Where do they think there experimental ammunition is coming from. Maybe this leads them to a moral dilemma, depending on the style of your group, how 'human' they are playing theire marines. Furthermore as the Imperium studies the Tyranids, they are starting to understand the Space Marines better. The Kill Team is called to a Tyranid Thread and encounter slaughtered Space Marines. As soon as they also encounter Tyranids they notice that their Toxic quality has significantly increased since the Tyranids have adapted themselves to the physiology of the Space Marines. At first they have to overcome this highly dangerous thread and furthermore stop the whole Tyranid fleet with communicating to the rest of the Great Devourer to not spread the knowledge about the evolved lethal Toxic Qualtiy. Cheers, -- TechVoid.
  5. I also thought about using multiple hordes: Maybe one for the melee, one for ranged and even one flying, like Gargoyls. But as I pointed out, I try to simulate the overwhelming factor thus the hordes are supposed to be endless. Furthermore I think about how to 'shift' the mission objectives. In a 'classical' roleplaying encounter the battle is over when the opponent is dead. In this case, the players should achive something although they are attacked from all sides: Reach a control panel to secure an area, reach a cogitator to activate the self defence system or let the Techmarine repair a generator to get the void shield back online. Cheers, -- TechVoid
  6. Dear Adeptus-B, I agree with your comments since I think quite similary. Furthermore I wonder how to use this overwhelming factor of the Tyranids, e.g. during a Planet Invasion. Is every Horde of Termagants, Hormagants and maybe even Gargoyles supposed to be Endless as described in the Mark of the Xenos? I think this also leads to a thin line between epic and total party kill. I'd say that on an open field the hordes are supposed to be of a maximal Magnitude of 60. Thus the Players have to argue that they use cover, e.g. within the ruins of a city, that not the full Horde can attack them, reducing the Endless Hordes to an effective Magnitude of 40, 30 or even 20. And in addition to that, how about grapling? Can Hordes to that? A Space Marine is overun by Horde of Termagants and they put him literally down due to their mass? Furthermore I wonder about the ranged attacks. I guess that Tyranids are supposed to be melee opponents but some BS values are that low. Together with the rules from BC with a -10 to BS for a Full Auto Attack, these buddies will not hit anything. Any comments and gaming experiences on that? Comments? Cheers, -- TechVoid.
  7. Hello fellows, my group is currently facing a full scale Tyranid invasion and thus I have to come up with Tyranids forces. After going through some of the books like the Mark of Xenos and The Jericho Reach I wonder about the stats. At first I am pretty irritated about the Armour Points! Although in some descriptive texts is written "multiple layer of protective armour" the best protection is a rating of AP 10 (or 12?) I wonder about the scaling. I could understand that a Tyranid Warrior might be comparable to a Space Marine Power Amour but shouldn't the AP increase somehow with the size? A massive or enormouse Tyranid has just a protection of 10? A Carnifex is 'just' as good protected as a Space Marine at his chest plate? I agree that these huge Tyranids have plenty of Hit Points and even Unnatural Toughness (x3) but in the end a single Space Marine is capable of dealing with these creatures, taking a lascannon or a Melta Weapon. So why use vehicles with heavy weapons if Space Marines suffice? I cannot fully follow the scaling. Cheers, -- TechVoid.
  8. Hi fellows, what do you say: Does the Oath of the Weapon also prevent weapons from overheat? I confess, not by RAW. But I understand the overheat quality to be the Weapon Jam of Bolt weapons, thus it might fit. Cheers, -- TechVoid.
  9. Hi Fellows, I invented some new Psyker Talents, what do you think about them? Favoured Psychic Power Prerequisite: WP 55 The Librarian has mastered a distinctive Psychic Power, granting him a +10 Bonus to Focus Power Test whenever evoking this Power. Special: This Talent can be taken multiple times, each time choosing a different power. Or alternatively Favoured Psychic Power Prerequisite: WP 55 The Librarian has mastered a distinctive Psychic Power which gives him more insight in the ways of the warp. Whenever the Librarian has to roll on the Psychic Phenomena or Perils of the Warp Table, due to invocing the chosen Power, he gets a -10 on the dice result. Special: This Talent can be taken multiple times, each time choosing a different power. Quick Invocation Prerequisite: Invocation, WP 50 Testing Invocation becomes a Half Action. Rapid (Lightning?) Invocation Prerequisite: Quick Invocation, Invocation +10, WP 55 Testing Invocation becomes a Free Action. Sound Invocation Prerequisite: Quick Invocation, Invocation +10, WP 55 The character adds +2 to the final Psy Rating of any Fettered Power Test instead of +1. Furthermore, the character does not gain a -1 penalty to the final Psy Rating, if the Invocation Test fails. Superior Invocation Prerequisite: Sound Invocation, Invocation +20, WP 60 The character may extend the use of Invocation to the Unfettered Power Level. Cheers, -- TechVoid
  10. **** you are right. And were can I find the lower level req. ? It is not written in den Table where I can find the Thunderhawk requistion. Cheers, -- TechVoid
  11. And where can I find the stats for a Stormraven? Cheers, -- TechVoid
  12. Mindforge said: [..] Also, avoid making them afraid of performing skills. This can kill a game. I never punish skill failure in my games unless it is a really high degree of failure. The skill might fail but I don't create a situation that can kill the player because of the use of a skill. I totally agree. The success or failure of skill checks does not determine if the story goes on or is stuck. It simply says how the story evolves. Cheers, -- TechVoid
  13. There has been this Dark Heresy Space Marine Fan Work, which had these Purity Seals with some rules about it. At least more detailed than done in the Rites of Battle with this non-saying description. Cheers, -- TechVoid.
  14. herichimo said: An Astartes would not rely on something as flimsy and rikity as a Valkyrie unless it was absolutely the final option available and they absolutely have to fly. Not when they have Thunderhawks (space marines on the go without a T-Hawk? For Shame), stormraven, and other form of truley Astartes-worthy craft. I agree with your 'proper-picture-of-a-kill-team-going-into-battle' but by RAW, the Kill Team won't be able to get a Thunderhawk until their Reknown is Famed or Hero. Thus, what else do they do? Cheers, -- TechVoid
  15. Hi fellows, are somewhere the stats for a Valkyrie? In the Rites of Battlebook a 'Transport Shuttle' is avalaible but besides the stats for the Thunderhawk there is nothing to be found. Cheers, -- TechVoid
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