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  1. beven is it ok if i grab a lift down to the event. if so can u text me what time u can pick me up at.
  2. Mine would probably have to be something like. 7HS, 20health chaos,wind,death E: Your attack gets +1 damage. F: Add the top 3 cards of your deck to your momentom. You may not play eny more forms for the rest of the term. but that last one may be a bit good in as momentom generation is not what it us to be.
  3. i will be down for the pre release but unfortunatly not for the store champs
  4. If you are so worried about ancient burial site run it your self and it helps deal with the problem.
  5. yeah i might text me the time as i finish collage late number: 07788478548
  6. if bevan can do it and dosent mind givin me a lift i will be able to help.
  7. ok last minute plee for help does any one have a four dot felica i can borrow for tommorrow. i may have done a silly thing and biult a deck for a character i didnt realise i didnt have.
  8. i am going to get there about half past four. see you there.
  9. i can get into swindon mate but a lift back would be great.
  10. ok i will be able to make it nd bring my secret deck of doom and my standerd deck if any one wants to play test.
  11. i am interseted in the turn thrusters and the ultimate team. i have got a couple of shredding vibrato.
  12. i would have to say using wipe the floor and lion slayer is deffinatly a good idea it wins games very easily.
  13. make that has to wear the hat. if you feel creative you could make some strange rules for the hat wearer.
  14. thats one nice asset i look fowerd to playing it. and bring on the reanimated (thinks of super secret tec t deal with it)
  15. If FFG will not give us one someone has to get Chuck to enter worlds and then everyone he faces has to concede. We then get Chuck on a card.
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