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  1. Starting this next week PC's are Gently Born Averlander Male Fop Academic Averlander Male Apprentice Grey Wizard Criminal Reiklander Male Thief Battle-Scarred Middenlander Male Bounty Hunter Outlaw High Elf Female Swordmaster Thinking of Changing someof the encounters toinclude Orcs and Goblins allowing the Averlanders some benefit from their racial traits. Will start by having an infestationof Goblins and Snotlings in the Dock area possiblebehind the recent killings??? Maybe swapout bandits for Orcs and Goblins, taking their lead from a mysterious 'Uman in a 'Ood.
  2. Having just purchased my Second Corebox, 2 additonal players hardback, a second players toolkit and additonal copy of both Omens of War and Lure of Power. (I like having an extra card of each, next up Signs and Winds ) I am hoping for some WFR 3 Love from FFG soon. I have a group of 5 just about to start Enemy Within, however anything produced fortheline would be welcome an updated Kislev supplement if you want an easier supplement but I would love to see something NEW, ARABY,LUSTRIA, ORCS, ELVES (Although I love Yepesnopes stuff). Pleeease FFG Alternatively happy if you make a new rules MIDNIGHT SETTING with same mechanics (already got enough dice)
  3. Awesome thread Valvorik, I have just Pm'ed you to see if you you could forward on the extras you have worked on they sound FAB. Just wondering, I like the govlin tie in to Averland and the black cowl, I too would include more golbin activity just not sure how but perhaps early on in the docklands have an idea about an infested cargo ship and fungal growths in the basements of the dockside buildings. Themed around piazo goblins/tribbles. As for the main campaign, I will be running it with 2nd tier characters who have already completed a couple of adventures one of my pc is a preistess of Verena and I see her as being particulary tricky to avoid spoiling the suspense. Any advice on how to ensure the pc still enjoys their character without nerfing her abilities too much?
  4. Thanks so much for the clue cards I start this on Sunday this week and was wondering if you could email me the guidance notes you have on using them if they are ready I know you have already stated these are getting reworked But would be happy to look over what you have from a independent view point Think of me as a test case King regards Krisstoff
  5. how do you pm on this forum sent you a friend request with details cheers
  6. Steve, Good day sir Very interested in seeing your clue cards and other eye for an eye elements, I am running a character creation evening this week and looking to start EfaE in about 2-3 weeks time Would it be possible to get a copy of these as I am sure it would enhance the players enjoyment of the game. Kind regards Krisstoff
  7. Funny I looked all the way throttling guide books hardback players and Gms and could not find those rules yet they are clear as day in the SoF books I was under the impression that the guides covered everything up to and including SoF
  8. okay I have a player who has read up on the setting and would like to play an Initiate of Myrmidia. He has asked however that the fluff says he would be trained in warfare but the Initiate career is not tailored to each faith. I have read the fluff too and he is quite right the Myrmidia entry says "In the Empire, every worshipper of Myrmidia is a warrior, to be a priest of Myrmidia is to be Knowledgable and schooled in the arts of war" how have you guys house ruled the differnce between faiths, I would see no reason to drop two skills from the iniatiate and swap in two martial skills for the Myrmidian. Drop Charm and Intuition and replace with Weapon Skill and Resilience? Just as I might consider the same for other faiths. 2nd edition used to add specific skills for the faiths to alter them, I know the faith card changes stance and give a benifit but as in the Myrmidian case its a benefit on a skill that you cannot be trained in at the start. will this unbalance the initiate? cheers
  9. Right I have started going through the adventures and it would seem that the Skaven could be substituted for the serpent people and the human cultist be dupes of the skaven posing as humans Alternatively change it to a tzeentch cult and use daemons and cultists ether way it needs a bit of fiddling. I would prefer the skaven route but think going chaos cult will be easier to wedge in
  10. Just about to start a campaign set in Freeport starting with the original trilogy and moving forward to Black sails Have 2 players so they will be a little more advanced than normal An Estalian Merc/Knight and a Halfling Thief/Charlatan Will be working on it over the next two weeks grateful for any advice about two player games, converting a d20 adventure or anything else Cheers
  11. Should be okay, Most of the adventures will require some scaling but I recall maybe the intro or demo scenario mentioning # henchmen = PCs so thats easy enough. basically its like any other RPG you need to tailor it to your group, smaller or bigger only with less players you won't have as many people all wanting the same cards so less stress on that count. With all the dice pools and cards etc on the table this is a good game for smaller groups, I was going for two players but we are old enough to have teenage kids who want to start playing so I am using this game as an intro to RPGs pushing the group to 4 players and GM.
  12. Seems to many threads can confuse people Page 16 main rule book Skills and expertise Yellow dice symbol for training and white dice symbol for specialisation. Very clear in each section. I will probably end up offending some one here but thats not my intention as I have found the rulebook to have most of the answers if you have read it fully, most game book are set up to skip and jump to sections but as this one had half the rules on cards I read the whole book which is not that big to be honest. I still feel a bit annoyed about the lack of preist starting skills as half the spell cards are for preists but the underlying feeling from players etc is priests shoudl not get as easy access as wizards, when mechanically the game content seems to reflect the opposite. as far as a starter set goes it most of the stuff is good but I tend to agree that the careers themselves lack any differential especially if you do not take the action cards traits to mean exclusive to that career, that roadwarden must have been trained by a waywatcher as thats a Bullseye he just pulled off. But thats easy enough to house rule anyway
  13. 1. visually stimulating : even the character sheets are really well presented from the art on the cards down to the stiching that you line up your career card with, this game is a real work of art in a hobby were the character sheet is often left as almost a blank A4 form at the back of the book. Heck how many d20 boring sheets came out in the last ten years if one thing put me off that system it was the lack or originality to, what is for me a player, the most important thing in the game. 2. The dice system - elegant and simple way of combining results and story into an action, I really like the way each role and then selection of dice will affect not only how the character succeeds or fails but also why. 3. Tactile : the bits, yes I know these are the gimmick but hey when your sitting at the table and someone else is doing there thing or your out for a couple of rounds etc you have all the rules to read in front of you on your cards the career backgound to look up, and its easier for a newbie to work out what their character can do by reading all the cards ratehr than a list of things on a sheet that require a book to look up. I have used WFR to introduce my son aged 9 to role playing and he is loving it so I am very grateful to the Bits as that keeps him interested during other peoples actions. 4. Simplicity: the game rules are actually quite simple, you need more successes than challenges thats basically it, just enough rules to play not too many so you will need a 4 page gm screen listing all the modifiers and actions etc 5. Its WARHAMMER - okay that not really the system but hey I have grown up with this baby and the character of the game is still fully reflected in the rules, okay this one maybe is a little less gritty than the last but its all about the heroes and villains and telling an ADVENTURE than fantasy Call of Cthulhu and whilst insanity, Chaos cults and mutants are still all there in abundance. Now, we get to play heroes taking on hoards of henchmen in a more cinematic approach which perhaps reflects the four virtues listed above.
  14. For whats it's worth I will not be implementing any range based difficulty for weapons at their effective range or less. As has already been explained on several posts in this thread the range increments are the static element now not the modifiers. So short range is the same distance no matter what ranged weapon you have, so the already in place additional challenge dice at extreme for the long bow and long rifle is beyond the normal range for these weapons so more difficult but not impossible. Additional misfortune dice might be added due to target actions, or environment but thats it. I dont want any more complications as some action cards already add challenge dice to attackssuch as, Bullseye, Knockback and ***** in armour.
  15. okay it's not a movie but it always just cried out WARHAMMER to me. Gormenghast the BBC adaptation, just got me tingly about the characters, the castle, the skullduggery with a healthy amount of weirdness.
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