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  1. prolly depends completely on sales. even before asmodee took over FFG hardly supported games which didn't make enough money (RIP runage & infiltration).
  2. there's also gloomhaven (all of folklore can be a bit expensive)
  3. after getting back into descent, I was pondering if I should paint the hero miniatures. however I like to have a copy of the miniature in case something goes horribly wrong, which then reminded me of the painted arkham horror figures FFG released a while back (and hopefully re-releases for EH at some point..?), so the question is: - would you buy a box of unpainted hero minis, possibly covering several expansions? - would you buy painted heroes like the ones for AH? - if not, would you buy them if familiar etc. models would come with it? (unlikely, but there's always hope ). ofc it also depends on the price, and I'd expect them to be more on the expensive side if painted - asmodee wants to make money after all. maybe with enough feedback we could put it on their radar to even consider it. EDIT: and it would be a great way to fix the size issue with the heroes.
  4. grr, seems the website doesn't like vivaldi... actual thread: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/225742-would-you-buy-official-painted-hero-minis/
  5. grr, seems the website doesn't like vivaldi... actual thread: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/225742-would-you-buy-official-painted-hero-minis/
  6. does that happen every time or only with saved campaigns from an older version?
  7. if you played the POD expansions you played the game mode already.
  8. I wouldn't expect too much, rooms with multiple doors doesn't necessarily mean more options for completion. besides, this "exploration" is nothing new. it's the same way it was done in the first edition (and everyone who played that knows that a drag it could be), but I admit I think it works better with co-op and it's smaller mapsize (the POD expansions had very small layouts).
  9. I think it's done in unity, even getting this far with the UI deserves some praise.
  10. S&S is from the say guys that did galaxy defenders, so I assume I will have some maturity (and I enjoyed the demo enough to pledge it, guess I'm a bit biased ). lot of people waiting for gloomhaven, shadows of brimstone had a lot of hype a while back, dunno if it lived up to it and it's current state (was too expensive for my taste in germany, and didn't really like the release model with 2 packs etc.). imo there isn't really that much you can do with a co-op dungeon crawler, in the end you'll be moving figures around and roll dice for combat. maybe some deck-building in the mix and more extensive systems (folklore has crafting, but haven't really looked into it), but that's it. not complaining tho, I just don't expect anything groundbreaking when it comes to mechanics.
  11. try one of the other german online shops, english boardgames can be a bit pricy in germany, especially from amazon. I usually check milan-spiele, magierspiele or fantasywelt. from essen I know there are a few dutch shops as well, but I don't know their names. maybe ask on BGG? for the beginning I'd stick with the base game. less remorse if you didn't like it enough. it should be enough for co-op at least, the app will have a few (probably very short) adventures, in the meantime you can grab one of redjaks variants, should be enough content for the base game: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1416738/redjaks-automated-monster-variant/page/1 http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1350077/redjaks-automated-overlord-variant-v4/page/1 and then there's still playing as overlord vs heroes ofc.
  12. You probably won't see these in stores because they are Print On Demand products, not a manufactured product like the main Descent stuff is. "Dark Elements is now available through Fantasy Flight Games’ in-house manufacturing and at your local retailer." the shipping for POD stuff outside the US is often more than the cards itself. plus FFG only does english (afaik), if you want localized versions you have to wait for store release.
  13. am I the only one getting a bit annoyed by little packs of cards for 15 bucks with so-so replayability? the small expansions are 40 bucks and give you minis, map tiles and new functionality. the big ones are 60 dollars, which is the price for 4 pod packs. I'd rather prefer ffg would do a proper full fledged campaign in a box...
  14. yes, I'd love some proper android prints! not with FFG's shipping fees tho...
  15. or disney wants so much money for the license it becomes unfeasible, see the wow boardgame.
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