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  1. I haven't yet noticed if there's been an attempt to build a point scoring system for Red November. I thought this would be a fun addition, even though RN isn't really a serious game, but what would people here think about it? I myself have been thinking of the basics for this, and what all should points be awarded for, i.e. should the points still be calculated even if the sub was destroyed. Also, how should the points be awarded for a gnome who abandoned his comrades. At this point, I was thinking if each gnome could actually have their own scoring tables, depending on how long have they survived, if they've killed Kraken and more... There are many possibilities, and there's more things coming up than I can manage to think. Comment are welcome maybe we can build up something together
  2. I'd recommend using one of the small expansions, then maybe add a few pieces from the big expansions, such as madness/injury cards, some new items and the epic battlecards. There are thousands of possibilities. You might also want to use a herald/guardian and maybe an AO from DH or KH. Don't forget the characters! Don't worry about the encounter cards too much, you don't really have to sort them if you don't want to, but you may want to explore more those of the small expansion, again, it's a matter of taste. With mythos cards I suggest you take all the cards from the small expansion you're going to use and then add about half of the base game's deck. This is the way I usually go, unless I'm playing with a big exp.
  3. Water doesn't flow between high water room and low water room. It is a bit confusing. you might also want to see the FAQ http://www.faidutti.com/index.php?Module=mesjeux&id=566&fichier=540
  4. Yep, mine were also a bit, though it wasn't a problem. I'd suggest you try to twist them back to their form under hot water, though I'm not sure if it'll help because the models are made of that soft plastic.
  5. I got Red November in christmas. So far we've played it two times and... it's just ridicilosly fun . And there's tactics in it too, and thinking. It's amazing it came out in such a small box, they could've easily done a 60€ game out of it. Also I'm a tiny bit speculated, how long can this game maintain its charm and appealment? Just want to share our last session with you now. We had some memorable moments last time we played this, situations that must have come up in your games too. What a tragic scenario was it, none of the brave comrades survived (last time one swam to safety). There were two particular fun situations. The Kraken shows up, and as I'm one of those who's always ready to sacrifice himself I decided to get out into the vast coldness, to confront the giant squid. In total drunk, of course and you know how things like this usually end up with. Yup, one drowned, drunken happy-bastard. After this, the others had some really rough time inside the submarine (drunken gnome --> more events sorry). The whole front side of the ship was blocked, and there were only a few turns before the torpedo room would explode. In addition, it was on fire. So naturally, the three gnomes clear the corridors of the trash, which are blocking the way to the torpedo room. However, there is no time left to extinguish the fire, which means... the last gnome who can fix the torpedo -problem must also sacrifice his life. For the Gnovember! The hero fixes the problem and burns alive, drunken though. But with the gnome's passing out, the attempt to save the submarine becomes vain: 10 more minutes means five more events. All is well until the last, LAST card is drawn, and whaddya know, it's the first time the engine of Red November fails the gnomes! ... A malfunction! The nuclear powered ship explodes and a great pillar of water emerges from the sea and reaches to the sky... and then everything is peaceful. ...
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