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  1. If someone could clarify for me, I'd appreciate it. Can I remove an opponents ranged die if I don't have a ranged die of my own to resolve first? I'm thinking no - because of the then statement, but I'm not certain. Regards, Korrin
  2. Thanks for the super fast response - really appreciate it. Glad we played it right. As you can imagine, didn't end well for the Assault Frigate!
  3. Hi, Apologies if this has been asked, I looked but couldn't find a solution in the forums. Had a situation tonight where 2 ships became "stuck" as they were within 1 of each other and therefore, whenever either tried to move, they would overlap and reduce down to a temp speed of zero each time. We played it so that effectively they just shot each other and kept ramming until one ship died, but it seemed a strange resolution to that situation - neither of us could get out of the situation even though we both wanted to! Is there a rule to allow you to get out of this fix, or did we play it right? It was, for reference, a Victory and an Assault Frigate, pointing head on at each other. Korrin
  4. Kennon said: Well, they probably didn't say no prize support at all... The prize packages for Regional events in LCG are all pretty sweet looking, and there's some good stuff in the league kits as well. The catch is that it's just game related loot. It's not prize money. FFG has been very adamant about not giving out cash prizes and I don't blame them. It's takes a very large player base to support that kind of thing or you wind up like the Spoils. I'm not sure that I agree with them about promo cards, but oh well, I doubt I'll ever convince them on that point. Sorry, I was refering specifically to promotional cards, which they did say would never turn up in an LCG - it's part of the design of the game, what with it's casual-styling and sale format (ie; all the cards are available to purchased with no randomness) As much as I like promo cards, it just doesn't fit in with an LCG format - CCG yeah for sure, but not an LCG.
  5. cerebralcortex said: You might be happy that it is a casual game, but there are a lot of us that want more prize support and more tournaments. I know if it does not change that the four of us that play are going to be done with the game. It is a good game, but it is not good enough to just play casually. There are to amny much better games to spend my time and money on if there is no local support. I'm curious, did you start playing this game when it first launched, or later? Just that FFG were very clear about prize support from the get-go. They stated quite clearly that W:I would follow their LCG format and have no prize support at all - no promos etc like you see with M:TG. The extent of their OP programme would be the leagues they offered, and the choice of cards to be printed in future would be the prize for the winner. If you're expect changes, I don't think they're coming I'm afraid.
  6. JonHook said: I wish FFG would make single cards available for purchase from their webstore. They wouldn't be able to do that due to printing processes etc - they will never see single cards, only the finished Battle Packs, and I can't imagine anyone would want to split the BPs down to get the individual cards out of it - at least not without them costs as much as the BP itself after you factor in time, wages, storage etc.
  7. As has already been said, there's only one more battlepack due that won't have 3x all 20 cards, which is great news (even for me that does buy 3 of everything) For all those 1x cards you've got, there's options, especially with the Core Set. Find some people to trade with, either local players or through the forums (I'm actually a little surprised there's no trading forum or thread already) - I bought two of the Core set, and traded some of the 1x cards that I didn't want for 3rd copies of the ones I did with some local players. Ultimately, as a CCG player as well as an LCG, the cost of buying 3x BPs is so much smaller than buying booster boxes of random cards, I'd have been quite happy if FFG had continued selling them the way they are Kevin
  8. I'm afraid to say that I will definately not be there - apart from the fact that I'm actually busy that weekend, it's a fortnight before our baby is due to be born, so I doubt very much my (then) extremely pregnant wife would be overly pleased if I was halfway across the country Good luck everyone, I hope you all have a blast! Kev
  9. Okay, having found out that it does exist, I really want to get hold of a single copy of Quick Strike, it's a Mitsurugi Rare Action from Quest of Souls. It's the only card I need to complete the entire collection of UFS, and it's bugging me now *grins* I am happy to trade OTT for it to be honest, so if anyone does have a copy that they aren't bothered about, let me know. Kev
  10. Has anyone managed to pull the rare card "Quick Strike" from a QoS booster yet? It's a rare card for Mitsurugi, I'm guessing an action, and it's card number 3/99. I've opened over 6 displays of the set now, and haven't seen a single copy - has anyone managed to pull a copy anywhere? Kevin
  11. Well, unfortunately it's time to make that announcement. The final UFS tournament will be run at Chimera Games in Beeston on Saturday 16th January. We'll be kicking things off at 1pm, and as usual it'll be a standard block tournament. I was lucky enough to get the tournament in for the final batch of official prize support, and there is alot of it as FFG have cleared their stocks of promos and sent them all out. We have: 12 copies of each of The Newcomers, Ancient Burial Site, Tablet of Gilgamesh and Kyoufu - the final 4 printed promos. In addition, 6 copies of each of the 8 promos from the last 2 pre-release kits (inc both foundations) Whatever else I have lying around at home and can find in the store! Given it's the final event, I'm hoping we'll have a decent turnout - if you can make it along to play please do. Kev
  12. Korrin

    New Set Trades

    Whizzwang said: didn't I give you a Xianghua and Amy? Yes, but I actually want to play as them, so I need a second copy of each
  13. Korrin

    New Set Trades

    Okay, so given what's happened in the last day, I really want to complete a reference set of Quest of Souls, and I'm missing 6 cards - can anyone help me out? I need: Amy Xianghua Strange Fashion Sacrifices for the Cause Quick Strike Seeking Perfection I have a bunch of trades, so if anyone is interested, a post on here and I'll reply asap. Kev
  14. Well, what can I say? I'm sad this morning, but not really that shocked - the game has been struggling for a while now, and sometimes the tough decisions need to be made. I remember when I was at STG and we had to cancel WarCry, the discussions we had were long, deep and meaningful, and I don't doubt the same has been had for UFS. Whilst FFG have had a tough time getting UFS off the ground, the at least tried - had they not bought UFS from GW then the game would have died a long time ago, and we wouldn't have got the, in my opinion, best sets of cards that have been produced. Which leads me to my main thanks: To James Hata. You Sir, have done wonders for this game - the sets you've produced for UFS were quite simply the best sets we've seen - the current (and final) block of cards, from SW/SCIV onwards is the best environment I've played in, and so credit to your - I hope you go onto bigger and better things. I intend to still be a part of this game, in whatever way it keep going. Antigoth - you've got my contact details already, keep me posted as things develop okay? Kev
  15. Having just spent the last 30 minutes reading what is, mainly, drivel from some other players, I thought I'd pop a post here in the UK boards to get people's opinions. I don't think many people will be overly surprised at the announcement - I know I'm not. The game has been struggling for a while now, both here and in the USA, and so I suspected this might be the Dec SotG. However, as Whizzwang says, I don't see any reason to actually stop playing this game, or collecting the cards. There's about 2 older cards that I still need copies of (Fury of the Ancients *grumble grumble*) and some of Tekken and QfS, and then I'm set to keep playing. I registered a tournament for Chimera for Jan 16th, and assuming the alleged "big final OP kit" turns up, I shall be making it into a big final hurrah for the official OP side of the game. What are other people's thoughts? Kev
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