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  1. That´s RPG, but I guess an advanture game would work better... players controlling different SG teams would compete in who discovers more alien artifacts, frees more people from the false gods, etc.
  2. Ust now I´ve read a list of games to be released in the near future (BGG site). This very one was mentioned under the FFG heading. link: http://www.boardgamenews.com/index.php/boardgamenews/C50/
  3. player475939


    Not played yet (it´s on the way, though), but the game seems as a nice introduction to poker. And what´s more, with plastic animals
  4. You´ve got my vote on this, as well. The possibilies of that universe are quite endless.
  5. Thanks, can´t wait to get the game and try it.
  6. I haven´t got the game yet (I´ve already ordered it, but it will take a couple of weeks to come), but from what I have learned from rulebook, it seems to me that the Queen is far better than the King. In terms of resources they are almost the same (OK, the man´s got 1 more, but their type is given), and the 2 soldiers don´t seem to be equal as all those extras you get from the Queen (VP´s, looking at the attackers´ card). Did anyone make a different experience?
  7. Scoring system? A nice idea, but I would hardly adopt it in my games... the original thought of assigning points for what feats the gnome performs (killing Kraken, extenguishing fire, mending all the disasters on board...) would not work. Now it is the gnome who is around and/or has the right equipment to do the task... in case of Kraken the one who´s lucky to draw an aqualung item tile. So this would probably ruing the team aspect of the game, which would subsequently lead to a ship disaster. I am not saying the idea is wrong... but I am not sure if it would work.
  8. I am not sure about the timing now (not have the rulebook around), but I would say USING an earlier played white card´s effect is the same as playing one... so the dark card gets first in this case (there would otherwise be no way of getting rid of the tech with the dark card... so I guess this is a sort of balancing)
  9. Haven´t played the BSG (I read the rules only), but the biggest difference will be the overall feel of the game: in BSG you are saving a nation, in RN it is a bunch of drunk gnomes on a mulfunctioning sub. So whereas there are intrigues in BSG (the cylon player popping-up sooner or later), it´s all about fun on board the sub. And the board size also reflects it... RN is a game that fits into your pocket and you can take it to a party or in a pub (if you go out with the right people, that is).
  10. Thought so... just checking, if I got it right myself
  11. Well, and in the tips it says Louis is weak at solving the conspiracy... I fully understand the conspiracy is a little overpowered... but as I usually play just for fun (with my gf, bro...), I don´t take it that seriously. I am simply trying to prove my hunch guilty, no matter I lose in the process.
  12. XV8Crisis said: I eventually came to the same conclusion - that he starts getting good baggage on the 3rd turn and 1 additional baggage beyond that point, etc. Not sure if you didn´t misinterpreted yourself here, but our suggestions were that it is 3RD AND OTHER CARD YOU GET ON A TURN (even the first one and second) that bring you the good baggage.
  13. I fully second this. (If he got good baggage for every light card he gets on the 3rd and other turns, I hope there would be whole load of them, and similarily problem for others to make this plot end badly)
  14. I know the Consp. tokens 4 VP value, but as I remember the games with my brother, we were both very cautious to place a tile so that another player would get any points on their subsequent turns. And still there is not 100% guarantee you would get a piece that lets you finish the line/column/diagonal anyway. But this is definitely one of the plus-points of the game... as many playing approaches as different players
  15. I am not saying it´s impossible, but blasting all the conspiraci during the first week? Dunno. Of course, you would do it with Caprice or Floyd who have instant accest to their respective creators´ tokens, but for other characters it seem easier to prove their hunch being guilty. But Android is a bluff game, and taking a really different approach can pay off (your third player). But a small balancing process, which I can see (and which is often overlooked in first games - my own experience), is working on the other players plot´s worse endings (that way you are hardly able to get 50 points, even without getting the innocent hunch correctly).
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