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  1. Gnutten said: Then I suppose that its also common for men of science to belittle everyone with an different opinion...Actually it is quite a common behavior of men of science.
  2. Varnias Tybalt said: Leogun_91 said: mind if I steal that one to the roleplay I´m working on? (Yes I am serious...my roleplay is a parodised fantasy roleplay) Uhm, sure go ahead... But what are you going to call them? "Gingerbread elves"? Sugarelfs or Fluffelfs are proboble names
  3. ChaosChild said: Told him that. It just means he has no interest in the game until that supplement comes out at the very earliest. Personally I think it's a sign of the direction the game/background is going in and it's one of the things I don't like from what we've been told so far. Halflings being relegated to "secondary race" status isn't good. If they get a supplement it will be great news.....did you notice that the halflings got even less background than elfs and dwarfs in 2nd ed....even when their gods where talked about in tome of salvation there was less than dwarfs and elfs......halfing supplement will be cool as long as it really has that focus. Necrozius said:Elves and halflings are used mostly as comic relief. We hate those guys. Elfs are used mainly as antagonists in mine.....people learn to hate those guys.....and no I rarerly have any darkelfs in my games.Varnias Tybalt said:"pink fluffy elves with skin that tastes like sugar" mind if I steal that one to the roleplay I´m working on? (Yes I am serious...my roleplay is a parodised fantasy roleplay) Varnias Tybalt said: ChaosChild said: Halflings being relegated to "secondary race" status isn't good. How so? It's not that you can ever take a halfling seriously anyway. And it's not because they are short and pathetic, it's because their entire culture and described ways of thinking is utterly ridiculous and game world atmosphere killing. I disagree....I have had halflings that have been played very much in setting.....Thomas Lardbelly a man who started an inn and became the employee of a large part of the party is probobly the best remembered.
  4. Varnias Tybalt said: While my hatred primarily concern elves first hand, halflings are a close runner up. And I know you can't really escape elves in a fantasy setting, but if the halflings are out then that's at least a plus, however... "small" it may be. (no pun intended ). This edition of the game just sound better and better!Well they are replaced by more elfs.
  5. Captin' said: This is horrible news! What if i have 2 players who wan't to play the same class? Or an entire party! And a bloody deck where i draw cards from? And you say this is NOT a board game? Then it is a card game, for it has cards. Argue that all you want. Well if the party wants to play the same class I suspect you simply put that class card on the table and everyone can look at it, or if it is to annoying print a few copies of it. From this report it seems to be a RPG which uses cards in addition to dice in the same way as some uses minatures in addition to dice, I see no problem with it.......I hope they have alcoholcards. Captin' said: Another thing that bothers me is the Insanity deck. Before they had pages of information about insanities to describe in detail what hapened to the character. And if the DM didn't think they fit he'd make up his own. Is this what makes 3rd edition better at PR? I think not! How are they going to contain all that information on one random card! Insanities can NOT be randomized! And this stance thing? Forcing gamers to do things in game is NOT Roleplaying. Quite the opposite. An insanitydeck dioesn´t need to be bad, if the cards are big they could be allright each insanity had max half a page anyway in 2nd edition, if the GM wishes to choose which one he can flip through the deck rather than the pages in the book.....the isanitygeneration was random in 2nd edition to you know.....and stances if I understand them aren´t that bad.....it forces your characters to think about how they feel for an encounter......if they are cautious, aggresive or doesn´t care.Captin' said: As i see it, if i read the text right, it is something more like the more you attack, the more into it you get and must keep attacking in some kind of a frenzy.This would be logical. But it is not helping RP, it is forcing it. RP is to feel what your character would do, not being forced to do it. It does say "depending on which stance you choose to be in" and that you can change it every turn so I think it is totally up for the character. Captin' said: 3 books, a party sheet, 3 character boxes and 3 00+ cards takes a lot more space then one book and 6 pieces of papers. This isn't opinion, this is fact. You can put all the character sheest between the pages of the core book, thus you only have to carry around the space of one book. You s icarrycan't do that with boxes and 300+ cards. And the die you can alwayn your pocket in both situations.Yes a little bit but if done well it´s not a big problem and in addition it is easier not to lose anything if it´s going back into the box at the end of session, you notice it then and can search. Ron B. Stard said: But I feel this is going to be a losing battle, arguing against the game. It seems this forum will be flooded with perky and positive posts, no doubt paid by FFG. So let the propaganda and brain washing commence. I'd like to say I will never buy and FFG product again, but alas I think I am going to by Rogue Trader. At least that's a proper roleplaing, one hopes. Join uss.......you know you want to......you will be rich
  6. Blue Wizard said: 2. Probably the main reason that people are upset is that they've put in all this energy and money into WFRP2, they've been looking forward to more books to come out, and now FFG comes out with a surprise and says let's start all over again with these new mechanics. That sucks! You really just feel like you had the rug pulled out from under you! Varnius, I think it may be harder for you to understand because, as you say, you do not play WFRP and so have not bought into the game. But, if you have similarly invested a lot of time and money into DH, you might be able to understand what it would feel like. Some players don't bother to buy their own copy of even the core rulebook, and others simply download illegal copies of the WFRP2 books for free. But there are over 25 books published for WFRP2, and a lot of good, dedicated fans who supported the game bought close to all if not all of them, spending $300-500 or more. Now for the publisher to come out and say they aren't going to publish more supplemental books, but instead will rehash all the old books for you to buy again to use with a new rules mechanic is frustrating and discouraging. A common response is "well, you can always just keep playing WFRP2 if you want." Well, over time it gets extremely difficult and expensive to obtain the out-of-print books that you had not already bought or lost. And unless you've got a solid, dedicated group to play with, it gets really hard to bring new players into the game when they can't even get a hold of the core books (Some people just do not like using PDFs). A lot of fans are willing to spend money to support a roleplaying game for Warhammer Fanasy, but not like this. Some say that it's the nature of the beast and the only way to keep an RPG profitable - by reselling new versions every few years under new mechanics. Hopefully there's a better way. That is it....and it´s my first RPG edition change so I quess it´s even harder to deal with therefore.There are a few issues that could be really bad with this as well and as I am uncertain to how it actually will be those worst case scenario thoughts are forming and the only way to stop them will be answers........ and from what I know there are bad things as well. I know that halflings dissapear and that is not good.....I like the fellas and even if there rarely is one in the group the same can be said for anything except humans. There are less careers, sure one would have to excpect this there are hundreds in the career compendium but maybe I have to wait until the careers I want to play comes.....what if they removed Seaman....I don´t know which are gone. I will have at max 39 careers to chose from (apprentice wizard doesn´t count beacouse it´s a spellcaster and there might be more spellcasters there). Two of three books are for magic (divine and arcane) and I´m not a big fan of magic. I don´t like the cover artwork....not a big deal but still. And as a sidenote I don´t think we have been told what´s in the fourth book, there is the tome of mystery, tome of blessings, tome of adventures and tome number four....what is in tome number four.
  7. Varnias Tybalt said: Leopold Cygnus said: I'm with you 100% on the space battles, it's just too bad nobody will be using a line to swing from one ship to the other... though I suppose you can have a hungry void whale chase the ship and try to swallow it and the crew whole (and maybe succeed)! Wait, wait! I just figured it out! Boarding parties outfitted with void-suit, hanging on to wires attached to a sort of rocket-propelled magnetic grapling hook fired from outside of the ship. The rocket is guided to impact with the enemy vessel and latching on to the hull, providing the void suited boarer an opportunity to plant melta charges and enter the enemy vessel from the outside. Can't you just imagine crazed boarding parties using this method when they don't have access to proper assault craft or teleportation technology? (I mean assault craft is expensive and it takes up valuable space for ammunition for the ship weaponry, and teleportation is a very rare form of travel exclusive to the Inquisition, The Astartes and the Adeptus Mechanicus) That way, we actually CAN have boarders using a line (of sorts) to "swing" from one ship to the other! Sometimes, I just love the way I think. Thank you.....I´m making a small Pirate realm with four or three planets that does that now.Varnias Tybalt said: Nullius said: The real question is exactly how much pirate-talk is too much for a rogue trader game... "Avast and ahoy, ye space-dogs, I'll tan yer scurvy skins and throw 'em over the gunnels if I hear ye speak another word about that Emperor-Damned Planet 'o Gold. I swear upon me old papi's eyes! Now tie down that cargo and prepare to heave-to, Thrusters at maximum, ye scallawags, ye insubordinate ork-sons! We sail out with the warp-tide!" In my opinion, there can NEVER be "too much" pirate-talk in a game of Rogue Trader. Especially considering how both high gothic and low gothic are derivatives of English (the british english that is, which the pirates of british imperial origin spoke), along with a blend of pig-latin. So colourful piratey lingo is more than okay in my book. Come to think of it, perhaps we should group together and compile a list of piratey slangs and expressions commonly used by the more unsavory Rogue Traders out there? Oi! You orbital inbreds! Fire-up the warp engine and go kick the Navigator into work, lest I'll have your scurvy ridden hides as a carpet! Savvy!? Please do so....I would like such a list and would show it to my players.
  8. Wilfred Owen said: Talex said: Role Playing Tau in the Kronus expanse is almost imposible though isn't it. Tau don't have warp technology instead they have Eather drives, so how are they supposed to be in Segmentum Obscurus when there empire is in the eastern fringe, especially concidering they don't even have the range (or firepower) of Imperial Ships. Actually i'd love to RP a Tau ship and i know most of my group will want to too but there ships from BFG don't fill me with confidence Even though it stinks of Star Trek, you could have a Tau starship transported to Segmentum Obscurus through a wormhole. Or, a group of Tau captured by an Inquisitor who then escape and take command of their own ship. However, the latter option is filled with major issues. Having some tau escape won´t be hard for me.....the inquisitor who will give my players the license (in exchange for a thyrrcat to his hunting preserve) likes when it gets dangerrous as long as he still is in control and could simply allow some prisoners to escape for the fun of the hunt and then one or two might escape properly allowing a PC tau, and maybe there could be a tau settlement in the courous expanse due to some warp accident some time ago.I just hope someone makes homerules for Kroot mercs that I can use beacouse these are cool and fit on RT ships and they do fight for the imperium at times so could have been working when they got to calixus and searched for a new job.
  9. DagobahDave said: My previous post is in the wrong thread. Sorry. But everything I wrote is still awesome. Sigged
  10. This is a horrible idea.....even if they liked the idea of elfs that much they could have included both....a few careers missing in the first book would hardly be noticed if they needed space and this will disapoint so many fans.....I only have one player who ever plays elfs in my group and when someone else is asked to do so (often beacouse I need to fit the party in with the guy who plays elfs) they rarely do it well......the fact that there will be more humans in the groups is still good I quess but I´d rather get rid of the elfs than the halflings.
  11. We played the scenario with the basic characters (Sarvus,Lorayne,Nathin) and had a fun time, (I will refer to warp puppets as zombies as that was how everyone thought of them during the game) Once they arrived in the battlegrounds Nathin used his tech-use to locate the ship and they travelled safely with the guncutter to land close to the bridge......a succesfull medicae test rvealed the death of the crew before they entered the bridge and met Orden, The battle started of good with zombies actually dieng alot, though Orden was unscratched, then Orden made one attack against Nathin and he was almost down.......I Improvised now thinking that as Orden and the worm both are psychic things I could use some psychic powers.....Lorayane who ripped holes through the zombies with her bolters had to be dealt with and I forced her to take a S test (after succesfull WP test from Orden) in order not to see her Bolter get thrown into the void outside the bridge.......this failed......the redshirts they had taken with them where dieng and I decided that one of them should try to head to the vents......the hint was taken up and it was now things where starting to get intresting..........Nathin throwed himself down a vent (tech used revealed a fanless one) pursued by a group of zombies, while Sarvus fought a fighting retreat to a vent, Lorayne however had a new idea, she had two clips of useless bolter ammo and she used the cables at the captain throne to make them blow up allowing them a relatively safe retreat. Once they where down the vent they found a way to seal them of and went walking through the corridors,Nathio had taken some tests earlier understanding that they needed to get to the machine spirit but I still sent them to meet the survivors....they didn´t meet Eckhart but rather a lost survivor that was praying to the emperor in a corner. Being allowed to see a very poor map that Nathin could acces he led them to the survivors. Here I added some things of my own, there where three rooms they could benefit from finding, the equipment room for weapons to fight with, the security room to see where the zombies are and the machine spirit room too disable Ordens psyshield. They first went to the security room and saw a pattern in the zombie movement giving them an easy route to the weapons cabin, in the weapons cabin I gave them a plasmagun, lasguns and experimental fire grenades, the grenades proved very usefull against the zombies and they easily accesed the machine spirit, after a while they where able to convince the machine spirit to turn on the gellar field and return the suggested power levels. They then went to kill Orden........Lorayne was first as the others went to talk to the survivors and she fought an epic last stand with the plasmagun but was after 9 or ten rounds forced to use a fate and was then rescued by the rest......they pursued Orden and found him.....a massive plasmashot took him down to a few wounds and teared a whole in the hul behind him almost thrwoing him out, then he was cut down by Sarvus powersword and the worm flew out in the warp.
  12. Victimizer said: And whoever said Chaos is "evil" - that ain't correct. They're chaotic, not evil. Or at least, as evil as everybody else in the warhammer universe.Well the chaos worshippers aint evil they worship the gods for a reason and very rarely understand it all. The deamons and gods are manifestations of bad things, murder and bloodshed taking semi-physical form is kind of evil, Despair and disease spred with joy is pretty evil, Excess abve all isn´t good either and corruption and mutation isn´t the best. If one is saying that Khorne isn´t evil just different the same can be said for every serial killer in the history of the world. If Nurgle isn´t bad but only chaotic so is chemical warfare, If Slaanesh is allright so is forgetting everything else while focossing on a single aspect of life until you die having forgotten to eat, sleep and everything needed to live and if Tzeentch isn´t evil then any corrupt person, usurper of power and false leader have done nothing wrong.
  13. Ezhaeu said: Leogun_91 said: Cifer said: Also called: Tchar (by northern barbarians), Chen (in the exotic east), Shunch (in the southlands) Does anyone recall how he was named by the Beastmen? Givent the fact that Tzeentch Bestigors are called Tzaangors I would quess either Tzaan or Tzeentch You must be holding a degree in Tzeentchology. It is generally called Tzaanology
  14. Cifer said: Also called: Tchar (by northern barbarians), Chen (in the exotic east), Shunch (in the southlands) Does anyone recall how he was named by the Beastmen? Givent the fact that Tzeentch Bestigors are called Tzaangors I would quess either Tzaan or Tzeentch
  15. breakermw said: Perhaps they will make an expanded version that includes the gods of other races, but it'd probably be awhile off. What I'd really like to see is perhaps the opposite, like a Witch Hunter boatd game where you attempt to root out and destroy the followers of the Dark Gods. Heck, it could even be an expansion to this game: another player could play as the Cult of Sigmar/Ulric/etc. and try to subvert Chaotic activity in the Empire. Yes a player playing those that oppose the gods would be really cool and fit the theme far better than additional gods.Gork and Mork wouldn´t work IMO, you have 100% loyal greenskins and no other worshippers so it wouldn´t work with having cults and so.
  16. Knuckles Eki said: I ain't a chaos collector, so I only know as much as the greater demons. Allright then......maybe this can shread some light on what to call him "Official name" : Tzeentch Also called: Tchar (by northern barbarians), Chen (in the exotic east), Shunch (in the southlands) Title: Changer of the ways, Windlord
  17. Knuckles Eki said: Believe it or not, Khorne is kinda weak... Multiple times my 5 scouts got charged by a group of 8 bloodletters, and all the bloodletters die along with four of my scouts. I've given my scout sergeant plenty of awards and should get promoted soon. That´s actually quite bad luck but I´ve seen worse....once my bloodthirster charged 10 normal tzeentch marines and only killed two before being killed, though he has killed 500pts armies of orks by himself so when he wants to he is badass.My bloodletters never reach the enemy however.
  18. Knuckles Eki said: You just didn't use his title right. I'm actually a wizard.The changer of the ways is his true title though he is sometimes know as the windlord instead, Lords of change is just his greater deamons.I will probobly favor playing Tzeentch but ofcourse I will play all gods during this game..........This game seems so extremely cool. I must have at least one.
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