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  1. alexkilcoyne said: I see only one small problem- you have awarded a massive 300 for getting the support of the Ecclesiarchy because one character has them an enemy- that shouldn't be reflected in the task- in essence your rewarding the character for having an enemy. Put it back in line with the rest of the awards and its all good. Ah....I was confused by the book having them as depending on difficulcy rather than importance for the mission and thought that I should do so as well......But I'll change the church thing 100 is about right.
  2. Oh.....I didn't set them up in a particular order, the explorers are allowed to do them in any order they see fit, ofcourse alot of it are conected in such a way that it fits to do it at a certain time or togheter
  3. So I played my first game yesterday but had no real endavours, all events where small enough not to be divided. Now the people have however explored a ruin at grace and I will offer them the chance to set up a colony. I made this as a greater endevour that can reach a higher total than 1200 as some of the objectives gives achivement points depending on how much you get (colonists give 50 per 1.000 colonists and there are other simmilar). I divided it into these objectives Land on the surface and explore a colony -50 achivement points-exploration (done) Get suitable colonists -50 per 1.000 colonists- Trade- Obligatory Get support of a noble house- 100 per noble house- Trade, Creed Get resources (metal)- 80-Trade-Obligatory Get resources (Agribeasts)- 100-Trade Get resources (Plants)- 100-Trade- Obligatory Get support from the machine cult-50 (150 if you get machine cult colonists)- Creed- Obligatory Get transports -100- Trade (or criminal in extreme cases)- Obligatory Get approval of the church- 300- Creed (very hard as one player has enemy ecclisiarchy) (changed to 100) Destroy nearby piates-100 (150 if conquered or captured)- Military Get support of the imperial navy and/or the imperial guard-100 (150 if both) Required achivement 1200 - or the colony is too weak to prosper. So the question is, Have I missed something important? I'm just checking as it's my first endevour.
  4. I count them as having sight that is unaffected by smoke, mist, darkness and simmilar but still blocked by walls and such. Powerfull enemy psykers can however block this sight and a zoantrope did this during the first game I held.
  5. xantos said: a lvl 1 arch-militant could buy a bolt gun and could deal up to 400%+ more damage(with tearing and +2dmg of the special talent of the AM) while using full automatic. compared to a melee weapon player like the missionary with his chain sword, he can do max 100% dmg and he have to move to the target.Firstly the arch militant is a better warrior, they are the warrior class, the others have other advantages. While an arch militant have a bonus that makes a weapon class better (this may be a melee class would he so wish) the missionary has one that helps him against daemons, fear and corruption, a missionary is foremost a servant of the emperor and he excells in being brave. A Rogue trader has better closecombat potential as a powersword is much better than the weapons a missionary gets but in the end the arch-militant is still the warrior class so they should be better at being warriors. And besides all that automatic fire will count for nothing when you fail your wp and flee which the missionary won't do as easily.
  6. 1) The rogue trader meets a traitor techpriest that is now a pirate, the priest says he will blow up the ship if the trader doesn't agree to meet him in a pistol duel, the trader agrees and draws his pistol, the techpriest then proceeds to draw his six pistols and meet the rogue trader man against man. 2) When encountering cannibals at Grace a player is ambushed, while at first prepared for a fight he is hit with a thrown stone and quickly understands that their attacks really can't hurt him. 3) This is probobly the best, the party encounters a great swarm of genestealers and one zoanthrope, the astriopath tries a very difficult shot at the zoantrope, hits and makes two divine fury and a high number afterwards killing the monster and saving them from the genestealer threat. With one shot from a very weak pistol a zoantrope is destroyed.
  7. I allowed my players to vote for the construction of the ship and this is what they ended with. NAME: Righteous Vengence LORD CAPTAIN: Holt Jonstonne CLASS: Tempest Frigate SPEED: 8 MAN: +16 DETECT: +22 TURRETS: 1 SHEILDS: 1 ARMOUR: 20 HULL: 30/36 (After damage in a fight with orks) CREW/MORALE: 100/98 COMPLICATION: Martial Hubris PAST HISTORY: Turbulent Past (The ship was once used by a group of Space Marines during a mission, they treated the ship very well and gave great respect to the machine spirit, ever since the ship has liked Space Marines and hated chaos, the foes it fought at the time) ESSENTIAL COMPONENTS Modified Jovian Pattern Class 2 Plasma Drive Strelov 1 Warp Engine Warpsbane Hull Armoured Command Bridge Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer Pressed Crew Quarters Deep void Auger Array Single Void Shield Array SUPPLEMENTAL COMPONENTS Tenebro-Maze Armour plates Cargo hold WEAPONS Starbreaker lance (Dorsal) Sunsear laser Battery (Dorsal)
  8. Psion said: @ Leogun: I've had bad experiences with confining players to even a handful of character options, to say nothing of a single class, so I generally avoid those kind of conversations. I suppose in that regard I created my own monster...Had my first session today and it worked very well for me.Ofcourse you need a player you know would enjoy the career and you must tell him beforehand.
  9. calibur1 said: Deserters? Where are they going to desert to, the Warp? And there's nothing in the Creatures Anathema that a 1000 or 100 crew, armed with las rifles, can't handle. If something does attacke en masse, does the book cover large-scale combat? As for leading by example... The commander of a warship doesn't get out and load the crusise missiles with his crew. Nor does a aircraft carrier commander fly with his squadrons. And neither does a troop transport commander lead the marines storming the beach. They all do what they're expected to do, and that is to lead from the battle bridge, sending orders down the chain of command. There is no question of reputation. That is what the crew expects from their "Captain."1) Rogue traders don't like the armchair admirals of the imperial navy beacouse they don't lead by example and a Rogue trader is required to be the first to set foot on a vessel in order to be able to claim it. The boarding action is also almost required to be led by a rogue trader, at least in the beginiing when few other careers have command. 2) They desert at the next spaceport, sure you can chose not to go to a spaceport but that has disadvantages as well. TorogTarkdacil said:If you think, that hundreds and thousands of your troops alone could handle these situations, then I could only wish you good luck and slightly remind you, that this isn´t a Star Trek or Star Wars... this is Warhammer 40 000 The deathstar scene is still a good reminder for you on just how bad a bunch of heroes can be for your ship filled with troops. calibur1 said:macd21: Again, am I’m seeing that space and mass combat seem to be the going trends here? If so, how does RT cover these? If my RT is to gallantly lead his brain-dead crew of hundreds or thousands into battle, is mass combat at least fast and easy? What about ship weapons and defenses? Since a lot of this game seems to ride on space combat, does RT have an extensive list of ship munitions or even ship types (including xenos)? Can I assume that my bungling crew know how to operate the ship’s defenses, or does my RT have to run from turret to turret himself and fire while piloting the ship and handling engineering? Or is this the job of our missionary while the deaf and mute junior officers are staring at the walls?Boarding actions are easy, they are decided by opposed command tests modified by numbers (so if you outnumber you'r opponent you get a bonus depending on how much. The space fight rules are well written and offers a challenge to the players. There is a lack of NPC vessels so far but modified starships will sufice. You are allowed to make each action be done either by the crew itself or commanded by a PC, as the PC has higher stats it will be done better with one but you don't need to do it. calibur1 said: Luther: No. That is a complete cop out, and NO rpg gets off that easy. It is in poor design to assume adventure for adventures sake. Even D&D has the most primitive of excuses to adventure… The PCs are poor, unemployed, homicidal sociopathic thieves who kill and grave rob for fun and profit. Eventually the psychopaths kill enough things to become kings themselves, and then the game either ends or takes a different direction. That direction usually means confronting the kingdoms of the other psychopaths and their retainers and hirelings, or challenging the gods for power. At that point the PCs are so powerful that doing the tasks themselves is too beneath them. If you want to turn RTs into Errol Flynn, that’s fine, but I want a **** good logical and believable reason to do so, because I’m the one who has to feed this excuse to the players without them rolling their eyes and chuckling. If you'r rogue traders wouldn't want personal adventure they would chose not to adventure. They don't need the money, you start of with enough money to live a rich and wealthy life in the empire without trouble and served by thousands of servants and the most dangerous thing being dinner parties with other noble houses. If you are a high ranking member of a rogue trader dynasty you want the thrill of adventure, a coward wouldn't join the expedition in the first place. And morale do go up if everyone in the crew knows a story of your skill and courage. Grashnak said: If you own a humoungous spacecraft and you make a living cruising the vastness of space trading in rare good, and employing hundreds if not thousands (or tens of thousands) of people to make your venture profitable, there is no way on earth that in the WH40K universe (with its various threats and nasties) that you are not going to spend a significant amount of money on a force of 100, 1000 or 5000 trained and equipped security personnel. The kind of personnel who are completely competent to "beam down" to whatever back water planet you're on and lay an ass whooping on whatever needs an asswhooping.You don't make a living you make firstly a reputation and secondly a vast fortune. If you where to make a living out of this you would surely not risk you'r life but just having a good story to increase you'r reputation is worth alot more than many things you will find. Grashnak said: Sorry, I don't think you really understood my point. The original question was whether or not you could use the critters from CA with RT. My point is that fighting creatures isn't really something a Rogue Trader should be doing. If part of the business of being a Rogue Trader is engaging in small arms combat (with creatures or anybody else) then part of a Rogue Trader's standard complement of crew would be a private military unit capable of engaging in such combat. They will find themselves fighting at times and daemons have a tendency to just appear out of thin air/void and are even better at it close to a psyker so laucning the daemon assault next to the PC Astropath actually makes sense, and many of the creatures in the creature anathema uses stealth which is perfect against lots of weak troops, what chances does the crew have against 40 lictors if the creatures only attack small groups at a time, it is extremely unnerving to find one crewmember killed and skinned each night with no other trace of whatever did it. In these circumstances small elite groups are probobly the way to go to exterminate the threat.
  10. I chosed a rouge trader, I told the player that I wanted him to be the rouge trader and gave the players no choice, that is the captain, he usually likes to play a leader in my WFRP sessions and the way he acts when he leads makes him a fitting rouge trader and he doesn't seem to mind it at all. The others got free choices and we have an astropath a void master an ork freeboota nob (via online rules) and a character yet to decide.
  11. calibur1 said: Well what is the scale of RT? If I'm in command of a crew of thousands, with some of the best munitions available, why am I worried about a daemonette attack? Ever read the creature anathema, that stuff is devastating for morale and if your crew doesn't feel safe you get deserters, just beacouse something doesn't pose a direct threat to you doesn't mean it isn't bad. And besides the things can attack you on a huge scale as well. calibur1 said: Why am I even fighting anything? Don't I have underlings to do this stuff for me?Lead through example, if the crew see you as a valiant and strong man leading them to battle they will think better of you than if you sit at the command bridge and send them to their deaths. calibur1 said: I keep hearing things about pirates too? Pirates? That would mean that the pirates would have to be RTs themselves and willing to lose their own dynasties in a chance encounter? And out in the Warp what are the chances of two ships meeting? I can see Dark Eldar pirates, but I heard there aren't any xenos in the book? I don't have the book, so I don't know what kind of adventures are suppose to take place. This is obviously not an action rpg if the PCs have access to so many resources (materials and manpower)? So what kind of challenges does a RT face?Pirates are not rouge traders, they are criminals that have gotten their hands on vessels, an attack risks much but can be very rewarding just as real piracy. There are also ork raiders. You are also ment to search for fame and glory, a rouge trader could technicly retire at the start of the game but the characters in the game are driven by a goal (chosen during character creation) and will not sit and wait for adventure.
  12. Leogun_91


    Mordicious said: Forgive me for resurrecting an old thread but I found this one to be most pertinent for my question so here it is: On the Overwatch action it states you can Full Auto / Burst / or Supressive Fire for your options which like mentioned above is very nice. However at the end of the action it states anyone caught in the 'kill zone' must check for Pinning at a -20 in the same fashion as Supressive Fire. My issue is, why choose Supressive fire? After all you get the benefits of Supressive fire whilst the damageing potential of Full Auto just by taking the Full Auto choice. Or does Supressive Fire impose a second Pinning check above and beyond the one naturally granted from the Overwatch action? Or perhaps the natural Pinning check from Overwatch is a mistake? What are your thoughts? - Mordicious Yes there is little or no benefit from suppressing fire in overwatch, I would simply rule the test to be harder in suppressing fire.
  13. Cifer said: The game is generally set up so that new characters will inherit the warrant. If you read the latter sections of the book, the guys who are actually given a new one are Imperial Admirals and Generals and Inquisitors - and while the starting characters of RT are competent, they're generally not *that* competent. Further, newly-warranted Rogue Traders are usually outfitted with lots of Profit Factor and a cruiser for a ship while characters have either the one or the other. I noticed that yesterday (late yesterday) and will probobly go with it, the reason I posted was beacouse I couldn't find aything by searching in the book the normal way, only by stumbling upon that part by luck. I will probobly go with it and have a normal RT set up and might offer them the Thyrr cat mission in exchange for profit instead. As a side note what do you think about this way to customise the ship, don't let the players actually see any rules for the spaceship parts but simply tell them descriptions and what they need and then allow them to vote on what to get with the following votes given (Rogue Trader (the boss)4, Void Master (Cares much for the ship) 3, "Normal" crew (Astropath and unknown) 2, Freeboota Kaptin (simple mercenary but I don't want to leave him out) 1
  14. Hi....just got my Rogue trader (today) and is wondering on how I set them off, how do they get the warrant of trade, I doubt they are just given it. I first had an idea of them getting to capture a Thyrr cat for an inquisitor who would enjoy the hunt later in his preserve in exchange for the warrant and a ship (poor quality, a trade ship with a single weapon) but when thinking about it I don't think that's a very good adventure......so how do people get their warrants?
  15. Gorehammer said: Yeah, I've played it four times now, and the old world deck never ran out. The game usually ended at turn 5, or turn 6 in our 3 player game. The real scare is if Franz's Decree gets played, which just burns a card from the deck, effectively losing you a turn. That happened in two games, and it still wasn't an issue. I kinda want the Old World Deck to have a little more bite to it. I could totally see FF releasing a "Hard Mode" Expansion that could feature really nasty cards. Stuff like "Place no corruption this turn". Or cards that basically hand the game to a single God, such that all three must gang up on him to have any chance, like "Only Khorne may fight battles this turn" Or "Place two warp stone in every location" or "Place a noble in each region" Or "Place an event token in each non-populous region, each region with an even token gains populous" Really wacky **** like that. Teclis plottwist....all warriors and greater deamons are destroyed.
  16. As half-men half-goats are possible half-men half-elf should be, they would be comsidered creatures of chaos by the civilised world though, if someone wishes to play them I usually say "sure we´ll work out something, for starters you get inured to chaos"
  17. Although the halflings disapperance is bad but if they come in an expansion one could get more fluff on the little fellows and that would be good for frankly they didn´t get that much attention in 2nd anyway.
  18. NewTroski said: Every player is going to be good at some things, and bad at other things. If you have a well rounded group, the GM should try to provide a well rounded adventure. If every player creates a combat guy, and that's all they are interested in, nobody is going to have fun if the GM puts them in the middle of a courtly intrigue plot. Some GMs might.
  19. jackdays said: Ratchatcher was left out, but will be in the Adventure Toolkit. The same goes for Wardancer and Ironbreaker.
  20. Only slayer I have had was a slayerpirate (home-made career by me simmilar to trollslayer) and was killed by woodelfs
  21. jadrax said: There is always a Twin Tailed Comet in the sky before major wars. no.....and I think that one had to do with Sigmar being reborn.
  22. Humans and Dwarfs......but a Lustrian campaign could be fun and then tribesmen and either pygmies or Amazons
  23. Cat that Walked by Himself said: If you allow me to be snarky I would say that playing Wardancer can wait even bit longer. And oh yes, v1 had both huge bestiary and halflings. So, you can both have a cake and eat it Sure wardancer could have waited even longer but this way they can (if it is done good) actually expand on the elf fluff and properly describe the diffrences between the elfs so that they can become a little bit more than some stats......it might actually be good to cut the halflings out in the first release to do elfs properly and then later do halflings properly in a sourcebook
  24. macd21 said: Halflings are an interesting and important race option for WFRP. They are not, however, a popular option. High Elves and Wood Elves are simply far, far more popular. Taking up space in the core with a race that only a tiny minority of players will ever use is a waste of space and money. If one of your players wants to play a halfing they can buy the expansion that they'll be described in. That might be true but I know only one player who plays elfs while halflings can be considered by several players......and if the halflings would be given the same attention in the core book as they are now (maybe skipping the fieldwarden when you are so limited on careers) they would hardly take any place in the book anyways......you could even just skip half a page of the intro story to get the in.
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