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  1. I usually play games of chance in-game, these are fun and so but I experience that using just these mechanics are not a good way to do it. We played normal poker with the rule that you rolled 4 fortune die (add extra with fortune pts just as normal), a boon allows you a "one-up draw" and a succes allows a single "normal draw".
  2. The three characters where a dwarf scout (we missed the fact that dwarfs can't be scouts at creation), a reikland thief and a wizard apprentice (bright). The trip there went good, the dwarf tried to bore the others to conceal that he was a scout (for some reason), this didn't work and they listened intrested on his life story. During the beastman encounter the dwarf does basically everything himself while the wizard gets his first insanity and fails to cast a single spell. Inside they first go to the "hospital" as they are all inured, they speak to the people there but doesn't find out anything (though we all have a laugh at the mad dwarf). The wizard uses magical sense to see if something is wrong in the house and I leads the thief to the room with the painting. After thinking for a long time on where in the small room it could be they get the idea to remove the large curtain that covers one wall and finds the painting. They give the painting to the sigmar sister who places it in the shrine. Meanwhile the dwarf goes to the garden to investigate, he learns about the plants and tells the doctor that it may cause the symtoms that people seem to have, the doctor says he will be careful and investigate it. Then the dwarf finds the smithy and searches it, he doesn't find anything but considers it to be in such a mess that he should clean it up, by doing that I allow him to find out that a hammer is missing. At dinner everyone eats the venison except the dwarf who ate both venison and goose. The wizard succeeds in his save against the poison, everyone else doesn't. The dwarf goes out with dinner to make sure the guards get something to eat as well. After dinner they talk to the lord about the painting but the lord is too tired to think. The wizard is curious and takes a magical sense, I point to a direction and they make a small hole in the wall there, they can see the fireplace interior, they go down to it's beginning and thinks for a while, then the wizard lights it with his magic and they soon get complains that the lords chamber is being filled with smoke. The wizard goes to a wall where he feels it could be and understands that it is under the house, he askes for a basement and is shown the wine cellar, they don't find the path there so he askes if anyone might have gunpowder ,is told about the stableboys blunderbuss, finds the blunderbuss, takesd most of the gunpowder and blasts the wall away frightening the chanting cultists, before they get time to react he kills their leader with a well placed fireball and most are slewn shortly thereafter, those that attempt to flee are stricken down with fire when taking the stairs to the library (burning down the library in the process). They did defeat the cult but in doing so they destroyed most of the building. They where forced to work for free a couple of months in rebuilding the house afterwards but got payment for the day they investigated and destroyed the cult.
  3. reg said: Asexual? I thought they were just all so ugly that you couldn't tell the difference!. Hmm, that makes the shaman REALLY deviant; thank goodness we never went into the whole orcish gender wars thing (one of my players is pol. science - she asks many scary questions). Er, just out of interest, how do they procreate? I remember in WHK many years ago there was something about mushrooms and long toilets, but I thought that was the equivalent of orc bike shed stories. Well other than that it has something to do with spores and mushrooms little is known and that is probobly for the best.
  4. Hello, I'm a GM with a few years of experience (and much more experience with the warhammer world) but I have usually just played everything by improvising. Having GMed premades with 3rd now has open my eyes for well prepared adventures and so I have started to devise one of my own. I would like feedback tips and intresting additions to the plot(Jonas or Niklas if you are reading this stop imidiately) The players arrive at the village of Kreigburg, it is a small village and the players can see damages from a beastman attack. Amongst the more interesting building is the Gorogul Monastery. It is a monastery to Sigmar. In the monastery ale and beer is brewn in dwarf style, while it does not achive the standard of dwarf brewn beverages it is still of great quality. Gorogul is Khazalid and means the art of brewing ale or spirits or the art of drinking alot. The monastery is made of stone with a foretresslike tower at the north side and a stonewall protecting the garden that is much important to get brewing ingredients. A chaos symbol of Tzeentch has recently been found by father Gothard, he is most concerned with it and when he hears about the players arrival he will attempt to contact them to get outside help. He wishes not to go to the autorities as it could damage the monastery's reputation. The amulet belongs to Brother Levin but the cult is situated in a basement in the docks. Father Gothard Valdredson, Abbot of the monastery. Gothard is a tall old man in his late 70s. His previously dark hair is now almost completely gray. He has green eyes and a short bushy beard. Even in his old age he appears to be in prime physical condition. When he was young he took a pilgrimage to Karaz-a-Karak where it so happened that he saved the life of a thane by the name of Okri Morgrimsson, for this he was gifted with a rune axe. Brother Erasmus, monk at the monastery. Erasmus was left outside of the monastery as a baby and was taken care of by the monks. He showed a natural talent for brewing but despite this could not hold his liqour. He is responsible for delivering the beer to the local tavern. Erasmus is a short man with blond hair and gray eyes. He is usually very calm. Sister Renata, female member of the monastery. Renata was once a zelous flaggelant of Sigmar living in a coastal village not far from Marienburg. But one day darkelfs came, she was with the militia defending the town and the battle wen't well until a secret weapon was revealed. A hydra was brought against them and it's breath made Renata paralysed below the waist and much of her body was burnt and malformed. She used her last money to travel as far from the sea as she could and ended up at Kreigburg. Though women are normally not allowed in these monasteries an exception was made for her due to her condition. Brother Levin, monk, cultist. Levins parents where killed during a beastman raid when he was no more than 9. As he couldn't take care of himself he was sent to the monastery. He was for a long time despaired and saw no hope in the struggle against chaos, in his eyes all was lost. Recently this has changed and the other monks are happy for it. What they don't know is that he was given hope by forbidden knowledge, the tzeentch cult "the wind of victory" met with him at the tavern and told him how the power of chaos could be used by them rather than against them. He has kept this to himself but is anxious about his lost chaos amulet. Also in the monastery are the following brothers: Wilbert, Konradin, Donat, Bernolt, Madred, Varl, Tomas, Magnus, Felix, Manfred, Eodred, Siegfreid, Meinhart and Trubald. I will go through other persons of the village, those marked with a © are cultists. Reuban farmer and his wife Elspeth and their sons Klaus and Eckel © lives in one cottage. Balthasar lives in one with his two daughters Rosalia and Johanna, investigations may show that he is a pervert and takes advantage of them both for himself and others.He also has hens. The warveteran Jorg ©, his wife Demona © and their two sons Jorg © and Hildebart © lives in another and are all farmers. The widow Maglind lives in a cottage and works as a farmer. The slaughterer Dieter and his son Haug and daughter Belinda (of marrying age) lives in the slaughtershop and takes care of pigs. His wife was sacrificed several years ago to calm the beastmen. In a small shop the former campfollower Burgolf lives. He trades in curious objects, not only does he get most of his objects from graverobbers and bonepickers but he also breeds snotlings that he sells as pets or entertainment. The boathouse is where the cult gathers. Officially it is owned by Ehrl© but it's real master is the cult leader Gertie©, his wife. The old smith is empty. It is for sale for the fee of 6 gold. The battered hammer tavern lies on a cliff and overlooks the village. It is owned by Dirk. The barmaids are Lorna©, Kirsten and Meg and the chef is named Edgar©. The temple of Morr is run by Diebold who in fact is a bloodragon vampire. He uses the graveyard to get food without killing. He has no fear for religious symbols but other vampire weaknesses are true. He is a coward and has fled the order. Even though he is a vampire he is still a good priest of Morr though for obvious reasons he can not invoke miracles. Hiernonymus is a quest at the tavern, he claims to be a knight of the merciless titan but a person that knows of the order will doubt this. Hiernonymus is actually a bloodragon vampire looking for Diebold. He can be out during daytime but retains a vampires other weaknesses making him unable to enter the Morr temple. Battle with him is very dangerous and will be done with my (the GMs) discretion but if any of you feel like making up good rules for a kickass bloodragon vampire I would be grateful. Eodmuns and Adelhelm are two free company men staying at the tavern doing little but cause trouble. The young noble lady Lucinda Fleisher lives in a large house here, she adores brettonian culture and her home is decorated accordingly. She wears clothing according to brettonian fashion. Her servants must act according to brettonian tradition (the Baliff Kurt is an exception as it's bad to remind people where their tax money goes. She has a large wine cellar and owns a great deal of art (espesially noteworthy is a massive painting of the green knight). She tries to act as a brettonian lady. After one day a boat will dock in town and the next a man from the crew (named Horst) is found murdered with his heart ripped out, this is a doing of the cult to use in a dark ritual. So first I would appretiate feedback and then help to flesh out the plot and characters (Lucindas household isn't even made yet). Oh and thank you for having the patience to read all of this.
  5. reg said: Deep in the closet gay orc shaman , takes a shine to one of the group - preferably the most macho*. The group need the co-operation of the orcs for some reason, so do they play along? Just fight and say stuff it? How does the orc disguise his 'perversion' from his uber tough mates? How does this affect your group dynamic? Roll on roleplayingDoesn't the fact that orcs are asexual complicate this approach, a shaman can ofcourse have suffered ANY kind of magical mishap but still.
  6. Orcs and Goblins are green creatures born/grown from spores for battle and violence, this is what they are and it makes them quite one dimensional. There are however still ways to make an Orc Antagonist memorable, they don't have to be an intresting person to discuss things with in order to make them a good villan. A blackorc whose "kunnin wiv tacticz" makes the PCs struggle on how to counter his plans and lets disoriented captains cry as their full forces are outmanouvered could be a good villan even if he is quite one dimensional. An orc band who has conquered a foretress and for the moment simply wants to stay there and party (until they get restless again) that the PCs are asked to do something about would also be a little bit more intresting as it puts the greenskins in a passive role. You can also just give them a goal or/and quirk randomly generated from Renegade crowns (the styles and principles doesn't fit that well) which will give him a little bit more character while still keeping him as a proper orc.
  7. I don't find it unbalanced. I did change dwarfs to be better in Tougness and Willpower rather than toughness and strenght but that was not beacouse of balance.
  8. phobiandarkmoon said: Leogun_91 said: Fossy said: A rough night at the Three Feathers is always a good choice for an one shot. Absolutely, I used that one and it was great, it doesn't take any converting at all. Well, except for statting the NPCs appropriately I used the NPC stats for the NPCs. No converting.
  9. Reiklander thief, female Reiklander Bright wizard apprentice, male Dwarf scout (I know it's not allowed but we missed that during character creation and it works well)
  10. Our group did it like this Halflings 3 in agility and fellowship, 2 in the rest. Nightvision (as with dwarfs) Starts with folklore stealth or balistic skill Starts with specialisation in slings, hide or mootland lore Magic resistance (add two misfortune to spells cast against them) Wounds 7+ Toughness, they can use the human careers but can't be wizards.
  11. I notice that most of these are advanced careers but still none has a requirement (something all advanced careers in the base box have) while I can quess some (Warrior priest must complete a religious career, knight must complete squire) I don't know what is required to become a duelist or an engineer. Will you add the backgrounds and career abilities? otherwise this is just a half finished job.
  12. Fossy said: A rough night at the Three Feathers is always a good choice for an one shot. Absolutely, I used that one and it was great, it doesn't take any converting at all.
  13. I don't really find anything missing career wise but I´ll be happy to look at what new careers they will add in the future. I am however more intrested in ork, kroot and eldar PC rules, espesially kroots. Any new race would probobly come with a few careers as well so careers I would really like is shaper and Freeboota.
  14. My game has: Righteous Vengence The Bleeding Sword The Shining Spear Sword of New Grace As the heroes ships
  15. macd21 said: Leogun_91 said: He is not a squat or a demiurg. It is the white dwarf in space, if you would have read the current WhiteDwarf you would know that he is simply the space version of last years Gromrindal. A dwarf in space is a squat. A dwarf in space could be simply a squat but this is a certain dwarf character in the warhammer fantasy universe made as a space version. It is the great and ancient dwarf Gromrindal in space. It is Gromrindal in space not a squat.
  16. SJE said: If the rest of the players are happy with the focus of the colony, then I thin you just need to change gears as the GM. Throw out your ideas of forcing the RT to explore the Expanse. Yes, they might be really cool ideas, really good ideas, but your player is signalling he's really interested in developing THIS frontier colony.The rest of the players aren't happy with it, the Rogue trader is. The Astropath and Arch-militant wants to explore.
  17. Kaihlik said: It would take years to make a colony truely self sufficient especially one of any significant size. If it was as easy as just deciding to do it then it would have been settled long ago. Crops can fail and setting up an agricultural infrastucture takes time during which food will need to be imported to make up the short fall. Power generators are leased from the Adeptus Mechanicus and can be removed if they feel that they are in danger. Flamer production also relies on equiptment leased from the mechanicum and is under the same pressures. Flamer production also requres an inflow of parts and materials which can be cut off if things are too dangerous. Well it has taken a few years and even if it isn't truly self sufficient yet it is on it's way and the players can't micro-manage the growing of crops, they would lose face amongst rogue traders and it wouldn't be a very intresting session.
  18. Thanks for all the replies. They really help. Exoviper said: Perhaps warp storms are becoming more and more turbulent around Grace and it's up to the RT to secure enough material to make the colony self sufficient in the event it's isolated. Knowing how the last attempt to colonise went they have made the colony self sufficient, it grows plants for food, it provides energy and it even produces flamers, the silvermining on Argentina isn't self sufficient but the colony is.
  19. Well I have had the endevour now and it worked well, the colony is up and running and they got the objectives togheter. As a GM that likes to improvise during play I will probobly not use this system much though, these things can be done as good without me telling the players what they have to do (suggestions are still good though) and the calculating of achivement points ruins the mood a little bit.
  20. He is not a squat or a demiurg. It is the white dwarf in space, if you would have read the current WhiteDwarf you would know that he is simply the space version of last years Gromrindal.
  21. We have had a few sessions and the Rogue Trader has aquired a colony on Grace (named New Grace) and a mining colony on a nearby world (they named the planet Argentina and mine silver there). However after this the Rogue Trader became more concerned with taking care of New Grace than to explore (even going so far as taking a trip to Calexis to find a forgeworld that could allow him to build weapons when I told him that the trip would take at least 2 years). The Astropath and Arch-Militant are still intrested in exploration though so the intrests are split. The RT still goes on some adventures but even when he does it is done with "New Grace" in mind. He has also married a wife on the planet, a noble lady of course. So how do I get the RT back into exploration rather than colony management?
  22. Santiago said: But if the Arch Militant doesn't have it the Vanguard shouldn't have it either.To be fiar the arch militant gets one for free as a starting talent anf therefore gets two such advances, in a way.
  23. MILLANDSON said: Leogun_91 said: WEAPONS Starbreaker lance (Dorsal) Sunsear laser Battery (Dorsal) On any ship smaller than a light cruiser, you can only have lances on the prow slot. You can't have the lance on the dorsal of a frigate. Hmm....missed that, then they couldn't have chosen a lance (they had only two dorsal spots), I will let it pass and simply say that an earlier rogue trader fixed it in some way.
  24. Dalnor Surloc said: You might want to include finding the planet in the 1st place or obtaining the location from a 3rd party. (IE A rogue trader found the world, but hates colonists. Hewants the PCs to do a task for him to gain info and rights.) Ah....well as they did that last session I didn't bother with adding it. Cifer said: Why is getting a noble house's support a Creed objective?Think about setting up a few criminal objectives - surely some syndicates would love to support a burgeoning new colony, especially if they can either use it as an exclusive market for their products or even set up some fields of more... interesting plants. About the creed thing I was unsure, the trade was a given but all noble houses are above the common man by the emperors will and by help from the church, a noble house must have a good support from the church to exist and therefore it would cross into creed while still mainly a trade objective.Criminal objectives are a good idea, I will add a few. (or maybe just the simple get support from a crime syndicate with a reward based on the number of syndicates)
  25. aramis said: 3) If they manage to survive both 1 & 2, they now have his whole lineage to deal with, along with his navigator, and the techpriests, over the Explorator.You could actually have one from the lineage being the one that tells them, the person could have kept quiet in risk of his life but finally chosen to tell a few in the crew (the few that actually seem to investigate would be good, or maybe it's an astropath and he mindchecks them and knows they are trustworthy), that way they won't really need to argue with the lineage and you could easily say that the rogue trader to be is an infant and for their great help in stopping something that could have been the end of the dynasty they are allowed high ranking places aboard the ship, they won't be real rogue traders but as they are councellors to the last in the lineage they get very close to those roles.
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