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  1. Atheosis said: Reilly said: And he is according to fluff. But on TT? The hell opposite. Yeah, when you shoot Guardsmen standing in the open there in not much left. BUT they are always in cover! That's what Guard does. Trench War. So you'll kill like 5 of them. And then one shot from uber Leman Russ will vaporise the whole squad of Astartes. What the hell? I know one Marine (like SW with Mark of the Wulfen) can tear non-combat unit to pieces in one round, but that is so rare! Once, my Terminators got 4 shots from Necron Warriors. Nothing big. 3 of them died as I rolled 3 ones out of four dice. That not much of a fluff stuff when the sheer luck decides about Terminator getting killed by petty shot. And then, if Marines were supposed to die in the fluff as easily as on the TT, Chapters wouldn't keep up with replacing their numbers. TT was balanced with fluff in 2nd edition. And if TT Marines were supposed to strike according to fluff, there would be orbital bombardment and then pods with Marines charging right into enemy ranks. Coming back to the topic, I somehow may say that I expect Marines that are quite opposit to what they are on TT. First off it explicitly states in the rules that casualties in the game are not necessarily deaths. In fact, in the case of Marines, most aren't, but are rather meant to represent serious wounds that take a Marine out of the fight. That said when a Marine is shot with a plasma gun or a tank shell, don't you think they should, if not be killed, at least be taken out of the fight for the remaining extent of a game? I will however admit that the nature of the system used for armor saves is a bit questionable. Terminators are the classic example as you showed, where you can lose a heavily armored guy to a volley of small arms fire. It is odd I'll admit, but as I said already TT Space Marines are nerfed just not as much as some maintain. I've seen Deathwing armies whoop armies with over 5x the models before. Space Marines on the TT can indeed kick butt. No, they are not overly nerfed compared to for example daemons (espesially greater ones) but to represent their fluff I think +1A, re-roll armoursave and rending on boltweapons would be required.
  2. In "Rejoice for you are true" the parties psyker is being tricked into a trap. Psyker: I thought that you said we where to speak alone. Cultist: I meant that we where to speak where only those that are true or properly initiated can hear us. Psyker: Are you true? Cultist: No but.. Psyker: I can hear you'r not. There are many others but its hard to remember them now, that was just a cool thing last game (which also had the adept rip out an eye from his opponent in the duel, one must love Righteous Fury) H.B.M.C. said: The Inquisitor (me) placed our groups Cleric in charge for the mission, as he was the one the Commissar was expecting on the planet. The Cleric prided himself on his oratory skills, so the rest were content to let him do the talking. When it finally came time to talk to anyone he'd stutter and stammer his way through sentences, was never quite sure what to say or what to ask, and generally everyone started calling him the great talker and how wonderful he was at interacting with people. After the game he used his experience to not only buy Air of Authority, Command and Master Orator, but spent all his money on a Loud-Hailer Servo-Skull. Everyone is going to give him heaps, but he's promised to try and speak in full sentences from now on. BYE You shouldn't be harsh on him. A player may wish to play a charismatic person without being a charismatic person himself just as they may wish to play a strong battlemonster without being it themselves. It is your duty as a GM to allow the person to do so. Help him, allow him to take Fel tests instead of talking at times and help him to finish the sentences when he can't. And don't laugh at him.
  3. I can also suggest the GMs Toolkit. It has a xeno generator which is great for creating enemy races fitting the power of the players.
  4. Nope......I will play them parallely, DW will be during a historical part of the Kuronous Expanse, a war the RTs accidentally warp-jumped past.
  5. You can also note that a lictor does not work as the Infantrymans uplifting primer says it should either.
  6. Balins Tomb Khazad Dum (be sure to place something important on the bridge of this ship) Drum the Dark (makes strange noises due to some spacehulk phenomena) And I second Kannot Ghetaut
  7. Lightbringer said: I'd like to see a totally new, non humanoid xeno race specific to the Jericho Reach. A complex, involved and ancient civilisation with a history stretching back to the days of the Old Ones, layers of nuance, culture, religious belief, and an ambiguous relationship with the warp. It would also be good if they screamed in an amusing high pitched wailing voice when you hit them with a flamer.... It's really annoying having to scream amusingly and high pitched everytime a mook is flamed.Lyinar said: I'd like to send my PCs against Necrons and Dark Eldar. Not certain if I'll play the Dark Eldar straight, or play them TT-style. What's TT-style?
  8. Idigen Sheet added as well as an example sheet. http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=0e400a095c2b01e1ab1eab3e9fa335ca3c66fd57fdc44641 The first link should be modified but just in case it isn't the above link helps.
  9. My players will fight Necrons. They are suitibly dangreous opponents, my koronous Expanse have had a Necron War and they will fight in that.
  10. Gregorius21778 said: A very nice one! I really beg you to do the same with the "indigen". Perhaps with "Leader" and "Specialist" substitued by "young/minor example" and "Overgrown example"? This would be oh-so-sweet and I would hail you for it. Edit: Perhaps you could provide the "raw form" as well, so one can edit "on file" and print it out later? I'll do that. Average, Young and Overgrown or old. I can put up the original photoshop or jpeg files as well......I'll see if I can fix the Indigen sheet tomorrow.
  11. I just got hold of the Xeno Generator in the GM's Toolkit and have made an easy to use xeno sheet for races generated with it. I have included an example xeno as well so that you can see how to use it. http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=0e400a095c2b01e1ab1eab3e9fa335ca3c66fd57fdc44641 I will make a sheet for Indigen when I get the time.
  12. jtwing said: As for sensors that takes skills that he also does not have. I was hoping for a 'oh he can use <power here> to do ship to ship sensory things' or some such. I'll be reviewing the telepath rules and seeing if anything seems appropriate. You could let him use an astropath power to send a message faster than otherwise or something (giving the crew a +5% or +10% bonus to a test or something) but by RAW there is little except boosting morale that he can do.
  13. The Arch-Militant of the group has a Fenrisian wolf (given to him as a puppy by a Kraken hunting spacewolf in exchange for them driving close to the Kraken and launcing him into space)....he keeps asking me for stats.
  14. I decided a rougetrader for the campaign. Next time I will let them chose and say that one must chose to be a Rouge Trader, if no-one is then I will instead ask for someone to be the GM and take the Rogue Trader role myself.
  15. I hope it includes an intresting scenario and rules for playing scout marines. The game does look quite good and I might get it. Will certainly make more combat oriented play than my normal campaigns but scenarios such as "This Guardsman bastion have had dealings with Kroots, deal with it" could make intresting campaigns.
  16. I miss halflings, seamen and mule skinners.
  17. AaronC said: Looks interesting. Their wound threshold is awfully high. I realise that Ogres are tough but this is a pretty big advantage. Also note that Goldgut can start with a Pistol and 3 gold coins. This cant be matched by any other character and considering the equipment is costing 10 tims as much(what about ammunition?) that is the equivalent of starting with just over 53 gold. Is there an Ogreish reason for misspelling Strength? I havent read any of the WHFB Ogre stuff. Yes the weapons are expensive but the ogre won't really be able to sell them at those prices. He can start with a pistol yes but 1) He's an ogre so it won't be the best equipment as he can't use his Strength 2) He can't sell it.No the misspelling of Strength is unintentional, for some reason I have hard with spelling that. Maybe wounds could be lowered but they should be really hard to bring down.
  18. Lucas Adorn said: I think that giving the Ogre the bureaucrat trait (and maybe even the social) is a bit far fetched. He might be so in his own society but the general feel and what it seems you are trying to catch is that the game is mainly played from the Empire's point of view. So unless you run a campaign in an ogre setting I'd say an ogre (and a fighter at that) will have a hard time being anything close to bureaucratic. He is like that in his own society and therefore have an easier time to adapt to career with those traits. That is the only rule effect as far as I know and therefore I don't see why it doesn't fit.
  19. Any ideas on how to fix it? I would love my giants and trolls to actually be a really dangerous threat.
  20. I might have too look into that. But they do normaly carry less things and the objects they do carry are most commonly bigger than average when going by size comparision. But the rate is too much I must agree, maybe have him carry four or five times as much as normal people......It can also be noted that ogres use Gnoblars as pack animals so how much they are able to carry is debatable.
  21. It's really a shame you don't want to use GW minatures beacouse this pack is gold for a rouge trader campaign http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat1300107&prodId=prod2010020 All models fit right in. Maybe you could split with another player, that takes the pack down to 8,5.
  22. In my games the Rouge Trader is the boss. His words are law. That being said he can't easily get replacements for the other players so he needs them as well. The arch-militant is also hated by the church for being an individual and not too intrested in taking orders so he sticks out from the general hierarchy.
  23. I have started work on ogre characters for warhammer fantasy roleplay. This is what I have done so far, base rules and two careers. http://www.mediafire.com/?zjmcze00wmm any input is appretiated (as long as it is about the work I have done rather than my choice of project, asking why I did ogres rather than something else won't help)
  24. Agility fits well with the swordsmaster fluff as they are said to be able to cut a lit candle in two without distrubing the flame and any military based highelf career should have agility as a stat as it seems to be highly trained by their armies (giving Always strike first in the tabletop game and such). Toughness probobly represents the hard training he has to endure and such but I will houserule them to have Strenght and Agility as base stats instead as I find it more fitting. Agility is however very appropriate backgroundwise and even more so than strenght given that they rely on skill with the sword and swift attacks and not brute force.
  25. The only extra die needed would be a witching die (for hedge wizards/witches that makes magic dangerous) otherwise we are good with what we have. The text is probobly there just in case they want to add more dice, it doesn't mean they will do it or even considers it, they just don't close any doors.
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