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  1. Ladegard said: On a counter note, while I really want a Mechanicus book, I want an Eldar book in much the same way I want a hole in my skull. While I can see why you don't want an Eldar book placing it as equally grim as getting shot in the head seems out of proportions and sad.
  2. Cadians and Catachans seem quite likely, these are the most well known and the most promoted by Games Workshop, many people will be disappointed with either missing and the competition is less fierce than for the Deathwatch core book. A few other famous ones would probably feature, but which those are is not the least bit clear for me, I'd hope for Attilan (as anything increasing the chances for a Rough Rider speciality would be great) but it's anyones guess. As previously mentioned a Fantasy Flight regiment is most likely as well.
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    Dulahan said: But wow, a new line? Again? And "fully compatible" my butt. None of these gamelines is fully compatible with the others, they share a core mechanic and that's about it, any compatibility takes a decent amount of work. Any compability takes a decent amount of work? All npcs/enemies and equipment options can just be lifted from one and placed into the other without the least bit of work and I do it regularly. The same for the settings, want your acolytes in the Koronous Expanse, sure why not. Is the Rouge Trader in the Jericho Reach, yes cause you felt like it. The only thing that needs some tweaking is the character rules and just lifting a character from one system to another is still possible and works fairly well (compare to lifting a Rouge Trader character and placing him in DnD with doing the same for Deathwatch), its just not optimal.
  4. Radwraith said: One possible "Splat" would be a Space Marine "Scout" (Or Bloodclaw or whatever your chapter does with beginners). Only war would be the right place to put these non-veteran type Sm's. I think the game system will sooner or later have to address the Astartes since warfare is what they are all about! I hope the system puts the powerlevel at the DH level and a person who is just good enough to be considered initiated into a chapter would be at arch-militant levels.
  5. ItsUncertainWho said: Leogun_91 said: I guess the other posters have the likely candidates but I really want Rough Rider in there, if it has it I'll buy the book, otherwise its a maybe. If they do a Rough Rider I would bet it would be in a suppliment and not a core book. Yeah, and even then it's quite a big if. I don't expect one to be in the book...but I want one to be in the book.
  6. I guess the other posters have the likely candidates but I really want Rough Rider in there, if it has it I'll buy the book, otherwise its a maybe.
  7. http://www.4shared.com/office/hbxARGm3/Artefact_Bound_Daemon.html That link should work.
  8. OK, moderator remove this...a machine spirit oddity caused multiple posts. -ALL HAIL THE OMNISSIAH-
  9. So during one of my games one of my players really started to like one of the cursed heirlooms owned by another player and when he died asked if he could play the book. Of course I said yes and started to work something out. So here are my first draft for rules to Artefact Bound Daemons: Excuse the poor picture quality, I hope it won't be too painful to read, chaos does come with a price. http://www.filedropper.com/artefactbounddaemon
  10. A being older than time itself which controls fate. A god of change, corruption and anarchy. A god of despair that spreads disease through the world and cares for each bacteria he releases. A god of Slaughter and Rage who is strengthened by each battle and each murder. A god of Excess born out of the depravity of an ancient race and the cause of their fall. Yeah I'll be the GM. If I could make a player I would make a human dedicated to Chaos Undivided, one who doesn't like chaos but craves immortality far too much to turn away from his unholy quest, a person who would stop for nothing to achieve deamonhood. Probably a warrior type (who has become so by necessity) with a daemonweapon (because I like daemonweapons), my stats would have some sayings in the later though, might be a sorcerer or cult leader if that fits better.
  11. The Space Wolf in my game is doing at least as good as the rest of the characters. He is the only one that keeps the allies morale up (by drinking with them most of the time but still) and his psychic blizzard has saved his (and his friends) life countless times. They are suffering a little for not having a specialisation fitting for them but that is what you get when there is no scout specialisation.
  12. DrgnScorpion said: So, i'm sending my group through a Space Hulk for halloween (and revenge) and I need some good enemies besides Genestealers to throw at my group. Any ideas from people? Broodlords? Nah, for a halloween scenario I'd go with daemons or plague zombies, or a mix of the two. Or you can even go as far as taking a Warpvampire from the old Rouge Trader days.
  13. It's a useful ability as unlike most, it isn't a one use but is in effect every time the SW doesn't wear his helmet, a normal space wolf can remove his helmet for a short while when searching a room, a spacewolf librarian can remove his helmet when trying to find out if there might be psykers in the fortress they attempt to attack. The space wolf doesn't need to walk around without a helmet, he can just remove it when he choses to search for things.
  14. They are around 9, non RT characters are around 1, they had their entire crew purged for threat of a Genestealer infestation and got a Inquisitor executed for using authority he didn't have against the RT (the punishment made by a Cardinal, one of the few individuals with enough power to boss Inquisitors around if he wants). Thousands of non-RTs can easily be sacrificed and bought at a low price, the RTs themselves use equipment worth more than most regiments of troops. The RTs have it good although they are still in risk of death during their missions, everyone around them are unimportant enough to be considered just another resource or possibly a rival.
  15. If you want to use an Astrates Sniper you need to play a devastator (you get the exotic weapon training from that), follow that with tracking and something else and you have a scout, then you just choose the skills, talents and stats that makes you a better scout. Remember that the specialisation isn't the only role you can fill, just the role you excel in, you can reasonably fill most roles.
  16. Bladehate said: We're not talking a razor's edge of balance.But the choice of Chapter should not trump the choice of class when you're making a character for a specific role. It doesn't......Swift attack as a starting talent and one of two bonus charge talents are more effective then the talents from the BA advancement path. Do you think a Bloodangel Assault Marine and a Spacewolf Assault Marine would be more different in the role they fill then a Bloodangel Librarian and a Bloodangel Apotechary. If no then chapter is less important then speciality (not class, speciality) when making a character for a specific role.One may also note that SW has chapter advances useful for much more specialisations. Acrobatics is good for most specialisations, no problems there. Assasin Strike isn't good for Devs and only really useful for Assault Marines and Librarians. Battle rage is useful for anyone using frenzy, frenzy isn't. Berserk charge is really nice for those specialisations that wants to charge the opponent rather then shoot until it gets close and then switch, aka only Assault Marine, others gain a small bonus from it. Flesh Render is pretty much **** as it only works with the weaker weapons anyways (useless with those that roll more then one D10), Furious Assault is dangerous to use but useful (and very useful for a librarian with Iron Hand) for those specialities that are good in melee, Frenzy is bad for everything except an Assault Marine (and a librarian provided you buy Mental Rage as well), Hatred Orks is useful for all I quess. Slayer of daemons is cool but very specific and still only good for melee specialities, Talented trade artistan, fluffy addition that probably won't find too much use. Talented Pilot Personal is only for Assault Marines and for rank 3 marines who feel it is worth it. Space Wolfs then. Carouse I'm not sure on, on one hand this is a combat oriented game, on the other hand consume alcohol is the only skill that has been used in all my WFRP campaigns (combat hasn't been used in all). Carouse should find it's social uses however. Performer, cheap and social skill. Tracking, useful skill for mostly anyone. Wrangling, a little bit too specialised but for 100 per degree it's worth it. Hardy is again useful for all specialisations, not the best talent but not the most expensive either. Hatred chaos space marines is technically more useful then hatred orks as there are rules for chaos space marines in the book but not for orks but it is just a little bit silly to think like that. Both are equal. Heightened senses taste can be useful but it depends on the GM and how you are allowed to use it. If it is allowed to work togheter with the Omophagea it is great. Useful for any specialisation. Talented Carouse isn't worth it, by the time you will consider buying it you have carouse +20 which togheter with the space marine organs makes you able to breathe beer. Talented Tracking is useful for any specialisation. Wisdom of the Ancients is expensive but great and useful for anyone no matter what you play. Also note that it is fully rules legal to use Wisdom of the Ancients to ask the GM the following "Are you trying to kill uss?" and have him being forced to answer as helpfully as possible. Space Wolves has less specialised chapter advances working for any specialisation. If I would play a Bloodangel Devastator I would find many useless advances, if I would play a Spacewolf dev I wouldn't
  17. Nalerenn said: Leogun_91 said: I don't understand why they can't be apotecaries though. Because they're a very, very superstitious Chapter. The Wolf Priests don't use narthecium and the likes, they use potions and salves. In the Codex, they don't even use teleporters, because they want to fight 'as Russ intended with both feet on the ground'. Admittedly, I'm not sure why they didn't just list that and have them lose an ability, but then again, a Wolf Priest isn't a full 'Apothecary'. An Elite Advance for Medicae would probably cover that. Ah okay, that explains it. Couldn't find it in the Deathwatch book and I don't know 40k as good as I do fantasy.
  18. maniacmcgoo said: I've been trying to figure out a way to make this chapter something someone would be interested in taking. As of now I have no Space Wolves in the Campaign I'm running. 2 Storm Wardens, 1 Ultramarine, 1 Black Templar and 1 Dark Angel. As a SW tabletop player it makes me sad to see everyone shun the puppies. People shun the puppies in my campaign beacouse they don't like the tabletop puppies. The wolf will be given at the normal signature wargear cost, a wolf is very useful and comparing the rules I have been presented I think they will be rougly as useful as a Battle Servitor (cost 20). I also don't see why you think the spacewolfs lacks intresting things. Party skills: This reeks of awesomeness and only stormwardens can match it with their casino streaks and even those are lacking. Useful non-party skills (compare to Bloodangels or Stormwardens with only one skill to increase) Some OK talents. Wisdom of the Ancients: A talent I fear to tell my player about, he will use it. The talent has few limits so asking "What would be the easiest way to suceed on this mission?" or "What are my opponents plans?" is perfectly legal, sure you pay 1.500exp but it's worth even more. The only limit is that it has to be used in combat and be about the current situation. Stat increases AND a talent for starting, pretty useful I'd say. Compare this to Black Templars who gets two stat increases and loses two useful talents/organs. Ultramarines have it better in this regard though. I don't understand why they can't be apotecaries though. EDIT: And thank you everyone for your help, this will surely make him happy and should be fairly balanced.
  19. I have a spacewolf librarian in the group (he doesn't like wizards/psykers/anything he assosiates with the former but took the specialisation since his stats where very good for it and not for what he would have prefered), he is intrested in getting a wolf so I thought I should get some help making rules for Fenris wolfs with requisistion and everything (he doesn't have to be able to get it yet, if it is at a level higher then respected it will be waiting for him and be a motivation). He took wrangling +20 in hope of getting a wolf so I think it's just fair giving him a chance to get one.
  20. This one is for all the seneschals:
  21. HappyDaze said: dvang said: A player is not allowed to deliberately the exact same talent more than once. The alternative of gaining "Talented" is for use when the Origin Path forces the player to take the same talent twice, which is normally illegal. Since, in the case of talents like Hatred, the Origin path is not forcing the player to take the exact same talent (the player has options to take a different organization/type to Hate), the player may not the same organization and may not receive the Talented talent instead. This isn't a house rule, no matter what you try to suggest. If you want to house rule that players can choose to take the exact same talent more than once, then that is your perrogative, but it is your house rule and not how the rules work. Care to quote me a page number for that first sentence? Something from the RT book, or even the errata would be fine, but I'm a bit tired of unsupported claims like this. I cheked the rules and there is nothing preventing you from taking the same talent twice to gain Talented (Any One) neither during character creation nor later during the game.I still wouldn't allow it though and the rules are not very clear (the rule that gives Talented (Any One) is in a small sidebar with little description) so it should be talked through with your group (as should all unclear rules when they crop up), there is nothing wrong with using it as you do if the whole group thinks it is OK but to asume that you can use an unclear rule to your advantage without cheking with them first is not a good idea.
  22. HappyDaze said: #1 is totally a matter of opinion. Since it's the player's character, it's not entirely appropriate for the GM to decide what's more interesting. The GM can do that for all of the NPCs, but let the player make that choice for his/her one character.Yes it is but just as it is not only up for the GM it is not only up for the player. This way to do it was clearly not intended when the origin path was made. HappyDaze said: #2 is simply bull - the Origin Path is intended to allow for Talented (Choose One) so it's as balanced as any of the other options.It is, but it is not intended to allow it that way, the origin path option that offers Talented (Chose One) gives no other bonuses while The Hand of War also gives Leap Up or a Weapon Training to balance the double-edged hatred talent. And I think you should have it as a golden rule to ask your GM when the rules aren't clear. I'd for one would prefer if a player asked me rather then an internet forum.
  23. HappyDaze said: Leogun_91 said: HappyDaze said: Since it provides more options that add to the enjoyment of the player making the character without blocking fun or unbalancing the game in regards to the other characters, then it's not necessarily bad rules lawyering. Whenever it adds to the enjoyment or not is up to debate and should be taken up with your GM and your group. More options it gives but Talented (Chose one) is a very useful talent. How is having more options that let you play the character that you want to play - in a manner which doesn't do anything to disturb the setting or the other character's ability to contribute - not a positive thing? I don't think you could possibly debate this in a reasonable manner. And yes, Talented (Choose One) is a very useful Talent. Why is that a problem? Shouldn't characters want to have useful Talents? It could be a positive thing, but it doesn't need to be. If discussed with the GM beforehand and approved I see nothing wrong with it but if someone turned up with this to my game I would make them chose another hatred instead as that makes things 1) more intresting and 2) is what that character origin path step is balanced to use. If the player gave me a good reason not to have another hatred I would approve it but the chances for that improves much if I'm told so in advance.
  24. HappyDaze said: Since it provides more options that add to the enjoyment of the player making the character without blocking fun or unbalancing the game in regards to the other characters, then it's not necessarily bad rules lawyering. Whenever it adds to the enjoyment or not is up to debate and should be taken up with your GM and your group. More options it gives but Talented (Chose one) is a very useful talent.
  25. HappyDaze said: This gives us a character with the back ground of having been raised on a highly militant world braced to resist a nearby Ork presence. So we take Hatred (Orks) as the selection from Fortress World. The character in question wishes for the Crusade (Call to War) and The Hand of War to also reflect a past battling against Orks instead of a spread of opponents.As the battle against the orks continue the missionary sees that a large group of orks use plasma weapons, with some investigations he learns that this was given to the freebooters by some deals with criminals of a nearby hive world. Hatred (Criminals) Under his travels he sees an Ork that once killed a close friend in the military (recognised by a certain scar or some simmilar distinguishing mark). He is about to kill the Ork but is stoped by a rouge trader that explains that the ork is a freebooter under his protection and that the missionary would be severly punished if he hurt it. As said the missionary is taken by the arbites when he tries to gain his righteous vengence. Hatred (Rouge Trader Barbaretta Regias*) There are many things that happend during a characters life and they can easily be worked in with the war against the orks. Above where two examples both building on his hatred for orks to increase his hatred for those that co-operate with said xenos. *The name is merely a placeholder
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