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  1. Anything! Anything can happend when the Geller Field breaks down, the warp follows few real laws, it is possible the ship would be ripped to pieces before any deamon turns up, maybe every living person on the ship turns to sand the instant it is fully unprotected, maybe a daemonic incursion breaks lose, maybe large brass skulls start to bombard the ship. There are ships that drift out of the warp after such malfunctions at times and while those tend to be dangerous the exact way varies greatly. Just decide what effect you want it to have on the explorers and come up for a way for it to have that effect. If there is still reserve power keeping the geller field running but at decreased capacity the ship still has protection in a form and any happening due to the effects should be possible but hard to survive.
  2. Wincent said: I'm not quite sure if selling Nexus to Tau is doable. Firstly some Tau have to be able to go throught the Jericho-Koronus Gateway, which both ends are heavly guarded by the Imperium. I don't think imperials will be happy with Tau flying here and there. Whatsmore Tau Dominion is still a threat to Imperium, a smaller one maybe, yet still. Letting Tau access to the Obscura Segmentum is indeed an act of extra heresy/treachery and one way ticket to the Calixis Conclave hospitality. I can't think of a price for a (ihmo) 99% chances of becaming a prey for the Inquistion and Navy. My suggestion - Go big: Tau are naive, sell them 100 planets in Koronus for a really fat profit;). Obviously the Tau will ask the explorers for further help in transporting tau troops and workers to the Nexus. It is extremely treacherous and heretical but I'm fairly certain the explorers won't tell people, Tau ships would be destroyed travelling through the gate but the Gilded Barbossa won't, though suspiscions are bound to arise if they start to frequent those routes. Also note that the players accepted the deal and probably do wish to follow through with it, while tricking them at the benefit of the Imperial Navy would work and I would allow them to try such an action if they wished I don't think they want to take that route.
  3. Hi -First I should warn that I will refer to the soul reaver quite a bit since the group just finished that aventure, if you wish to avoid spoilers you should stay away from my thread.- So the players just got through the Soul Reaver adventure, all the normal important leaders died which would normally leave the players as the sole rulers of the Nexus but the Tau slaves played an important role in my campaign (the groups now dead kroot of course valued them as allies and got them to help, they got their pulse weapons out of the armoury and they made an effective fighting force in the battle. After the battle the Tau slaves made (without the knowledge of their empire) the offer that the explorers could become vassal rulers of the nexus under the Tau empire if they brought them back to their empire, they also offered other help for co-operating with the Tau and working for the Greater Good. Surprisingly the explorers accepted and are now about to smuggle them through the Jericho Reach. When they actually reach the Tau I will have the Tau try to make the Nexus a more regular world under their rule and try to gain as many advantadgeous deals out of the explorers as possible. On the way there I plan on having them meet some Imperial Navy ships asking for help, being suspiscious and doing the normal navy stuff. But I would also like some other fun ideas for on-the way encounters (it is not a quiet place of space to travel through after all) as well as a good non-lethal deathwatch encounter, sending the deathwatch on them is too mean but they should still feel that the deathwatch presence is relatively high in this region. I am also quite confident that they will bring up some interesting in-group discussion, their last meeting with a marine did. Ideas for the Tau interaction is also good, I have more confidence in this part but hearing other ideas is never bad.
  4. I would suggest not letting it be aquired by normal profit factor tests, this is a most holy artefact dear to the ecclesiarchy and one that may not be used heretically, the church would make sure that one is only given to one they feel they can trust. I would make aquiring it a lesser endeavour (Creed). Objective 1: Would be to make good contact with the Ecclesiarchy and start up negotiations over the acquiring of one, this objective doesn't deal with actually getting it, just opening up the negotiations and proving to be good Imperial citizens as well as righteous men of action should be required, after that the Ecclesiarchy can test them, ask them to help them or ask for donations. 50 Achievent points Then you can add some extra objectives from what you feel, you should have more of these than needed to complete the endeavour so that they can choose how to get the help from the ecclesiarchy, I'll give some examples here: Aid the Righteous: Several pilgrim colonies and chapels exist in the Koronous Expanse and many are in dire need of donations and help. The Ecclesiarchy has been contacted by one but have been unable to aid them yet, if the Explorers can travel to that world and rebuild the chapel/cathedral/colony and give them resources (from their own stock as a proof of devotion) then they show themselves as blessed. Make this a multi-objective (part-endeavour) which is made from some parts, aquiring equipment and competent personell, travelling there and fighting a small band of bandits or xenos that threaten it. 500-600 Achievement points. Kill the Heretic: An agitator speaks against the church and his elusiveness have made him escape their clutches many times, the explorers are asked to bring him to justice. 150 Achievent points. Test of Faith: Some ancient rite supposedly made to test a persons righteousness is suggested as a way for the explorers to prove themselves. 10-300 achievement points depending on how dangerous you wish to make it. After that the last objective is closing the deal, writing the contracts, speaking the oaths, making the trade. This is an easy objective (10 Achievement points) and is really just there for closure, that said they could fail in this step, an explorer refuses to speak the oaths or pulls out when the price becomes too high. It can of course be stolen or bought on the black market but I'd probably make that a lesser endeavour as well.
  5. Erathia said: Leogun_91 said: Hi. So I started making some systems in Stars of Inequity until I came upon one with a Stellar Anomaly, after a short while I found out that I knew of very few stellar anomalies and none which I felt worked well with what I had in mind. Could someone help me with some cool suggestions for these with short descriptions of what they are in laymans terms. The Stars of Inequity book gives no anomality suggestions and my knowledge of the subject comes from a few movies (and not documentaries either). This system is not set up in the expected fashion. When generating the Habitation Zones, switch the Inner Cauldron and the Outer Reaches. A faint background noise is echoing through the ship the source of which cannot be pointed down. If Starship combat begins, you realise that for whatever reason your crew can make a test to realise that Sound is being transmitted through the Void. The light of this star causes your sensors to provide odd readings. When you fail a Scrutiny test with the ship's sensors, you receive information on the object you were scanning, but you should roll Scatter to determine where the Auger reports the object to be. Whenever you look at the star of this system, the center of it appears to be dark and deadened, though the sensors report nothing wrong. Are these the sorts of thing you're looking for, or did you want more "hard science" explanations? Kind of what I was looking for, didn't look for rules for it but that's just an added bonus. With those four I'm up to six anomaly ideas so I have enough to make a few systems rolling this. Thanks.
  6. Hi. So I started making some systems in Stars of Inequity until I came upon one with a Stellar Anomaly, after a short while I found out that I knew of very few stellar anomalies and none which I felt worked well with what I had in mind. Could someone help me with some cool suggestions for these with short descriptions of what they are in laymans terms. The Stars of Inequity book gives no anomality suggestions and my knowledge of the subject comes from a few movies (and not documentaries either).
  7. Lynata said: Adeptus-B said: A wide range of Tyranid stats can be found in the Deathwatch Core Rulebook and the DW supplement Mark of the Xenos. Those are probably the best options. I'd expect the ones from Creatures Anathema to be severely underpowered, given that they were written for Dark Heresy! The genestealers are not, I used them in Deathwatch and they were a challenge when only outnumbering the marines 2/1, they are extreme glass cannons though, they have lethal attacks and a great dodge but if the marines get a hit in that's one dead genestealer. The Lictor is severely underpowered compared to marines in that setting as I experienced when a single marine could just slap it around as if it was a harmless toy, I have seen that they fixed this with later added Deathwatch Lictor rules which I haven't tried out. The DH lictor can be a challenge for a Marine but is just mariginally more dangerous than a single Genestealer for the marine.
  8. My groups don't tend to deal unneccesary death to their crew or to people planetside, it sometimes (rarely though) happend but there is usually some easy to follow reasoning behind it (that may or may not be good). An exception is my current groups Kroot Shaper who wants to feed his kindred well and often asks the Seneschal if he can take a foe/crewmember/civillian for them to eat.
  9. I'll try to help, but I'll try to have options for randomizing weapons as well, for example adding a local special weapon to a hive could really give it some flavour.
  10. Hi When testing the new Only War we made a regiment and came up with the quite interesting world Kron. So I made rules for playing characters from that world for Dark Heresy, Only War and Rouge Trader. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/w2bdh5i6w3svl6b/AK5hl2OOaZ
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    New world

    Hi When testing the new Only War we made a regiment and came up with the quite interesting world Kron. So I made rules for playing characters from that world for Dark Heresy, Only War and Rouge Trader. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/w2bdh5i6w3svl6b/AK5hl2OOaZ
  12. Hi When testing the new Only War we made a regiment and came up with the quite interesting world Kron. So I made rules for playing characters from that world for Dark Heresy, Only War and Rouge Trader. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/w2bdh5i6w3svl6b/AK5hl2OOaZ
  13. Stilgar said: There is no precedent for Style to be used in Combat, that is true, but the guy just dropped 500 DP on and some serious creation points just to get an epic level style of 275! Sure he can't fight his way out of a wet paper sack, but DANG he looks good in that hat! It has to have some in game benefit.I browsed through Those Who Walk Amongst Us and nobody has a style of 275. Omega, The Ultimate Being has only a 200 in his Lord of Infinity form. The rulebooks states, "At very high levels, a successful Ability Check would allow the thunder and lightning of a storm to provide rhythmic accompaniment to a character's theatrical movements." This is under Style on page 46. If Omega gets this kind of treatment with a score of 200, imagine what this guy's hat could do! At the very least, when this guy walks in the room, everyone is going to stop what they are doing and check out that hat. I mean seriously, this is one amazing hat! This would definitely be a fun character to have in your party. Just to watch the DM scramble to adapt his descriptions to accomodate that hat! My character has 275 in style, with or without hat, the hat just has the magical power that says that everyone likes it and as it is the lowest level of magic artifacts I don't expect more (though the GM has said that he will give the hat an additional bonus). For combat bonuses, I expect none unless I have a crowd watching in which case "becoming crowd favorite" should be a possible use for style.
  14. Aww…it didn't seem that combat heavy when I looked at it and making a fairly average guy that excelled at one thing seemed like a quite well working idea. And being a guy that everyone kind of instinctively likes and who's always in the center of attention seemed cool and is something few other games give an option of (at least not an as easy to use and as effective as this). Being a character that is quite useful in social encounters even though he isn't that good with words also felt like an interesting concept. Sure I might have gone a little bit overboard with the ammount of points as I'm prone to do but I really didn't have much else I wanted to spend those points on. I'll discuss it with the GM and if he says that it's going to be combat heavy I might make a new character or drop out of the game.
  15. Maybe so but with Jack of All trades my secondary abilities are still not that bad and I don't intend to get into fights.
  16. Allright so I'm a new player in this game (but have played a lot of Roleplaying games before) and I just made my first character for Anima. Seeing that Style was a skill I immediately felt I wanted to be extremely stylish, so I made my character, a wealthy young man with a magical hat (Artifact: with the magic effect that everyone thinks it looks good), average people stats in most skills and a nice 275 in Style. Seeing how I made an (Extremely) stylish character I thought I'd ask for some creative and cool ways to use the skill, obviously I will think of a lot of these myself but some suggestions from experienced players are appreciated.
  17. Cornwallis said: So i created a (somewhat) secretive criminal seneshal to join my players retinue. A long range plot I want to work out is he either works for or actually is a pirate captain to a fleet of ork freebooters, using the RT to get back to his ship/treasure/fleet and stage a mutiny, thus adding a ship to his fleet as well, unless the RT can stop it, finds out ahead of time, or wishes/ is convinced to join. solid enough but could use some suggestions: 1. can a human be powerful enough to lead orks as stated? 2. what kind of ship would he be heading toward (thinking star galleon, flagship cruiser, or kroozer…) 3. how can this be forshadowed without giving it away? (chose penal world, they dont know its homeworld, but bringing them there and hopefully 'press ganging' some old crewmates for the mutiny) 4. how can i suggest them to join or anything related? any answers, suggestions or general comments will be greatly appreciated. any questions for me on story/plot can be answered as well. 1. this is tricky but not impossible, my choice for doing it "An ork fleet had defeated all of men on a mighty ship except the captain when the utterly mad weirdboy Gotzgit got a vision by Gork or Mork (or the squigjuice, hard to tell really) and was told by the voices in his head that the human captain was blessed and should be the captain. Choosing not to disobey the gods he exploded the warlords head and told the orks that the human was in command now, a few exploded heads later the new chain of command was established." 2. If pirates, small raider fleet, if orks, anything suitably orky. 3. Exotic Weapon Training (anything orky and still very useful), some teef for trading when they meet a small (unrelated to the other orks) group of orks. 4. It's Rougetrader, gold and infamy of course.
  18. Darth Smeg said: It is! In fact, it's the greatest thing since sliced bread! I've stuck all my RPG stuff on there. I made a shared folder for all my players, in which we keep their character sheets (The most excellent excel one), handouts and whatnot. I keep all my pdfs, campaigns, inspirational material, anything I can think of. Now I can access all this stuff no matter where I am, as long as there is internet connectivity. Pretty sweet Indeed. Although I would suggest that we stop promoting dropbox now in order for the thread to return to the supplement I made.
  19. Thanks, have had some problems with filesharing and dropbox seems good. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/w2bdh5i6w3svl6b/AK5hl2OOaZ
  20. The second time someone wished to play a navy themed guardsman in my games I decided that rules for Navy Crewmen were needed. So I made them, and then that didn't seem like much so I continued to make it a void based fan-supplement. Hope you'll enjoy. javascript:void(0);/*1338369228889*/
  21. What I'm most interested in is further fluff for Navigators and the Weirdboy career. But the book as a whole is one of the most exciting releases since the core book.
  22. As said before the two mindsets clash to the extreme, the federation will see the Imperium of Man as a horrible tyranny (which it of course is) and the Imperium will see the Federation as hopelessly naive. The Imperium does however allow humans with the wrong ideas to learn about the emperor and become part of the Imperium, abandoning their heretical thoughts. The Federation would also allow the Imperium similar options. I believe the crossover would work best with an exploration vessel from the federation on the fringes of the Imperium where the Emperors law doesn't reach as good or with a rouge trader being thrown into a Federation system by a powerful warpcurrent.
  23. Hour-glass This useful device works as a timer with a single setting, but once you learn that setting it is almost as useful. An hour-glass grants a +5 bonus to Trade (Cooking) as you can Aquilla Necklace This beautiful necklace strengthens the will of those that stand firm in their faith of the emperor. It grants a +3wp to tests against fear and pinning. Deck of Cards Gaining familiarity with a deck of cards slowly makes you better at using them as you learn to see the small nodges in the borders of certain cards. After having played at least twenty rounds of gambling with a deck of cards you gain a +5 bonus to all gamble tests using it. Vial for Sacred Machine Oil A Tech-Priest owning such a vial can, via a half hour ritual, bless any machine oil he has access to, blessed machine oil give all that use the machine it is used on a +3 bonus to all appropriate tests (GM decides if the machine oil aids the machine) for d10 hours. Having Literacy should be a requirement to using the Infantrymans Uplifting Primer though, kind of obvious but should be written as a player could miss it (seeing how guardsmen don't start with Literacy), the secondary function of not being shot when found by an officer and failing to show the primer could also be worth mentioning.
  24. At a Loxatl controlled world in war the acolytes are placed to make sure an imperial cathedral is protected they have been the full right of the Inquisistion to reveal themselves and draft anyone to their cause. As they come to the cathedral it is protected by one faction from another and they are stuck between both factions, the guardsman in the group decides to help the attackers and charges with a melta bomb to blast up a wall. He suffers four rounds of fire (from multiple enemies with scary weapons) carrying several criticals and suffering bloodloss as he gets up to the wall and places the charge, he then turns to run, the next round first burns away all his flesh halving his Toughness and then kills him. He did spend a fatepoint for it and in the aftermatch he is awarded the Medallion Crimson.
  25. Roughriders and cavalry rules (can't have one without the other).
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