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  1. So after some games of all-nighters the squad (the famous Krieg 71-5-8) has been promoted to platoon command in the war against the Yuvath and conquest of the Calyx expanse. I just wondered if anyone else have had their group reach this position and how they have dealt with it. What problems/challenges turn up and how the have run games at this level. I have led games of Rouge Trader, Game of Thrones and others where the characters have power but never one where they are in such a mid-level leader position as platoon command. They will still have a company command above them, which has a regiment command in turn which then has a command for this battlefront which in turn answers to the overall campaign command. I feel I don't really know how much power and freedom they should be given, have any one else led a game with a platoon command and how did you do it? How much power and freedom is just right for this level of play?
  2. There is a fairly easy solution actually since you said they are Cadians. Each time the Commissar tries to abuse his power ask for a Willpower test as per the rules for Bred for War which the whole squad has and do the same for those asked to (and attempting to) follow orders that go against the rules and regulations of the Imperial Guard. If he ******* to higher ups about it they will look surprised at his claims of Cadians not following the rules of the Imperial Guard and question his competence.
  3. I've seen Adepta Sororita turn up quite often as a character people wish to play in Rouge Trader, maybe it is time to make a supplement for them, the Sororitas should not be outside of the scope for Rouge Trader, at least not if the group has good relations with the Ecclesiarchy. For the OP. Why is it iffy to have a battle sister on the ship? If the ship is borderline heretical she could be assigned as a bodyguard to a missionary since that may very well be needed and if not they could simply have aided the church or a Sororita order in a previous (pre-campaign) event and been given the honor of having her serve on the ship. The Ecclesiarchy are not just lofty and zealous, they are also political, manipulative and with vast resources. While some priests would hold the Sororitas as supremely blessed and beyond flaw many others would see them just as another resource they can use for the Emperor and the betterment of mankind. The best use for such a resource could very well be to offer her away as an honorary warrior in exchange for the aid of a voidship. There really shouldn't be much trouble for having a sororita sister join a Rouge Trader ship, it can easily be done by her order asking it. For a Sororita failing out if that is what you want it shouldn't be too hard to fix a good reason though physical are more fitting than mental. She would have grown up as a Sororita and would have been indoctrinated from birth, should she start to get unorthodox and their methods couldn't fix it she would more likely be executed than sent away. A physical flaw on the other hand that made her almost reach the perfection of a Sororita but not quite: -Maybe she had a slight seeing problem and needed glasses, an imperfection that sent her packing. Later on while serving in holy wars her bad eye was replaced after a wound and her new bionic fixed the flaw. She is still not welcomed to her order though since the perfect human form has now been tarnished by machines. -Maybe she was a bit worse of a fighter than the other sisters and though it wasn't by much she still didn't make the final cut, instead sent fighting amongst crusaders and pilgrims in a holy war. -Maybe she had a speech impairment and while it really doesn't stop her from her duties it makes her imperfect and that alone was a deal breaker. -Maybe she lost her leg in a catastrophic training exercise and while it could be replaced she was no-longer welcome when her human form was tarnished by machines.
  4. Have made rules for Squats myself in my Abhuman supplement. They are found amongst the extra specialities and I made four different specialities for them. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bd9wiamlywlxh0c/More%20Abhumans%20for%20Only%20War.pdf?dl=0
  5. If I were to do that I would do it by asking for skill tests at times where it may not be beneficial (I have done this with Infamy in Black Crusade where I ask people to test it at times just to see if a servant of the Imperium notices them). For example: -Take a forbidden lore (Heresy) test. If it was succeeded I ask for a fear test due to you understanding what the strange markings are. -Take a charm test. If it is succeeded you get the attention of some creep in the bar that just won't leave you alone. -Take a scholastic lore (Abhumans) test. If it was succeeded you didn't react strangely to the Afriel Strain squad passing by which caused the commissar to take some time to question you. Nothing dangerous but took 20 well needed minutes of your time. -Take a survival test. If it was succeeded you stop the group from eating the strange mushrooms (that actually would be great food) since you have the common sense not to eat unknown mushrooms you just found. -Take a carouse test. If it was succeeded you do not get drunk enough to enter the round of russian roulette in the corner thus failing to win it and walk away with a split of the losers money. -Take a psyniscience test. If succeeded you collapse into a coma due to a very powerful daemonic presence.
  6. Gargantuan squiggoths are rare but there are ork war bands that have them. You should however only expect to see them on a world which has had an ork presence for a long time, the initial stages of an ork invasion tend to lack squiggoths. The spores must get time to spread and all that. Peer (Orks) should definitively help and would be a good way to find an ork with a Gargantuan Squiggoth that wouldn't mind getting into the freebooter business. You should however note that you won't get a tamed creature, you will get a barely controllable mountain of muscle and anger that hopefully doesn't try to kill your own men too much. I would suggest making acquiring the squiggoth an endeavor in its own right.
  7. Except for the fact that it will not, ever, work for anyone who isn't an Ork. That's not true, there are even examples of it being used by other people. We have examples of shootas and similar being used by others and the mechanics for those weapons are understood. Ork weapons tend to be crude but effective with a touch of the illogical, they are not magical belief powered super-tech, it is not even confirmed that ork belief powers anything, we have conflicting sources on the effect of orks believing in something and the latest codices have been intentionally vague on the subject giving a definitive "maybe, maybe not".
  8. Yes their numbers is one of their main assets (though in Only War meeting orks in equal numbers to your squad is a scary experience) but in void combat that is explained partly due to their large ships and then partly through outnumbering. However the number of orks hardly matter, with a BS 20 as standard, which is orky, they need to roll ten to get two hits (which will then cause one hit since the void shield blocks one), that one hit then on an onslaught raider will be unable to cause damage on most ships, especially on frigates (as my group uses) or bigger. The same problem will then be true for the next ship and the ship after that, and after that all the way to infinity. If more than one weapon hits then it could do more (and most have two or more they can fire) but their chance of getting more than one hit actually affecting the ship is then dropped to 2% (and that is not even guaranteed to have any effect at all). If it is a special ork ship then it can have enough special crew to make some "Put your Backs into it" actions or similar but letting all ships have that both takes long time and removes the feeling of a crew fighting against a horde on a beset ship that would be desirable. However the discussions here of basically using boarding and hit-and-run instead makes them dangerous enough. I was a bit too stuck in the weapons being the main way to fight to think that perhaps they needed widely different tactics. Still they do need something to make their guns more than decoration.
  9. Propably quite funny one as well, didi they gain proper level of "orkiness" that their tech w(or b)orked properly ? ./MP Ork tech can be reverse-engineered well enough and with a relatively primitive society I could skip the more advanced things like shokk-attak guns and bubblechukkaz. Having never seen an ork before they got in to arguments with the groups weirdboy concerning worship of Gork and Mork with the humans claiming that ritualized non-lethal battles pleased the gods since the lore they had just said that the gods wanted to see battle.
  10. I had a world where the primitive humans found advanced xenos technology and used it to build up their society along with the other kinds of marks of these old xenos. The xenos in question were orks which created some interesting effects and made them most blasphemous.
  11. Well the crew is still 1st rank in the game and on ground the full-auto rules makes orks dangerous enough while keeping the orky theme. Ork ships are already pretty resilient, it is their offensive capabilities that are lacking due to Ballistic skill being as important as it is in void combat. The orks will not get enough hits to actually do anything other than in very extreme circumstances meaning that the players frigate only took damage from a rok when it exploded despite having several ork ships shoot at them. It took the players several turns and plenty of expensive missiles to destroy the roks so the defences of the foes where adequate, they just had the offensive capabilities of cotton hankerchiefs to go along with them.
  12. It takes the ship longer to get everywhere meaning that more provisions and more crew payments will be needed during an adventure. Resulting in a lower gain of profit factor. For multiple ships with that same oddity I suggest either changing some or lowering the penalty as it could quickly become impossible to use them all, alternatively, if that isn't a choice, just leave one ship at port and then switch ships letting the fact that you won't need to stop for repairs (just walk over to the next one) when you stop buy you back some time.
  13. Hi So I'm leading a group through the Frozen Reaches campaign and today they fought the first battle with a pair of roks and four raiders. There I started to note problems, the orks where pretty much useless. Ballistic Skill is extremely important in void battles with the RT system (either to cause critical hits with lances or to score plenty of hits with macro batteries) since a mere success without degrees often does nothing. Since Orks have terrible BS their weapons become mostly useless. In that battle (where the players, with a bit of aid and by expanding most of their torpedo stock) destroyed two roks they only took damage when one of the roks blew up next to them (that damage was not to scoff at but can hardly be attributed to the orks being good). Does anyone else have the same experience? Have I missed something? Has anyone solved this in their campaigns? I'm thinking of house ruling in a rule for the orks (Lotsa Dakka) that give them one additional degree of success each time they hit (to keep low BS without making them completely useless).
  14. New technology is created but rarely and slowly, inovation is not approved by with the Mechanics and much like the dwarfs in Warhammer Fantasy each new invention must be throughly tested and approved though in the Mechanicus case it is due to their religion. Machines are sacred and their creation is very ritualistic and tradition bound. Most new inventions are also not exactly new inventions, they have the same weapon types now as 10.000 years ago, they are more improvements of technology that already exists, a tech-priest could perhaps invent a battle cannon-pattern with a greatly increased range but he would not invent an imperial pulse-weapon or a stasis-gun. So if a player wishes to do "inventions" direct him towards "improved versions of existing technology" instead and just name them as "charactername-pattern equipmentname", preferably with a cool nickname.
  15. It should certainly be possible for the players to assume command of the planet (unless the other rouge traders choose to oppose them) but though the Imperium cares little for the planet they will care about secessionists and will consider it a most heinous crime against imperial law. This is not a planet the explorers conquer for the Imperium, it is one they take from the Imperium, and the consequences will reflect that. There are other options however, if they hit it off well with Shard or Arint it would perhaps be possible to shift the Imperial Leadership so that the Mechanicus or Ecclesiarchy takes over with shared power to the rouge traders, the difference here would be that one of the most powerful imperial organisations would back their decision. Alternatively a marriage to the governor would allow the planet to fall into the dynasties control though not until later (unless they manage to do it before the battle in which case the governor could conveniently die a hero at the forefront of battle. In my game one of the players currently controls the planet but that is through a ruse accepted by the governor since the arch-militant dresses in his armor and takes the role of the governor during the war making him seem far more proud and competent than he is. I doubt they will make any kind of claims on the planet by the end of the mission.
  16. Allright, fixed some such rules for you. Here To a large degree I moved pattern upgrades that worked in several categories so that they could be gained in several categories but I added a few new ones as well. It could easily be expanded upon if there is interest in that. These are just an expansion of the original though and just as with that it should be used with some modifications on the GMs part and plenty of imagination (i.e. think of why it gains that change and fix background around that). For an advanced system I would suggest different categories depending on weapon type (las, sp, bolt, etc) as it is hard to make general rules fitting all with one description. Here is an example for creating las-weapon patterns that I made. It is made more for choosing yourself rather than randomizing but it was easy enough to add randomizing rules so I did.
  17. Tried to fix it, should work now. Tell me if it still doesn't and I'll see if I can do it some other way.
  18. An alternative could be to let everything be medium expensive but let the Aptitudes that have been given be "burnt" to buy one advance with that aptitude for the cheap price. Gives a small bonus for the background training and speciality while rebalancing a bit of the raised xp cost (a character under the "everything medium cost" system will often have less power for their exp since they won't be able to specialize as cheaply). The aptitudes could also be changed to give other advantages right during character creation, for example characteristic aptitudes could give +2 to that stat and the others could allow one free skill with that aptitude before being skipped entirely.
  19. So I made rules for more abhumans in Only War a while back. And I have recently update my old such rules with Longshanks and Pelegar and thought I should share. There are plenty of extra options for Abhumans here ranging from home world options to regiment types to specialists and there is even one Specialist Equipment Option in there. If you have any thoughts or requests please let me know. file:///Users/Leogun/Dropbox/40k/More%20Abhumans%20for%20Only%20War.pdf
  20. Hi So I gave my thoughts about how to represent the abhumans of an old WD article in Only War in a thread where someone had done just that. Soon after I got to thinking, why just sit there and say how you would do it when you actually can do it. So here they are; https://www.dropbox.com/s/bd9wiamlywlxh0c/More%20Abhumans%20for%20Only%20War.pdf I plan on adding more abhumans in the future but this is a good start. And Sorry if I stole an idea from that thread, there is room for both interpretations.
  21. Sure, all abhumans should really be homeworld-effects rather than having race also serve as their specialty, but I was following the pattern already laid down by the game. Would there be much interest in playing an all-abhuman regiment? Not all Ab-humans should, many abhumans fight mostly mixed with humans as is the example with Ogryns, Ratlings and Homo Sapiens Variatus. On the other hand Nightsiders have evolved to such a state due to the lack of light on their home world and would never be found on a home world with a different environ. I would keep Homo Sapiens Variatus as a specialization with the comrade acting as his beast master. Nightsiders and Afriel Strain I would make home world options. Gland Warriors I would instead make a Regiment Type. The downside to this is that you could technically be several types of abhumans simultaneously but added specialization limitations for some of the options would hinder that. Of course this is just my opinions and the way I would do it and should just be considered suggestions. To see the way I did it, follow this link; https://www.dropbox.com/s/bd9wiamlywlxh0c/More%20Abhumans%20for%20Only%20War.pdf
  22. venkelos said: Leogun_91 said: Have played one session in the mission yet, they have suceeded to enter the Jericho Reach and are now trying to get a map over it so that they could find the Tau they are smuggling. They lost their navigator due to internal conflict and have become stranded by Khazant were they are helping the Imperium in hope of being able to get help to replace the navigator when reinforcements arrive. An Inquisitorial servant is present at the ship, a tech-priest who was investigating the former seneschals cold-trades before he reached 100cp and escaped with a the Shadow Reaver and his Halo artifact cackling madly. She will not attempt any actions herself but will report them at safe port if deals are made with the Tau (she does not know about the current deals) so the Inquisistions involvement is ready and waiting. I will involve the Inquisistion when she becomes able to do so but the Koronous is large and the navy can't handle the pirates as it is. When the players lose the Imperiums love they will still have Inequity and the Nexus as good ports in the Expanse. One of the elite assassins will not be sent early however, I want to make it hard for players but not impossible. Yeah sorry; I wasn't trying to suggest TPK-ing the group. I just find that Rogue Trader seems to have a bit more penchant for letting"silly" players make their reflecting characters do some stupid things, and believe there will be no consequences, that RT can let the party's power go to their head, and was just suggesting a way to remind them that the Imperium that spent oodles of resources to give them a ship, a start, and access to all the galaxy has to lose track of isn't nearly so dense as to then immediately write all that off, and stop watching. Not to imply that your group has this issue; it's merely a scenario I can often see occuring in the game, due to the open-endedness of it, and the free reigns that make RT what it is. As for the Navigator, did the ship only have one? You might have a player being one, but there could be/should be several other NPC Navigators aboard. If it helps the story, ignore this, but most ships have several, in case of mishaps, or exceedingly long voyages, much like several Astropaths, Armsmen, and Tech-Priests. They had just one, having lost navigators in the past and finding them fairly hard to replace. They have a new one now, found in a prison, this one is secretly to the group an arch-traitor having betrayed his house and is now hunted by the Imperium. Currently they are in the warp on their way to the Tau empire (making a warp jump towards a star in the region and hoping to get close enough to get contact as they lack real maps) and underway a mutiny with internal group conflict (fueled by warp whispers) so their choices of what deals to make could very well change depending on the outcome of said struggle. It is also possible the explorers would act in another way if they knew where the Tau lived and the problems the Imperium have had with them, but they haven't found that information and are good enough players not to play on their own knowledge but that of their characters.
  23. venkelos said: One thing I may hate more than most about the 40k RPG is the lack of maps. What i mean to say is, if I type into Google "map of the 40k galaxy", none of them will show me the Jericho Reach, the Koronus Expanse, the Calixus Sector, or such. They say in the books about where some things are located, but a big picture with everything on it would help. I was going to comment that the Tau Empire might be a closer target than the Tau embroiled in the Reach, but thought that, with the Tau's limited Warp-traverse technology, they'd be hard pressed to get to the Reach if it weren't rather close to their own territory, making said comment sort of dumb . Either way, they'd be hard-pressed to get to Nexus (the Tau), and do much with it, and all assumes the party knows about the J-M Gateway, a rather well-kept secret, if there is one. If I were playing Rogue Trader, there's a good chance my RT would know nothing about it. Calligos Winterscale might know nothing about it. If they went to Jericho, hoping to hit it rich, it would likely be a one-way trip, meaning you might get to become the Winterscale of Jericho, but you'd be there for a very long time, at least until the conflict is over. Also, I would impart to the players the severity of their deed. The Imperium doesn't take such things likely, and I believe the AdMech long ago lost the knowledge on the manufacture of kid's gloves. It would not stretch the beliefs of me, at least, that there could easily be covert operatives aboard the ship, or even just Emperor-fearing people who catch wind of the Captain's dealings, and rat him out to the authorities. I have a plan, if ever it is needed, where if the party goes Secessionist really bad, there is a person aboard the ship who serves an Inquisitor (you can't imagine an Inquisitor let such a powerful person just run around, breaking the rules, beyond the Imperium, can you?), and if it becomes important, they can ontact their Master. Then, at some stop, the ship will gain a new crew member. Eventually, the Captain will be alone, wiith one or two trusted confidants, who will be payed still by their PCs, and then i will "assume direct control!" revelaing the one character as a Callidus Assassin, a threat the PCs are likely not nearly badass enough to deal with, but one I will have lightly informed them of, way at the beginning of the campaign, to warn them how ass the Imperium can be. A ******-move, perhaps, but the Imperium does that, and so would I, if the players don't cover their tracks well, or decide being d-bags is the only way to have fun. This is only one of numerous covert or open retalliations the Imperium might use, if you try to betray them to Xenos/Heretics. Remind your players to remember that, perhaps. Have played one session in the mission yet, they have suceeded to enter the Jericho Reach and are now trying to get a map over it so that they could find the Tau they are smuggling. They lost their navigator due to internal conflict and have become stranded by Khazant were they are helping the Imperium in hope of being able to get help to replace the navigator when reinforcements arrive. An Inquisitorial servant is present at the ship, a tech-priest who was investigating the former seneschals cold-trades before he reached 100cp and escaped with a the Shadow Reaver and his Halo artifact cackling madly. She will not attempt any actions herself but will report them at safe port if deals are made with the Tau (she does not know about the current deals) so the Inquisistions involvement is ready and waiting. I will involve the Inquisistion when she becomes able to do so but the Koronous is large and the navy can't handle the pirates as it is. When the players lose the Imperiums love they will still have Inequity and the Nexus as good ports in the Expanse. One of the elite assassins will not be sent early however, I want to make it hard for players but not impossible.
  24. Lady Sonja Blue said: Does the Kronus Bestiary have enough creatures to make it worth the expense? I'm not looking for a D&D Monster Manual. But I would like enough variance on animal to make exporting them a possibility for my players. Also, what 40K game doesn't need a run in with Genestealers? Which brings up the next question. Does any of the RT books have stats for Genestealers, Broodlords, and spacehulks? Genestealer stats you allready have, page 249 of Into the Storm. I advise against using Genestealers in a…..at all. They remain a dangerous foe with those stats in a Deathwatch campaign (where they turn from extremely dangerous in all ways to instead become extreme glass cannons). The Koronous give you the stats you need the most, you will have most stats needed to use the mayor xenos races operating in the expanse as well as a lot of fun beasts and other bonuses. The creatures anathema book for Dark Heresy and the Mark of the Xenos book for Deathwatch can be used to complement them should you wish and the latter is suggested if you want all the Kroot stats you would ever need, both of those other games systems books also include their own rules for genestealers. In the cases of these books you should compare the rules to Rougetrader rules and scale them a bit for better balance. I consider the Koronous Bestiary a must-have unless you have the other systems to steal stats from, the core rulebook has a pitiful amount of stats and the Koronous Bestiary fixes that problem and then some.
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