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  1. thank you both for your valuable and extensive input. Its much appreciated.


    Some background. The RT got his title cause he brought down a powerful chaos aligned pirate in the koronus expanse. At the time he was a privateer. As it happen there was a REALLY powerful house that got a bit too powerful and through extensive political play and the influence of an inquisitor, that RT was brought down. His dynasty stripped and hit warrant of trade passed on to the current 'hero of the expanse', who hence became an RT. The AM was selected through solicitation on Port Wander. I can't remember how the HF got tight into service. 

    The group thus started out as a really low power house (IRC PF 20) with a very strong flag ship (the only ship though at the time). 

    Due to the BG of the RT they chose the path of 'heroism' (with a HF much more focussed on attaining wealth and an AM only focussed on weapons :D). They've by now made their name accross the Koronus and especially the AM is already seen as a legendary figure due to the battles she has overcome. They've made some enemies, nice political ties and are currently doing quite well (PF is now 47 IRC) have a couple of ships, trade routes and one assassin house after them due to a contract, Pissed off Nurgle personally so that he has taken a direct interest in screwing them over and made a strong pact with the Eldar. This due to the fact that the AM (who is half Eldar half Human, in vitro created by a scientist who likes to experiment, however very few now this for a fact) picked up a shard of Isha and gave birth to an aspect of Isha, with all merit and **** that comes down with it :D. (Hence Nurgles personal scorn). 

    And thus they've drawn the (negative) interest of the Ecclesiarchy (who have suspicions, but not actual prove) and both positive and negative interest of a couple of inquisitors. There's a lot more going on though. E.g. the HF figured out that her sister (who has a warrant of trade) might NOT actually have the rightfully claim and the Pilot also appears to have ties to an old RT family... then they have received a small intricate box from eldar and some necrons who have shown a particular interest in that box (although they don't know of the existence of the necrons, just that some alien, metal skeletons are looking for them). And thats about half the plots going on currently :D. Big fun!!

    They've just finished a campaign so they can pick up after one of these plot lines and focus once again on their personal goals...like becoming noble.


    Again much thanks for the thoughts. It helps. If you have anything to add...don't hesitate.

    Given that I think you should turn everything on its Head next time they meet Eldar. Have the xenos treat the AM extremely well for her connection with Isha while referring to the HF and rest as "lesser" throughout all their interactions.

  2. The talent is worthless.  It means nothing without the RT's influence, and the presence of the RT or high powered retainers.  A xeno is a xeno and if it were wandering around by itself it would be dead meat, mark or no mark.

    "I so sorry Sir, I wasn't close enough to see the mark, and well, the filthy xeno scum was armed so I'm sure you will understand that I wasnt getting any closer. I naturally assumed it was involved in a pirate raid or other criminal heresy and terminated it as it the duty of any faithful servant of the Emperor sir."

    "So you see dear Arbite that gang just didn't care about my sanctioning mark so I had to defend myself. The screams as if tortured? What can I say self-defense can hurt people. So you see all is in order and I'm no kabalite any more and the assault was dealt with legally....oh and one last thing, can I come for the survivors execution?" Being legally right can mean a lot and few xeno PCs are unable to handle a few ignorant zealots in Combat. A kabalite takes it in my campaign now.

  3. Leo, we can all understand and agree that items from the Dark Ages of Technology might have qualitative differences.  Still, the modifiers given under Acquisitions for craftsmanship don't seem to stack.  RAW trying to acquire BC archeotech would be much like trying to acquire a poor craftsmanship best craftsmanship item.

    My book does not list archeotech amongst craftsmanship qualities. Maybe I missed something but I can't find a reference to it working like that.

  4. Archeotech isn't easy to buy due to by definition being things people can't manufacture any more. Still that doesn't mean it can't be different qualities, an archeotech laspistol kept as a hereditary duelling Gun by a Noble family should probably be of better craftsmanship than an archeotech laspistol found buried together with some warhero in a now flooded tomb. Most of the time any archeotech I give is part of a treasure or the treasure itself so the players don't walk around buying it.

  5. I'm not sure this CAN happen, as the Rogue Trader is already following a contract, one that requires him to journey beyond the safety, security, and civilization that is the Imperium of Man, and traverse the benighted stars held by aliens, heretics, and the forgotten wisps of time, and depending on the age of your Warrant, that document speaks with the authority of the Emperor, Himself. It might be hard to force a Rogue Trader to abandon that responsibility (it isn't all freedom, money, power, and being a crazy space pirate), just to tie them to a world, especially one that the Imperium already holds, so whereing the Rogue Trader's powers are muted. Besides, even if it were possible, and it might be, I don't know; lots of Rogue Traders claim worlds in their own, and His, names, or so integrate themselves into its finances as to be in charge, more or less, nothing says the RT's dynasty won't administer it, freeing him up to keep risking life, and limb, for the furtherance of his Emperor's holdings and glory.


    As for the obligations, the Planetary Governor is gifted with great freedom to run his world, or system, as he sees fit. The Imperium is far too vast, and distracted, to hold any but the most critical expectations, and responsibilities, over their heads. Whether he is a saint, or a vile despot, a micro-manager, or a distracted delegator, all he needs do is thus:

    • The Emperor's Faith is the one, and only religion permitted. While the practice of this faith may vary almost to the same degree as the myriad worlds wherein it is practiced, it is to the Emperor that such faith must be directed.
    • Curtail the mutant population. The Human form is sacred, while mutation is, for the most part, blasphemy. Keep the quantity of mutants, especially those whose mutation cannot serve the Emperor more surely, to a minimum.
    • Round up your psykers. Untended psykers are the single greatest threat Mankind can pose, to itself. Each one is a living door to unspeakable horrors, only a sneeze, or a nosebleed, away from letting Enslavers, Daemons, or worse into our reality, and constantly hearing the damning, chattering voices of the Ruinous Powers, beyond. While psykers are vital to the Imperium's continued survival, they can best serve this end in chains, till they have demonstrated that they are able to resist the siren's song of the warp. You will confine them, till the Black Ships arrive, and then you will present them all to that organization. Based on your population, it is your responsibility to meet this quota.
    • Your world may be tasked with fulfilling a function for the greater Imperium, be it food production, manufacturing, or any of a countless other possibilities. It falls to you, as Governor, to see to it that your populace, however you keep them, are capable of meeting this quota, as well. Failure to do so will be punished harshly.
    • The defense of your world falls to you. While desperate times will allow you to beseech the wider Imperium for aide,in the form of the Imperial Navy, and the Imperial Guard, should these forces prove necessary, it falls to you to hold your world in good standing, regardless of the threats, until they arrive, if they ever do. Th that end, you will raise, and maintain, a Planetary Defense Force, of whatever fashion your culture supports, and all policing, protection, and security falls to you, to maintain. The Adeptus Arbites will be present, but this is not their job; their responsibility is to enforce the laws that govern the entire Imperium, and, if you should fail to, to police YOU.

    I think I got most of them. Protect your world, build it up, to serve your Emperor, and be sure to halt the spread of Rogue Psykers, Heretics, and Xenos influences. You get lots of responsibilities, but you get vast freedoms in how you accomplish them. Opinions circulated. have a good one.

    I am pretty sure you can fall under plenty of different and even contradictory contracts from the Administratum, wouldn't be a good representation of a buerocratic nightmare else, of course you will be responsible for breaking any of them even if it was to fulfill another. But I don't plan to just abandon the Rouge Trader part of Rouge Trader, more have them work hard to stabilize a world before they can find some suitable vassals to look after it while they are away. I got most of the ones you mentioned but not the mutant part (will of course add that shortly).


    That's a really good plan. I think the RT earning control of this moon (which may be inside Impereum so involves a legal formality) is good incentive for fighting xenos close-up or in space. Your contract might be hard to enforce on your rogue trader companions however if they run out of things to do. Best give them more options or perhaps let the seneschal (if there is one) roll a scholastic lore test instead of delivering a lengthy document to a rogue trader that has a whole dynasty of power behind him/her.


    a binding contract can include their obligation to a.) look after an Imperial relay station. b.) make sure nobody but the Inquisition or Cult of Mars goes to the surface b/c of a crashed spaceship there. c.) never under any circumstances go down into the center of the world via a maze of tunnels >>


    Ambition is the best motivation! If having this planet gives some profit factor then so be it.

    I do think they will leave it governed by someone else after a while, when it feels secure in the hands of the PDF (which they will need to properly create). It's a great idea adding some world-specific mysterious obligations. I will certainly use that.


    The contract itself is more for show, it will be cool to, for a special occassion (being granted a governor title and a moon), give them a physical contract with an Administratum feel. For gameplay just letting someone test for it would suffice but sometimes its cool to go that extra step and use a prop to, in this case, have a player actually sign a physical contract for governorship.

  6. So my players are defending a moon in a Severan Dominate system as they were forced into the war as a punishment. When their sentence has been served I plan on offering them governorship over the world (the Administratum would do this since it will force them to keep defending it due to doing so being the legal responsibility of the governor).

    Since this is both a big deal for the players (the Rouge Trader getting legal ruling over a world) and something coming with legal traps I decided I would write down an Administratum contract. Now after four and a half page filled with duties, benefits and exceptions I'm starting to lose ideas of what else it legally means to be a governor in the Imperium. If anyone has a few ideas on laws that should be mentioned or laws that would just be fun to have in a Rouge Trader campaign.


    Here is the contract thus far. It would also be cool to once when I talk about Administratum paperwork be able to dump a bunch of papers in front of the player.


  7. The first thing that comes to mind is that the cult can't just murder them straight away. Last time the scion blessed the world before leaving (and to strengthen the cult I would suggest them keeping legends of some miracles at that) so certainly the new "guests" can't do any less. So you'd have the players getting some time to find out something is fishy as the cult tries to get them to bless the world and the cult. Having some off-worlders visit and leave without caring much for the cult undermines their authority so some display of blessed wisdom or might is needed before they can "help the visitors leave".

    For the assassination poison is a very effective method (one of the historically best ones at that) but not the most exciting in a game most of the time, since you haven't mentioned it I suspect the players take no actions against this (most do not but one I had in my group ,a deathworlder, was used to everything being potentially lethal and only ate and drank tested food/drink). If you go with poison think about how you make it a fun challenge instead of just a "Toughness test or die". One good way to do this is to make it a series of toughness tests that each impose penalties and are taken in fairly short order after each other, after X failed the character dies, this means its a race against time to get him to the medbay or someone else who can help. Letting them be drugged to faint allows all the usual "prison break" stuff for a campaign so that's allready fun enough. They can also be drugged to weaken them (impose a hefty penalty to characteristics) and then have them ambushed to be killed the old-fashioned way.

    But murder can be a far more creative process than just slipping some poison into a glass. Exotic beasts from this world can be good assassin tools, maybe the hyper-aggressive jump scorpions of Kerkvaya SI tend to be used since they often hide in clothes. Maybe archaic defense systems of the colony ship now serve as a death-labyrinth where those that disagree can be tricked to go and perish, all under the watchful monitors of the cult. Perhaps they have a cadre of elite assassins that ensure their rule, and these assassins just got their greatest challenge yet. Maybe the original ship had an archeotech weapon they used to slay the first one and which the cult once again plans on using. There are countless possibilities for murder here.

  8. You're in luck, having those Four Roles might be the most solid covering possible in a four player group. Navigators can be extremely deadly but the collateral balances that. Just make sure the navigator knows how easily he causes friendly fire. You might also wish to give the navigator scrutiny as an Elite advance to make him useful in Space Combat.

  9. I can point out that there are plenty of weapons without hands on them but that's a bit beside the point since your not looking for that. Below are links that might help:


    Reaper has plenty:













    Otherworld miniatures isn't without either:




    and then we have Ristulus:






    Personally I'm not too fond of Frostgraves treasures but maybe:



    There are of course plenty of more if you search around but these should be more than enough I think.

  10. When the action is important and/or you feel inspired take a moment to verbalize it like something cool and important. When it isn't you can just roll the dice and go with a quick "He aims and misses." or "He swings his sword and hits. Do you wish to dodge?"

    Going too fancy on every action bugs down the fight, it is nice to describe a critical hit or an assassin strike in a cool way but you shouldn't take too much time to describe normal actions. If you feel you need training I suggest the following; plan an enemies action before he gets to make it and think of ways to describe it while the players roll theirs and you keep with simple explanations, then when that enemies turn comes up you are ready with a good description, as time goes on you become able to come up with these descriptions faster and faster, soon you'll be able to do them with barely any prep-time.

  11. This has never felt too weird to me, the crew is there to load while the bridge aims and fires. There is no captains bodyguard class and the Arch-militant is the military commander on the ship which means its fully appropriate for him to fire the cannon (he is in charge of the soldiers regardless). It only gets weird when xenos take Control but that's an acceptable thing for me.


    There are some flaws with the system but it is not too broken in my experience (and remains one of my absolute favourite RPGs), with ship combat you need to as GM keep check on attacks other than the standard firing the weaponry, there are rules for other actions (such as boarding, ramming and hit-and-run) but they are often quite simplified and can be abused if the GM allows, I feel they are more meant as a guideline for when the players try less standard tactics. All careers have their own place in RT and each is very useful for a ship, make sure you minimize players taking the same role however (and count "Xeno" as a role for this) since it will be noticable in their effeciency if they lack roles.


    For the freedom, this is what being a Rouge Trader is all about, there are few individuals in 40k that are free but Rouge Traders are. Let them live free, let them do what they wish but give them treasures to hunt and profit opportunities to exploit. Lure them into adventures instead of forcing them into them, and if they don't take the bait then so be it, let them choose their own endeavour. Be ready to think on your feet as a GM (always a good advice regardless) and don't worry to much if the players solve things in ways you didn't consider, sure it might be a bit sad to see your well thought out adventure destroyed by an orbital bombardment you didn't consider but trust me, that will make a fun story to tell later on. 


    Maybe not broken but even as low level it seemed to me that certain parts gets out of hand quickly. I could be a tad negative here and reading too much into it, but i felt our group (see below) could totally annihilate any opposition we met within our "field of expertise". In my case piloting starships. Looking how the boarding rules are, I'd say our captain with some 100ish command (iirc) could try boarding a much bigger target and with good chance just take over the ship if the opposing captain has your average 30-40 skill.


    Your advice on the freedom part I appreciate and agree with! I suppose a well though out adventure that got bombed can always be reused later with some changes later. 



    Yes, characters in RT tend to be very good at their specialisations, and they are meant to be. They are supposed to be high-ranking and good in their respective fields. The boarding action rules are not the best thought out and I suggest playing them in another way and as previously stated many of the non-standard attacks in ship combat should be monitored by the GM and seen more as suggestions on how to handle it than defenitive ways to do it, ramming and boarding may need to be modified if the players abuse them.

  13. Another simple reason for the Dark Eldar to flee at that moment is the most obvious one. They don't want to face the mothership without the chaos forces having weakened it (or even that they don't want to face it at all). 

    Or if you wish them to be even more nefarious you can have them having planned for the Tau to turn up there, they then leave to raid the places that now are unprotected by the diverted mothership.

  14. Hi All,


    I am new to Rogue Trader and eventually for my first class decided to become Astropath. Currently I am getting to rank 3 so I will prepare for choosing new discipline.


    Astropath starts with Telepathy which actually it seems to be one of the strongest if not the strongest discipline in game especially for role play purpose it provides.


    Now I was thinking about a discipline to boost my fighting damage capability as we have a lot of fights during session.


    From what I have read Telekinesis and Voidforst seem to be the most suitable.


    My question is regarding the voidfrost discipline although the idea of some frost power seems to be cool, the whole techniques seem to be really weak. Ok dealing 1 point of fatigue to enemy is nice but eventually the enemy will die way faster before you will be able to add enough fatigue to make him unconscious. Considering the fact that there are no many voidfrost techniques compared to telekinesis this discipline seems to be really under powered or maybe I am missing something ?

    Yes dealing damage is more effective at killing than causing fatigue but defeating through fatigue allows you to capture the target alive. Apart from the standard "lets interrogate him" this allows you to sell living xenos or beasts, a profitable endeavour. Slowing and binding enemies (also possible with the discipline) helps with this too. 


    Soul Ward (Navis Primer) might be the most effective in combat but only if you are aiding good warriors on your side (arch-militants and xenos espesially). 


    Still if you wish a more lethal combat boost there are options there too. Theosophamy (Into the Storm) is great but a bit limited in what you can affect, still you can just specialise your telepathy for damage a bit and bring our theosophamy when your buddies encounter a daemon. For a simple damage arsenal Telekenesis will also do and might be what you are looking for.

  15. There are some flaws with the system but it is not too broken in my experience (and remains one of my absolute favourite RPGs), with ship combat you need to as GM keep check on attacks other than the standard firing the weaponry, there are rules for other actions (such as boarding, ramming and hit-and-run) but they are often quite simplified and can be abused if the GM allows, I feel they are more meant as a guideline for when the players try less standard tactics. All careers have their own place in RT and each is very useful for a ship, make sure you minimize players taking the same role however (and count "Xeno" as a role for this) since it will be noticable in their effeciency if they lack roles.


    For the freedom, this is what being a Rouge Trader is all about, there are few individuals in 40k that are free but Rouge Traders are. Let them live free, let them do what they wish but give them treasures to hunt and profit opportunities to exploit. Lure them into adventures instead of forcing them into them, and if they don't take the bait then so be it, let them choose their own endeavour. Be ready to think on your feet as a GM (always a good advice regardless) and don't worry to much if the players solve things in ways you didn't consider, sure it might be a bit sad to see your well thought out adventure destroyed by an orbital bombardment you didn't consider but trust me, that will make a fun story to tell later on. 

  16. Dark Eldar are well thought of as unappolagetic evil. They know that they are not doing anything good, they know the culture they preserve isn't an ideal one (though it might be truer to the nature of the eldar than their self-denying craftworld-kin or the secluded and backwater exodites). But they won't hold back the feelings that grow strong in every eldar; pain, pleasure, dominance, superiority, excitement, battle. The craftworld kin supress their nature since it birthed Slaanesh, the Dark Eldar refuse to deny their nature and embrace the wickedness they have to blaze bright as they live.


    That being said the Dark Eldar are not unreasonable, they often have hidden agendas when they co-operate with others but they do co-operate with others fairly often. They can be found as mercenaries, they can make alliances against a common foe, they can be negotiated with at times. They also still have respect for the other branches of the Eldar, they are the dark-kin for the craftworld eldar but still they are eldar and that makes them preferable as allies over most other species. (which is why they are battle-brother allies in the miniature game).


    For their agenda here I would suggest them being allied with Craftworld Eldar to stop a prophesy (concerning Slaanesh) from coming true. Reveal the prophecy in parts to the players and have the dark eldar switch sides seemingly randomly (and eventually bringing in Craftworld eldar in the fray) as they work to stop different parts of it from coming true. This gives some mystery to the combat game and letting the players co-operate with extremely untrustworthy foes is sure to be an interesting scenario. This is of course only an idea and you can come up with another.

  17. That situation was just an example. What I am really asking is when is it appropriate to ignore damage rolls and say that if you hit them you kill them.

    This is up to your own good judgement but the main part is that it shouldn't be without them being able to avoid or fight through it in some way (Though this can very well be very hard if you feel it should be. The issue of difficulty is another one). I'll give a few examples where I have used "death without damage" against players.


    -A player was attempted to be assassinated by a Venumon assassin (he wore a Halo-artefact in the presence of an Inquisitor for those interested in the background). Instead of rolling damage for anything the challenge was in hard toughness tests and attempts to get him to a medbay quickly enough. He survived it but had he not I would still not have caused him a single wound before his death.


    -Two players go into a suicide charge. I warn them twice that it is just that. With a good command roll it works at first and I give them a last chance to retreat back to their battlelines, warning them twice that they are facing certain death otherwise. They decide to sacrifice themselves for the dynasty and both are killed without bogging the moment down with fighting out the actual combat.


    -A character has acted in a way that the rest of the dynasty just can't accept despite numerous warnings. The rest of the group throw him into a voidlock and when it's activated he dies.


    -The grand-finale of my Only War campaign had the Deathkorps (now Company Command hated by the Yu'vath...it was set in the Angevin Crusade) acting as bait to attract several Yu'vath to one world for an exterminatus. In the final moments each player dies as they are overun by enemies (each given a moment to explain their last defiant actions) as the ship carrying the vortextorpedoes (the firing systems where jammed) is drawing near to crash and grant all of them a martyrdom to be envied for centuries on Krieg. Best. Partywipe. Ever.


    -A player asks nicely to change character and I come up with a fitting end for the former which we play to before the switch is made.

  18. Hiya, just an curious thing from my tabletop club in college. We do run a few sessions of rogue trader and have fun with some of the loyalist crews sometimes how bouts with the corrupted ones, but the latter brought up an good question, we may have fought daemons from DH and DW, but what about becoming one? I wasn't sure if it could be done, even with the other homebrews and additions. I checked online and none seemed to be coming up. I was thinking of making one, but not sure on how to make it into a fair creation. I do know that they need to come from a warp rift and can only manifest for so long, but is there somehow a way for them to continue manifestation? I am not asking for greater demons or the lesser (though might be nice to have the lesser as prestige classes), but perhaps start unaligned to a point to pledge loyalty to an God. If we can make a genestealer and a necron have independent thought, why not make a manifesting daemon? (though this should be available for an corrupt crew only)

    There are three canon ways (I know of) for a daemon to have a more permanent manifestation. One is worship, daemonprinces often cling to the world longer through the worship from their warbands, I have only seen it mentioned as a method for daemonprinces however. One is to be reforged into a Soulgrinder which is not hindered by limited manifestations, this I have only seen mentioned as a possible method for Greater Daemons. The third is to be bound through a ritual into something else such as an item or a daemonhost, this can happen to any daemon but is hated by the daemons that suffer the fate.


    To become a daemon is the highest possible honour for someone worshipping chaos, the end goal for most. The path to ascension should be an exciting long campaign for a corrupted player. I would suggest not allowing a half-way or simple form here, let it be the struggle it should be and watch the pride of the player as he finally ascends to become a dark master of chaos, a mighty daemonprince.


    To create a few daemon careers should be possible however. Not being able to be permanently present can  be an interesting mechanic if done right.

  19. The laslocks used in the 30k game alongside Mitralocks aren't too well represented by the laslock rules in Only War.


    For Mitralocks I'd go:


    Basic, Range 20m, Rof S/-/-, D10+4 E, Pen 2 Clip 8,Rld Half, Special: Scatter, Reliable


    It should also have some rule that makes it easier to fire one-handed....reduce the penalty to -5 perhaps.

  20. Loathe to admit I'm not too good at making mysteries that work. They are either impossible or obvious. Sometimes I get it right but most of the time it ends with me wishing I had done some other scenario. I don't like this because a good mystery can be great...I just can't make one.

  21. I have mostly used it in the case of executions in this game, in some of the other 40k games (espesially Deathwatch) I use it more since the players are more likely to find themselves in situations where it fits, for some examples on places where I have used it.


    -Commissar questions a subordinate and decides he is to be summary executed, no test, he dies.

    -Inquisitorial Acolyte suspects an unarmed/unarmoured civillian to be a heretic and decides to kill him, since the foe is pretty much defenceless a hit will be an instant kill.

    -Deathwatch Marine hits something which is very likely to fall into critical by one hit when on full wounds.

    -Rouge Trader uses a strange Halo Artefact which radiates evil (character gains corruption as well).

  22. You tend to take it coupled with a high Agility Bonus so imagine AB 4 or 5 (or even 6 if someone managed to max fully) for the following exchange should he wish. Assassin guard and Standard guard fight. Assassin guard makes an assassin strike with a single attack leaving him one half action left to do things with, moves 5 away from standard guard (half move for AB5) and then five more due to taking a half move, leaves him 10 away. Standard guard is now ten away and his charge is only 9 (due to AB 3) so he can't charge nor can he get into point blank range and shoot, The assassin guard thus safely got out of melee and can line up his next shot well.Sure the assassin could just have run the whole time keeping the foe away but that hinders him from taking aims.


    You cann also use it with the strike to stun action or the knock down action, another option is, if the terrain allows it, to do your move and then make a jump or leap to another place. You could also use it when one foe is engaged with all your friends to charge and then jump out of harms way, tag-team it with an ogre for a hard beaten combo, or be exceptionally cold-hearted and support-charge with your comrade and then leave him to die.

    It is a very versatile talent, espesially when you have a high AB but you need to think a bit about how to use it and against opponents faster than you it can be troublesome,

  23. In the campaign I run right now the guardsmen are part of the conquest of the calyx expanse. So a bit in I made some Yu'vath fighter veteran talents


    Yu’vath Fighter Veteran Talents

    The Yu’vath fight with different dangerous tactics but as the troops fight them some kind of patterns emerge and there are those that become adept at fighting them. These are Veteran talents as described on page 135 of Enemies of the Imperium.

    Disarming Shot

    Tier: 3

    Prerequisite: Deadeye-shot

    Aptitude: Ballistic Skill, Finesse

    Battlefield Requirement: The character must have encountered a Yu’vath.

    Description: Knowing that disarming the foe is the key to victory the character has learned to shoot a weapon out of its wielders hand. The character can with a called shot declare that he is shooting at an enemies weapon. If this shot hits then the foe must take an agility or strength test to not drop the weapon. This test suffers a penalty equal to ten for each degree the shooter succeeded his attack. If the weapon is dropped it flies d5 metres away. On the GMs discretion this can cause damage to the weapon.


    Inquisitorial Trust

    Tier: 2

    Prerequisite: -

    Aptitude: Leadership, General

    Battlefield Requirement: The character must have co-operated with an Inquisitor operating in the Calyx Expanse

    Description: The character has provided the inquisition with valuable information about the new foe and thus they wish to further co-operate with him. Inquisitorial equipment is not considered illegal for the character to have or use and counts as being one degree more common (to a minimum of scarce). When taking this advance the character may gain either Forbidden Lore (Inquisition), Linguistics (Inquisitorial Ciphers) or Peer (Inquisistion), this can not be used to gain +10 (or +20 or +30) in a skill unless all other options are already taken.



    Tier: 1

    Prerequisite: Awareness

    Aptitude: Perception, Fieldcraft

    Battlefield Requirement: The character must have encountered a Yu’vath trap.

    Description: Knowing the trickery of the Yu’vath the character has learnt to be wary of traps. The character gets a +10 bonus to awareness tests to search for traps and when his comrade triggers a trap roll a d10, on a roll of 7 or more the comrade jumps aside in the last minute (or otherwise avoids it) and survives unharmed.



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